BoS - Rebeca Jones

A trophy wife with a sword


Rebeca is tall, leggy, fit and enjoys perfect skin, long blond hair and green eyes. Certainly, she receives plenty of attention and it is easy to underestimate her. She has recently awakened as adept and is taking her first steps in the world of shadows.


Like an orchid, Rebeca is a beautiful thing that grew in a disgusting place. As a dryad born to a SINless human family, she was never accepted. Nobody believed that such a beautiful elf can be born to such an ordinary family. It seems that the impossible existence of Rebeca was enough to tear her family apart. She was always sick, and taking care of her was expensive until eventually, her father decided that it was enough. He sold her as a concubine for a rich Mafiosi who in exchange paid for her medical bills.
It worked, she lost her freedom and became not much more than a servant but the remote house in a natural environment made her feel better, calm and healthy. Though a healthy body cannot persist with an unhealthy mind. She was sick of Roger and spent all her days practicing with antiquated weapons, blades, and crossbows.
Last year, Becky awakened as a physical mage under the guidance of a beautiful animal spirit. Being awakened Becky decided to seize her opportunity. “Roger, I do not want to be your wife anymore…”
Roger laughed, “Concubine Becky, I got more like you -although you are very beautiful I might make you a wife if you play your cards right.”

Backy jumped quickly on top of Roger and pulled out her knife. She skillfully cut his shirt in two without harming the man. Roger was uncertain if to be terrified or sexual, he decided to be a bit of both.
“Am I not good for you? Is there anything you require a sword perhaps?”
“A cage of gold is still a cage, I want to be free.”
“You know that it is impossible, Becky doesn’t bring that up again you are killing my buzz. Are you going to please me or not…”

“Roger, I am serious, I can fight – I can instruct students I awakened. I will earn money, I will pay you just set me free. “
She placed her knife aside and kissed the man softly, “This is all you are getting tonight. Think about it.”

Roger had to admit that Backy did become unnaturally quick, and deadly with a sword. The conversation repeated itself and eventually, he gave her a price. “I checked it up, you are worth 75K to a cooperation. Pay me this much and you are free. “
“How about you loan me the money? “ She said and smiled deviously. “Do you really want my men to harm you? “
“I’ll never get that much money knitting, I need to get out find the professionals.”
“Look Becky, I can give you money – but no privileges if you do not pay you to die. “
“Good because there is some equipment I’ll need to keep alive.” She said confidently.
“Are you sure Becky?”
“Positive,” she said and kissed the man. “Let’s close this relationship with a bang,” she said and did her best to make him feel good.

The next time Roger was completely professional, did not even look her in the eye. She did not really like him and he knew it. Here is your money 10% interest “You cannot sleep your way out of this Becky, for what it’s worth good luck. ”
“Oh, you are a decent person Roger, at least for a violent criminal. I would have never got better without you. For this, you get my thanks. Other than that, I am uncertain how I feel, I do not hate you or anything, but part of me resents you for the thing that you made me do. The other part resents me. It will be okay don’t worry.”
“I understand said, Roger. The world is never fair to your kind, be safe.”

And so, Becky had some borrowed time of a freedom and some money to start a new life. Interest was over 10k a month – so she had to find money quickly. The last few weeks were burned using contacts and hanging out in places where runners normally go.
“I could really use a lucky break,” she thought at her seal mentor. The seal just looked at her with dreamy eyes and vanished into thin air. “Couldn’t I get a cool totem like a dragon slayer – am I really that mushy inside? I guess I do not really want an answer for that.”

== Personal Data ==
Name: Rebeca Jones 2 Alias:
Movement: 12/24 (2m/hit)
Swim: 5.5 (1m/hit)
Composure: 13
Street Cred: 12 Judge Intentions: 15
Notoriety: 0 Lift/Carry: 8 (75 kg/50 kg)
Public Awareness: 0 Memory: 9
Karma: 121 Nuyen: 122,988¥
Age: Skin:
Eyes: Hair:
Primary Arm: Right

== Priorities ==
Metatype: D,1
Attributes: A,4
Special: D,1
Skills: A,4
Resources: E,0

== Attributes ==
BOD: 3 CHA: 8
AGI: 6 INT: 5
REA: 5 (8) LOG: 4
STR: 5 WIL: 5
EDG: 3 MAG: 3

== Derived Attributes
Essence: 6.00 Initiative: 13 +4d6
Physical Damage Track: 10 Rigger Initiative: 13 +4d6
Stun Damage Track: 11 Astral Initiative: 10 +3d6
Physical: 7 Matrix AR: 13 +4d6
Mental: 6 Matrix Cold: 5 + DP +3d6
Social: 11 Matrix Hot: 5 + DP +4d6
Custom Ballistic Mask: +2, Only for intimidation, Must be visible
Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger: +1, Must be visible
Astral: 11

