Welcome to the year 2075 2080, chummer.

Following the tumultuous events of recent years things seemed to have calmed somewhat but you all know that the calm is just an illusion and it won’t be long before the next storm looms on the horizon. Technomancers still face fear and persecution at the hands of the corporations and others, the matrix is thrumming with rumors of Sybil and the dragons are still plotting their infinitely long agendas.

The shadows of Seattle are only so big, the events of a run in one area may well have more than a butterfly effect on the lives of other runners at the far end of the ‘plex. This campaign / living world utilyzing pbp hopes to address some of that effect by running standalone threads that share a common background / metaplot, potential contacts etc.

This is a multi IC threaded game organized here on the Obsidian Portal. Events in any given IC can and will spill over into the others, though it is not necessary to follow every thread if you do not want to….timelines will vary along with location etc but common themes/ threads will be woven throughout.

For information about the going on in the 6th Age, log into JackPoint, or browse through the Black Book of Runners to see who’s playing in the Shadows. Many of their exploits can be found in the various tabloids and zines found throughout the ’plex, but be wary of taking it as gospel truth. Many tall tales are spread for a variety of reasons.

But if they do inspire you, leave your wageslave days behind and enter the Shadows. Recruitment is always open! Jump in, all are welcome!