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Today’s Heads Up

Look lively in the Shadows, Chummer, there’s lots going on!

Top News Items

We all like to keep track of when things happened so here’s a WIP 2075 Timeline please feel free to offer corrections or additions and I will incorporate them

Many thanks to Obi for creating RPG Playroom for us to host some of our games on!

A salute to Kinkerbell, who will be sorely missed, please feel free to add your comments to the link!

Location, Location, Location! Take a look at the various points in the plex and see how they tie into your world!

The Big Black Book of Contacts has been uploaded. Take a gander at the chummers who support you in Seattle and beyond.


SR is complicated, in an effort to track combat the Combat Simulator is being introduced, where each PC can collaborate and edit the action.

Everyone needs a little help from time to time and PC Resources is where they can be found. This includes any Google Map links for the various locations in 2075.

2075 / 76 Runs

Silk puts on her Game Face.

Nothing like a little Fast Food Fight!

Lock and Load, it’s time for a gunfight.

The Looking Glass, is where it started…what will they see when they step through the Looking Glass.

Circles of Power where the rich rub shoulders with the rich

Runners are finished clowning around with a few Circus Tricks

Tribes is where you go to feel the Beat

Main Page

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