== Active Skills ==

Archery (Crossbow) Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 12 (14)
Assensing Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 11
Blades (Swords) Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 12 (14)
Con (Seduction) Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 15 (17)
Disguise Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 11
Etiquette Base: 4 + Karma: 0 = 4 Pool: 13
Gymnastics Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 12
Leadership Base: 4 + Karma: 0 = 4 Pool: 13
Negotiation Base: 4 + Karma: 0 = 4 Pool: 13
Palming Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 12
Perception Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 11
Pilot Ground Craft (Wheeled) Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 14 (16)
Sneaking Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 12

== Knowledge Skills ==

Fashion Base: 6 + Karma: 0 = 6 Pool: 11
Matrix Games Base: 2 + Karma: 0 = 2 Pool: 7
Shadow Community Base: 4 + Karma: 0 = 4 Pool: 9

== Qualities ==

Big Regret (Parents)
Distinctive Style
Emotional Attachment (Sword)
First Impression
Friends in High Places
In Debt ( 15)
Low-Light Vision
Mentor Spirit (Seal)

== Powers ==

Astral Perception
Combat SenseRating: 1
Improved ReflexesRating: 3

== Lifestyle ==

Cheap Motels (Traveler) 1 Month

== Armor ==

Custom Ballistic Mask +2
Forearm Guards +1
Helmet +2
Vashon Island: Sleeping Tiger 13
+ Custom Fit
+ Newest Model
+ Ruthenium Polymer Coating
+ Holster

== Weapons ==

Heavy Crossbow
+ Personalized Grip
Pool: 12 Accuracy: 6 DV: 10P AP: -3 RC: 3
+ Gecko Grip (for Weapon with No Stock Slot)
+ Personalized Grip
Pool: 12 (14)Accuracy: 8 DV: 8P AP: -3 RC: 3
Ranger Silver Pistol Crossbow
+ Personalized Grip
Pool: 12 Accuracy: 8 DV: 4P AP: – RC: 3
Sapphire Knife
+ Personalized Grip
Pool: 12 Accuracy: 6 DV: 7P AP: -3 RC: 3
Unarmed Attack
Pool: 5 Accuracy: 7 DV: 5S AP: – RC: 3
Victorinox Memory Blade: Dagger
Pool: 12 Accuracy: 5 DV: 6P AP: -2 RC: 3
Victorinox Memory Blade: Dagger
Pool: 12 Accuracy: 5 DV: 6P AP: -2 RC: 3
Victorinox Memory Blade: Sword
+ Personalized Grip
Pool: 12 (14)Accuracy: 6 DV: 7P AP: -2 RC: 3

== Commlink ==

MCT Blue Defender (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 1, FWL: 5)

== Gear: Available ==
Bolt: Stick-n-Shock w/Static Shaft ×46
Contacts Rating 3
+ Flare Compensation
+ Smartlink
Fake SIN (Rebeca Jones) Rating 4
+ Fake License (Adept License) Rating 4
+ Fake License (Hunting License) Rating 1
Glasses Rating 4
+ Vision Enhancement Rating 3
+ Thermographic Vision
MCT Blue Defender
Medkit Rating 6
Tool Kit (Disguise) ×6
Weapon Focus (Katana) Rating 3

== Vehicles ==

GMC Armadillo
+ Handling Enhancement Rating 1
+ Morphing License Plate
+ Searchlight
+ Secondary Propulsion (Amphibious, Surface)
+ Smoke Projector (Thermal)
+ Smuggling Compartment (Dwarf, Human, Elf, or Ork)
+ Valkyrie Module
+ Sensor ArrayRating 2
Thundercloud Morgan
+ Handling Enhancement Rating 1
+ Increased Seating
+ Increased Seating
+ Manual Control Override
+ Off-Road Suspension
+ Secondary Propulsion (Amphibious, Surface)
+ Smuggling Compartment
+ Weapon Mount Control (Manual)
+ Weapon Mount Flexibility (Fixed)
+ Weapon Mount Type (Standard)
+ Weapon Mount Visibility (External)

== Contacts ==

Coll Hume (Grassroots Politician), (Connection: 8, Loyalty: 2)

Debbie Miller (Shark Lawyer), (Connection: 6, Loyalty: 1)

Ivory Tower (Ares Wagemage), (Connection: 4, Loyalty: 3)

Jackson Love (Coyote), (Connection: 4, Loyalty: 3)

Jimmy Things (Fence), (Connection: 4, Loyalty: 3)

Moni ‘No Show’ Naor (Talent Scout), (Connection: 3, Loyalty: 4)

Olivia More (Club Owner), (Connection: 4, Loyalty: 3)

Raff Haze (Beat Cop), (Connection: 2, Loyalty: 5)

Roaming Wolf, (Connection: 2, Loyalty: 1)

Robert (Police Chief), Winter (Connection: 8, Loyalty: 1)

Roger (Mafia Consiglieri), Finnigan (Connection: 8, Loyalty: 6)

Silk (Infobroker), (Connection: 4, Loyalty: 4)

Wacky Millenial (Blogger), (Connection: 4, Loyalty: 1)

BoS - Rebeca Jones

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