DoA - Vish

Sri Lankan dwarf mage


Name & Handle Vish
Tags Support Mage
h4. #Ethnicity & Metatype#
Age 43 Sex M Height Avg Dwarf Build Slight Dwarf
Nationality real SIN Sri Lanka, Fake SIN UCAS
Description Slight South Asian Dwarf, chill and cynical
Strength 3
Agility 5
Willpower 7
Logic 3
Charisma 5
Edge 1
Essence 6 Essence Effects 0
Phys CM 10
Stun CM 12
Athletics 0 ( 6 ) 1Drr
Close Combat 0 ( 6 )
Projectile Weapons 0 ( 6 )
Firearms 2 ( 7 /9) SMG
Heavy Weapons 0 ( 6 )
Vehicle Weapons 0 ( 6 )
Stealth 0 ( 6 ) 1Drr
Piloting (Ground) 0 ( 6 )
Piloting (Other) 0 ( 6 )
Escape Artist 0 ( 6 )
Conjuring 5 ( 12 )
Sorcery 4 ( 11 )
Astral Combat 0 ( 7 )
Survival 0 ( 8 )
Close Combat 0 ( 8 ) vs sp
Biotech 0 ( 4 )
Hacking 0 ( 4 )
Electronics 0 ( 4 )
Engineering 0 ( 4 )
Tasking 0 ( / )
Tracking 0 ( 4 )
Con 0 ( 6 ) 2Drr
Intimidation 0 ( 6 ) 2Drr
Negotiation 0 ( 6 ) 2Drr
Disguise 0 ( 6 ) 2Drr
Shadow Amps
Chaotic World 2A AOE re-roll 1 success
Clairovoyance 1A See Far
Heal 2A Heal 1 box/net success
Phantasm 1A Make realistic illusion
Jack of All Trades 2A 1D when no skill
(awakened) (2A)
Mentor Spririt: Cat 1D stlth/athls, re-roll 1D effect spells
Silver Tongued Re-roll 2D on Charisma skills
Lined Jacket 9
Type Damage Close Near Far
Unarmed 2S OK - -
Boot knife 3P OK 0 0
Uzi 6P OK OK 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
Fake ID (Rafael Mendez)
Lodge materials
Toyota Gopher (truck)
Sanith Talismonger
Mike Mulligan Armorer
0 0
0 0
0 0
“Think of your karma.” Shrugs. “Or not.”
“I set them up, you knock them down”
“Short on height, long on talent.”


Back in the ’30s, if you were born a dwarf in the uplands of Sri Lanka, you were probably given to your local Buddhist Monastery. It was obviously a new tradition, but already strong. So that is where I grew up — which was just as well, as an even stronger new tradition said that if you showed signs of being awakened you got sent to a monastery, and in due course that happened with me too.

No complaints, really. Instead of living the life of a poor rural farmer, my childhood was demanding, but rewarding. And all stereotypes, vows, and religious guidance aside, we were not exactly poor at the monastery, given that it functioned at least as much as a gang as it did a religious center. Long history behind that, to do with religious factions, political tiffs, and pseudo-dynastic squabbles — basically the full typical load of meta-human emotions, pettiness, and general drek. And hey, monasteries are great places for stashing goods or people who need to be kept under cover, especially if all of the monks are trained in using an Uzi.

Overall it was decent training for the shadows, as childhoods go. On the one hand a fine religious grounding, if you care about that stuff. On the other hand fairly enlightened if not overly knowledgeable, magical training. On the third hand – hey if the bloody Hindu gods can have many limbs, why can’t my explanations – I cooked, cleaned, gardened, repaired the truck, drove the truck, fiddled with our matrix connection, negotiated for ammo and more. And on the fourth hand – yes, I’m done with the hands after this – we all got decent training with guns and small unit tactics.

We eventually made too much noise and the government had to do something about us. I won’t cry about it, you could even say we earned it if you like to look at things that way. A score of monks with Uzis are not a match for armored vehicles and assault cannons, but with some illusions and spirits I managed to slip away and bring along Javin, Sanith, and much of the treasury. We managed to get ourselves on a ship off the island and headed for the fabled land of opportunity from the trids — Seattle. Of course only Sanith and I made it that far, as Javin slipped away with the treasury just before our ship left Jakarta.

Sanith and I arrived in Seattle with little but our theoretical faith, our faith-inappropriate righteous indignation, and our Uzis. One of those was able to let us keep eating long enough to correct the karmic balance of our souls – or at least to hopefully build ourselves a nice nest egg. We still hope to score big enough to set up a new temple, cause I don’t think Seattle has enough ethnic gangs yet, you know? Two years has been plenty to wear off the worst of my accent and to let me learn my way around, but so far we have only progressed from living day to day to living month to month.

In short, you got a job, I need a job, let’s make this happen.

DoA - Vish

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