BoS - Forty-2070

Ex-con, spell-less MySad


Forty (Angela Perron)


Age 59 Sex F Height 5’10.5" Build tough, wiry muscle.
Race Elf Ethnicity Hispanic Nationality UCAS
Description Her buzzcut, crooked nose, facial scars, and ‘frag you’ stare advertise her tough side, but some will also notice that the crooked nose brings out perfect cheekbones, that the scar over her left eye helps emphasize how dark her eyes are, and that the buzzcut reveals a long, strong, neck held pridefully high. Nothing much softens her glare that advertises that she is a hunter and you are prey — not that many meet her eyes for long.

She is normally found wearing a t-shirt, cargo pants, and sneakers — all cheaply made — sometimes with an armor vest to top it off.

In Game Resource Tracking

  • Karma earned from character creation + contacts: 8
  • Karma earned from posts: 61 (as of 2018-06-30)
  • Karma spent: 39
  • Net Karma: 30
  • Nuyen starting: 165 + (3d6*60=720) = 885
  • Nuyen earned by posts: 122k
  • Nuyen claimed in game: 5k
  • Nuyen burned in game 18k
  • Nuyen pending: 79k
  • Nuyen spent: 3k
  • Nuyen on hand: 2885

Race D Attributes A Magic A Skills D Resources E
Race: elf Attributes: 24 Magic 6 Skills: 22 Resources: 6k


Body: 3 ( 3 )
Agility: 6 ( 6 )
Reaction: 5 ( 7 )
Strength: 3 ( 3 )
Willpower: 4 ( 4 )
Logic: 2 ( 2 )
Intuition: 5 ( 5 )
Charisma: 8 ( 8 )
Edge: 2
Magic: 6
Essence: 6
Initiative: 10 ( 12 )
Initiative D: 1D6 ( 3D6 )
(Logic 1—>2 in game, 10 karma)
(Edge 1—>2 in game, 10 karma)

Physical Limit: 5 (6)
Mental Limit: 4
Social Limit: 9

Phys CM: 10
Stun CM: 10

Composure: 12
Judge Intentions: 13
Memory: 5
Lift/Carry: 30kgs
Movement: 12 / 24 / (+2*sprint)
Drain (alch, conj): 12
Drain (adept): ?

Street Cred 0 Notoriety 0* Public Awareness 0


Positive Value Notes
low light visiion - from elf
mentor spirit (Firebird) 5 Thundebird
Too pretty to hit 3
Chosen Follower 10 Paid w/2 spells
Practiced Alchemist 5 Paid w/1 spell
Jack of All Trades 2 Paid 4 karma IG
(Total 23 8 karma+3 spells used
Negative Value Notes
ex-con (incl. criminal SIN) -15 incl. criminal SIN
Dependent – annoyance -3 elderly chip-head sister
Impassive -7 -1 social limit except intimidate (and is more like ‘in-your-face’)
(Total 25


Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Skill Groups
Diving 0 2
Free-Fall 0 2
Archery 0 5
Automatics 6 12 (14)
Blades 0 5
Clubs 0 5
Escape Artist 0 5
Ex. Melee 0 /
Ex. Ranged 0 /
Gunnery 0 5
Gymnastics 0 5
Heavy Weapons 0 5
Locksmith 0 3
Longarms 0 5
Palming 5
Pistols 0 5
Sneaking 1 7
Throwing Weapons 0 5
Unarmed Combat touch 1 7(9)
Pilot: Aero 0 /
Pilot: Aircraft 0 /
Pilot: Exotic 0 /
Pilot: Ground 0 4
Pilot: Walker 0 /
Pilot: Watercraft 0 4
Running 0 2
Swimming 0 2
Animal Handling 1 9
Con 1 9 1kig
Etiquette 2 10 3kig
Impersonation 1 9 1kig
Instruction 1 9 1kig
Intimidation 6 14 2 from T-Bird (1 when init)
Leadership command 2 10 (12) +1 when init
Negotiation 2 10 3kig
Performance 0 5
Artisan 1 6 +nimble fingers
Assensing * /
Disguise 2 7 4k ig
Navigation 0 4
Perception 2 7 3kig
Tracking 0 4
Aero Mechanic / -
Arcana 0 /
Armorer 0 1
Auto Mechanic 0 0
Biotechnology 0 0 )
Chemistry 0 /
Computer 1 3 1kig
Cybertech 0 0
CyberCombat 0 0
Demolitions 0 1
Elec Warfare j 0 0
First Aid 0 1
Forgery 0 1
Hacking 0 1
Hardware 0 1
Industrial Mechanic / /
Medicine 0 1
Nautical Mechanic 0 /
Software 0
Astral Combat * /
Survival 3
Alchemy 6 12
Summoning 6 12
Knowledge Skills 16
Knowledge Specialization Rank Pool Type/Notes
Logic 1
Intuition 5
English N language
Japanese 3 8 Language
Seattle Birds 4 9 Interest
Shinto 2 7 Interest
Seattle gangs 3 8 Street




Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
unarmed 5 3s 0 0 na na
shock gloves 5 8s 0 -5 na ? touch attack +2
Steyr TMP 4/5 7 na 0 0 30 laser sight +1


Ammo Type Amount DMG AP Blast * Notes
MP regular 60 7p 0 - 2 clips for steyr TMP
MP gel 60 7p +1 - 2 clips for Stery TMP


Armour Rating Description
Vest 9


  • 2x DR1 link (Renraku Aguchi)
  • Trodes
  • Micro-transceiver
  • Contacts (rating 2) w/flare compensation, image link
  • Ear-buds (rating 1) with sound link
  • 2 standard cred-sticks, 1 silver cred-stick
  • Fake SIN (rating 2) w/ fake weapons permit (rating 2) “Gabriel Marinez”
  • 1x trauma patch
  • 19 reagents (20 at character creation, 1 marked off to be sac’d to The Nose)
  • middle/upper class casual/sporty clothes @500nY
  • motorcycle helmet


  • Low, +10% (dependent) =2200Y/month
  • Has a ‘specialized work area’ (sister’s Shinto ‘shrine’), giving +2 limit on her alchemy done there (1000Y/month)
  • Transit Pass (50Y/month)
  • Total: 3250/month


Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seat Notes
mark I feet

Contact Summary

Name Description Location Connection Loyalty Notes
my contacts # # 24 points
Radiant Shadow High End Dealer Bellevue 3 4
Maggie O’Malley Grass Roots Politician Tacoma 3 4
Roxxie Waitress Tacoma 2 1 At Basil’s
Hummingbird Streetwalker Loveland (Puyallup) 2 5
free 40 # # 40 points
Tenaka-San Shinto Priest Tacoma 2 2
‘Black Jack’ Marinez Gang Leader Pyuallup 3 2
Heather ‘Icy’ Nguyen Ancients Member/wizzer Puyallup, etc 4 3
Lacey Spider Downtown 4 3
Margot Dukowski Parole Officer Downtown 3 2
White Horse Armorer Auburn 3 4
Albert Troll Street Dealer Pyuallup 3 2

Spells (Alchemical Preparations)

Note: Trigger type adds to drain:

  • Touch +1
  • Command +2 (health always uses command)
  • Timed +2
Name Drain Type Notes
Enhance Aim F-1 Detection +10m/success
Mindlink F-1 Detection
Heal F-4 Health essence penalties
Enhance Logic F-3 Health essence penalties
Enhance Willpower F-3 Health essence penalties
Dehydrate F-4 Health essence penalties
Catfall F-3 Manipulation


  • Air (combat) summoned at +2d (Thunderbird)
  • Water (detection)
  • Plant (health)
  • Beast (illusion)
  • Man (manipulation)

Adept Powers:

Name Level PP Notes
Animal Empathy 1 0.25 +1 animal handling, can intimidate
Attribute Boost Agility 1 0.25 Mag+lvl, drain=successes
Authoratative Toney 1 0.5 +1 social she initiates
Commanding Voice na 1.0 5 word command, lead+char vs Wil+Log
Combat Sense 1 0.5 +1 defense, always gets surprise roll
Heightened Concentration na 0.5 ignore a distraction up to -3
Improved Reflexes 2 2.5 +2 reaction, +2d6 init
Nimble Fingers 1 0.25 +1 certain artisan/perform, some simple actions → free
Ventriloquism 1 0.25 throw voice 6m

Angela was a SURGE baby, and grew up during the turbulence of the early days of the sixth world — and turbulence at home, too.

