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Standing just shy of two meters, Drevin is an athletically built man with sky blue eyes and light brown hair cut short with only a little sideburn. Generally he has a relaxed stance that at the same time projects confidence. His skin is light, but has enough color to suggest he spends some time outside rather than locked up in an office all day. He has a classically American look with angular facial features and squared jawline. Drevin also speaks with a slight Sacramento accent, suggesting his origins in the CFS. For clothes Drevin favors dark colors. Jeans or something with leg coverage rather than shorts and coats or jackets to cover a t-shirt. He also favors boots rather than shoes. Given that he has had good medical care Drevin does not have any noteworthy scars or other distinguishing marks, including tattoos.

Ethnicity & Metatype

Age 31 Sex Male Height 5 ft. 11 in. Build Athletic   Nationality   California Free State
Race D Attributes A Magic E Skills B Resources C


  Body   5   Agility   5   Essence   6   Mag/Res   N/a
  Reaction   5   Strength   4   Initiative   10+1d6   Matrix Init.   10+1d6
  Willpower   4   Logic   3   Astral Init   10+2d6   Composure   9
  Intuition   5   Charisma   5   Judge Intent  10   Memory   7
  Edge   5   Edge Points   5   Lift/Carry   60/40kg   Movement   10m walk
  Phys. Limit   6   Mental Limit  5   Social Limit   7
Street Cred - Notoriety - Public Awareness -


Positive Value Negative Value
- Allergy (Cilantro, Common/Mild) 10
- Phobia (Snakes, Uncommon/Mild) 5
- Emotional Attachment (I-Doll) 5


Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Automatics   6 11
Gymnastics   2 7
Heavy Weapons   2 7
Pistols     6 11
Sneaking   4 9
Unarmed Combat   5 10
Pilot: Ground   3 8
Running   3 7
Swimming   3 7
Etiquette   5 10 Influence Group 5
Intimidation   5 10 Ballistic Mask +1 Limit
Leadership   5 10 Influence Group 5
Negotiation   5 10 Influence Group 5
Perception   4 9 Ear Buds: Spatial Recognizer 2 Limit/2 DP wireless, Audio Enhancement (1) 1 Limit/1 DP wireless
Auto Mechanic   3 6
First Aid   1 4
Knowledge Skills
L: English N N
Ares Macrotechnology 5 8
Cars and Motorcycles 3 6
Corporate Security 5 8
Small Unit Tactics 6 11
## # #


Augmentation Rating Cost Description
## # #  


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
  Ares Alpha 5(7) 11P - -2 6 Assault Rifle Gass-Vent System (3), Shock Pad, Imaging Scope
  Ares Predator V 5(7) 8P - -1 - Heavy Pistol Suppressor
  Knucks Physical (STR+1)P - - - -


Ammo Type Amount DMG AP Blast
Regular Ammo Assault Rifle  500 - - -
Gel Rounds Assault Rifle  500 +0S +1 -
Regular Ammo Heavy Pistol  400 - -
Gel Rounds Heavy Pistol  400 +0S +1 -


Armour Rating Notes
  Armored Jacket 12  Nonconductivity (5), Fire Resistance (6)  
  Lined Coat 9 #  
  Ballistic Mask +2 Trobes, Low-light Vision, Headwear Sensor Housing (3): Ultrasound, Motion Sensor, Olfactory Scanner  
Total #


x2 Assault Rifle Spare Clip
x2 Pistol Spare Clip
Concealable Holster
x6 Frag Grenade
x6 Flashbang
Fake SIN (4)
   Fake License, Ares Predator V (4)
   Concealed Carry License (4)
   Drone License (4)
Fake SIN (1)
   Fake License, Ares Predator V (1)
   Concealed Carry License (1)
   Drone License (1)
Contacts (3)
   Image Link
   Flare Compensation
Ear Buds (3)
   Spatial Recognizer
   Audio Enhancement (1)
Respirator (6)
Transys Avalon Commlink
x4 Metalink
Subvocal Mic
Jammer, area (4)
Middle Lifestyle
Automotive Mechanic Kit


Middle Lifestyle [House is being rented out while on a mission in Redmond Barrens]
Name: Drevin Langly
Alias: Annex (call sign), Oliver Crest (R4), Joseph Kent (R1)


Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sense Seat Notes
  Hyundai Shin-Hyung  5/4 6 3 10 6 1 2 4 Manual Operation, Morphing License Plate, Spoof Chip,  x4 Run Flat Tires,  Anti-Theft System (2),   Chameleon Coating
  Shiawase I-Doll: “Sevras” 5 3 1 3(2) 0(12 A. Jacket ; 14 A. Jacket and B. Mask) 4 4 N/a Personality, Realistic Features (3), x2 Medicine Cyberlimb Optimization, First Aid (4) Autosoft, Medicine (4) Autosoft, Clear sight (4) Autosoft, Stealth (4) Autosoft, Manuvering (4) Autosoft, Ares Predator V (4) Targeting Autosoft, Cooking (3) Autosoft, Virtual Machine, Smartsoft

Gear Dedicated to Sevras

Armored Jacket
   Nonconductivity 6
Ballistic Mask
Ares Predator V
x2 Pistol Spare Clip
x100 Pistol Gel Rounds
x100 Pistol Regular Ammo
Medkit (6)
   x2 Medkit Supplies


