TC - Black Bart


Bod 9
Agi 4 Rea 5
Str 8 Cha 2(3) Added 1 point+15 Karma
Int 5 Log 4
Wil 3 Edge 6

Phys Cond 13 Stun Cond 10
Initiative 10+1d
Armor 15 Ess 5.62
Nuyen Remaining 1,181 Composure 6
Judge 8 Lift 17
Memory 7 Movement 8/16


City Slicker
Home ground (Puyallup)
Jack of all trades
Thermo Vision (Natural)

In Debt II
Predjudiced (Common, Outspoken) (Humans)
SINner (Criminal) (Charles Earl Bowles)
Slow Healer

Athletics 2 Ettiquette 5(7) (street)
Intimidation 8 Longarms 10
Negotiation 4 Palming 5
Perception 7(9) (Visual) Pilot Ground Craft 6
Pistols 5(7) (Semi-Autos) Unarmed 10

Knowledge Skills
Street Drugs 10 Gangs 9
Area Knowledge Seattle (Puyallup) 9(11) Ettiquette (Police) 8

Spurs (Used)

Lifestyle Squatter
Troll Club House 1 month 350
Cramped -10% Dangerous Area -20% Metatype +100%


Lined Coat (11) Forearm Guards (3)
Attachable Gear Access Gel Packs
Gel Packs

Good pants (synth leather) Good shoes
Cheap socks Cheap undergarments
Cheap shirt Cheap gloves

Ares Viper Slivergun Defiance T-250, Short Barrel
(Sound Suppressor part of base weapon) Hip Pad Bracing System
Hidden Gun Arm Slide
Smartgun Sys (Internal)


Goggles (Rating 3) Earbuds (Rating 3)
Flare Comp Audio Enhancement (Rating 2)
Low LIght Spatial Recognizer
Vision Enhancement (Rating 3)

Backpack (Cheap)
Can of spray paint (Dark Blue) Can of spray paint (Black)
Lighter 10 packs of Ultra-Lux brand cigarettes
Liter Canteen

4 hits Asia 3 hits Jazz
4 hits Red Mescal 5 hits cram
5 hits Hurlg 4 hits Push
4 hits Novacoke 2 hits Betameth
2 Dreamchips 1 Moodchip
1 Personaflix 2 Tripchips
Pocket Notebook (Keeps separate track of deals and money owed)

Metalink Commlink

40 Flechette Rounds (Heavy Pistols)
30 Shells Regular Ammo (Shotgun)

Certified Credstick (Standard) $1000

Harley Scorpion

Contact Bios

Marjorie, where to begin at one time I pushed my luck into getting in the sack with her. That fiasco is now the basis of my understanding of Don’t crap where you eat. She’s a good woman, strong, intelligent and built like a brick… Well you know. I joined up with her when I turned 19, fresh out of jail and looking for a way to get up in the world. She taught me to survive on (C2/L3)

Caleb is the man I owe my life to. The only Breed… Human that I don’t have a problem with. Other then being a cop he’s good. He’s gotten me out of a tight situation but I’ve promised myself not to ask him for any favors til I can pay him back. He couldn’t do anything about me being locked up but honestly I doubt he even knew I was in the compound. Lone Star doesn’t play as big a role in police activity but it’s always helpful to know when a team is gunning for you. (C2/L4)

Anselmo is a Fixer I met in the crime mall. I was trying to find a new place to make a living but that place is hit and miss. Anselmo saw an opportunity, in a young troll that didn’t have much. At least he couldn’t see what else Black had stashed. Anselmo didn’t flinch at the odorous troll standing in his doorway. He hooked Black up with drugs to turn a profit. He calls every three days to find out what his money maker is doing. Hasn’t been disappointed yet, but is hesitant to give Black another outlet of opportunity. (C3/L1)

Free 40

Sly is the Armadillo Club owner. She took over not long after Smeland’s passing. She lets Black hang outside, so long as he doesn’t bother her operations. She frequently deals with Mafia higher ups. She doesn’t tell Black much but sometimes will give him a heads up for a mark or if the cops are going to bust in the door. (C5/L4)

Paul is a mafia consiglieri, he bounces around to any nightclub worth a damn, but he seems to be sitting at The Armadillo lately. He has his fingers, in plenty of aspects. But now he seems focused on Black. (C6/L1)

Leif is a bartender at The Big O, he give Black a drink for free, “Sometimes” and will give the occasional tip about a high roller looking for fun. He’s good at what he does, but isn’t cheap. You give him an extra tip he might forget your name, what you look like. Hell he might have come down that night, and he was so drunk he can’t remember. (C3/L5)

James is Redmond’s premier transportation specialist. In other words he drives a taxi. He does keep you safe with bulletproof windows and doors, and if it gets bad enough he’s not scared to drop a few frag grenades out the window. He’s been a good friend to Black when he’s around. Just don’t call him a taxi driver, he likes Chauffeur much better. (C1/L6)

Lucy, if you looked up Pragmatist in an encyclopedia chances are you’d see her face. Hostage situation? Sure call the negotiator get the perp talking. Meanwhile I want a sniper on that roof outfitted with stick and shock ammo. Sure, you’d probably end up with a tased hostage, but that’s better than a dead one.
She’s also known to sell K-E good at a discounted rate being the Supply Sarge she has access to the entire armory. Black doesn’t come to meet her in Renton, she comes to designated location and goods and Nuyen are transferred. (C6/L3)

TC - Black Bart

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