Angela’s mother held a decent job at Microsoft, but never seemed to get her personal life as well put together. One daughter by someone she’d met on vacation in Hawai’i, then Angela by an on-again-off-again boyfriend who grew more abusive as he became more alcoholic over the years. She finally kicked him out for good not long before he goblinized into an orc, after which she kept an Uzi around against the day that he might kick in the door of their apartment. Angela’s best memories of her mom are of watching anime with her, and when her Mom taught her to shoot.

Angela was charming and chatty and always ready to stand up for herself, but had the attention span of a gnat, the memory of a sieve, and the general academic ambition of a bullfrog. Although so long as her classroom had a window she could stare out, she’d generally at least go to school.

Until the Crash hit when she was sixteen, and Redmond in general and her family in particular went to hell quickly. Although nobody expected her to go to school after that, and the police killed her father so they didn’t have to worry about him anymore, and she got a boyfriend who was making decent money distributing moonshine, so in some ways her life got better. Besides, she was finding that the wind would listen sometimes when she asked it favors. Helping her hide and the like.

Until one day, on a whim, she held up a pet store to force them to release their pet birds. A pet store in Belleview. She and her boyfriend went to ground for a few days before the police found them. Boyfriend got shot after Angela threw whiskey at the police cars. She grew furious, and asked the wind to strike down the cops, and it send down lightning, igniting the whiskey, burning one police car and killing the two officers inside. The official report called it molotov cocktails, and Angela’s magical awakening went unnoticed.

She was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for forty years, and sent to the ‘dangerous meta-humans’ wing of the women’s prison. Most of the other inmates were orcs and trolls who had lost it after goblinization, and Angela found herself to be a target.

Over the next dozen years she took on the handle “Forty,” learned to fight back in various ways, to be a hard target, gained more control over her summoning abilities, and gradually grew a formidable force of personality that mostly kept others from trying to attack her.

Then the prison was re-organized, and the ‘dangerous meta-humans’ wing merged with the general population. Forty got a new cell-mate, Linda Masterson. Linda was a psychopath, a disgraced cop, a would-be ninja, and a follower of Shinto. They bonded over hatred of the police and acquaintance with anime, and her cell mate taught some basics of Shinto to Forty, including basic Japanese writing in order to write prayer slips. To both of their surprises, occasionally the kami would listen to Forty’s written requests. Forty confided her about her spirits to Linda, and Linda figured out how to use these abilities to punish those who crossed either of the women.

Eventually Linda attempted to betray Forty’s magical abilities to the wardens, but Forty saw that something was up, the Kami granted her an interlude of clear thinking, and she realized what she had to do. After Linda’s gruesome death, nobody wanted to cross Forty — in part because of her reputation, and in part because she carried death in her heart and her glance.

She was careful of using her magic after that, keeping it extremely sparring. She was finally identified as awakened, but as she seemed to show no ability she was written off as a mere spark.

Eventually she was released on parole, and found Thunderbird waiting for her. It approved of her attitude and gave her more insight into her magic. She moved in with her now elderly sister — whose savings from thirty years at Shiawase were rapidly draining away to her BTL habit. Forty tried to stay close to the terms of her parole for a while, tried to get a real job, but it never worked out. Finally she started looking up people she’d known in prison, looking for more lucrative work.

She even got hooked into a proper shadowrun, where she started by insulting their Johnson, later forgot the plan so screwed up an ambush, but at the same time provided the spirit and covering magic to keep an opposing mage from slipping away. She got paid, but didn’t exactly make a good name for herself. Still, she realized that this was the work for her.

She used some of her earnings to properly set up the improvised Shinto shrine that her sister had made in the burned out ruin of a house next to the building where they have an apartment. Solar powered lights, decorations, papers for prayers, and so forth, as well as some materials for the lessons that her sister erratically provide to local kids who have no other source of education.

And she’s been looking for more work as a runner. She got told that Basil’s Faulty Bar was a runner hangout, so she’s been going there frequently. She’s been heavily tipping Roxxie, one of the servers there, to let her know if anyone is recruiting.

BoS - Forty-2070

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