Name Field Connection Loyalty Notes
  Jacob O’Niel Ares Arms sales 3 4 -
  Danny Malik Mechanic 1 2 -
  Hexadecimal Decker 2 3 -
  Ni Ni Xiaolu ? ? ? Employed to protect goddaughter

Karma and Nuyen Log

Event Karma Nuyen Karma Spent Nuyen Spent
  Left from Character Creation 1 - - -
  Starting Nuyen - 2,035 - -
  144 IC Posts: TC Annex Thread 72 144,000 - -
  Advance from Ni Ni Xiaolu - 2,000 - -
  Hex’s Finder Fee - - - 200
  Chameleon Coating for Hyundai Shin-Hyung - - - 10,000
  Running 1 - - 2 -
  Auto Mechanic 2—>3 - - 6 -
  Armored Jacket with Nonconductivity 6 - - - 2,500
  Ballistic Mask - - - 150
  Smartsoft - - - 1,500
  Ares Predator V and two Spare Clips - - - 760
  Friday Night Winfall at the Willow Tree - 854 - -
  Intuition 3—>5 - - 45 -
  Running 1—>3 - - 10 -
  Swimming 1—>3 - - 10 -
  Total 0 133,779 - -

Drevin was born in Silicon Valley, within a corporate enclave. His parents, David and Mary, were both loyal employees of Ares Macro Technologies and he was groomed for advancement from an early age. As a child he was both reserved and in contrast a rough and tumble sort of boy who did not seem to know how to hold back. Roughhousing turned to conflicts with his peers and his busy but caring parents turned to a juvenile corpsec training academy, a military school by old world standards. Their hope was that he would be able to gain some discipline there, as well as make connections for the future. Both hopes came true.

At the age of twelve he met another cadet, Jacob O’Niel. The two became fast friends and while their career paths diverged in the future, Jacob entering the sales division of Ares Arms while Drevin became part of Knight Errant, their fortunes rose together as they supported each other’s advancement. Drevin took well to the academy, for the most part. He had a minor alpha complex, and sometimes found it difficult to not be in charge of a situation. At the same time he respected authority figures. A talented youth, Drevin was freshman cadet to be assigned to First Team, the academies elites. By his second year in First Team Drevin was the squad’s captain and lead them to victory in the yearly inter-academy war games. For three consecutive years.

During his final year at the academy Drevin came under the tutelage of Vincent Belfast, a senior officer in the Knight Errant. The man remained a mentor to Drevin for some time, and with his sponsorship entered the Knight Errant after he graduated from the academy. After basic training Drevin hit the ground running and entered the world of corporate security. His first day wasn’t supposed to be anything special. In fact Drevin got the impression that because of his parents and his connection to Vincent that he was being assigned the safest availed posting. It was a shit storm. The warehouse he was watching was hit by a a gang tricked into attacking the warehouse by a team of Shadowrunners as part of a distraction. After dealing with the gangers Drevin realized what was going on and his squad were able to intercept the ’runners as they were making their extraction.

Drevin was not given any more easy jobs or hand holding after that. His career was one of special response and tactical teams and as he developed, he was moved around more. Being used where needed rather than remaining tied down to one city. It made forming lasting relationships beyond his squad difficult in many ways. Yes, there was the Matrix, but Drevin’s experiences grounded him very much in the meat world. In time Vincent was talking about bringing Drevin into the upper echelons of Knight Errant. Things wee going well. Until they went bad.

A NeoNET executive had gotten kidnapped while slumming in a brothel. Negotiations were not working. The corp was unwilling to give the kidnappers what they wanted. As a result Drevin and his team were sent into to extract him. It started off well enough. They snuck into the building their target was being held in and made for the evac point. But the NeoNET executive was hysterical. He muttered about nanites. Then without warning attacked Drevin’s people. The man wasn’t human anymore. He was too strong. Took too many bullets unarmored to be human. He was cold too, as he killed Drevin’s entire team. Drevin put him down though. Unfortunately the image of a Knight Errant officer killing a NeoNET executive was caught on camera.

To protect him, and shield the company from fallout his superiors made if look like he died with the rest of his team. That meant he couldn’t be Drevin Langly anymore, and his SIN was erased. Knight Errant set Drevin up with a fake SIN and made Jacob O’Niel, the only contact with his old life that he was able to maintain, his point of contact with Ares. Living under the alias of Oliver Crest he relocated to Seattle. It seemed like a good place to get lost in the crowd of humanity. Drevin did not acclimate to civilian life well and has begun taking jobs where he can make use of his skillset.

Drevin’s introduction to the shadows was actually through a freelance decker that he used while working for Knight Errant: Hexadecimal. Hex short. While he had rarely seen the shadowy cybercriminal in person Drevin was able to make contact and get some feelers on the shadow community. He is still new to the new ‘runner culture and as of yet only has a few runs to his name. One of which was … weird … and involved a shipment of Shiawase I-Dolls, prostitution, and drug smuggling. That is actually where he acquired his sidekick, Sevras. Somehow during a ruckus the I-Doll’s identification system designated Drevin as it’s owner and it began following him throughout the mission. The other ‘runners got a laugh out of it until their medic was shot down and Sevras’s medical autosoft kicked in allowing the drone to tend to the wounded. Drevin kept it and has since grown fond of the machine, more so than most people.

Presently Drevin is working out a plan to make something of his new situation in the shadows. He can’t run forever.

TC - Annex (Drevin Langly)

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