TC - "DES" - Darkness Eagle Soars

Amerindian Pilot


Darkness Eagle Soaring aka DES

Amerindian Human Mystic Adept

Age 25 Sex Male Height 167cm Build 70kg
Nationality Salish
Description DES is a late developer. He’s still a short skinny Salish man with shaved black hair with a small feather braided pig tail on the left side of his trailing from behind is his left ear behind his back. His dark eye are lively and he has a quick expressive smile that contrasts with the occasional stormy pits of darkness and the hard onyx eyes of his thousand yard death stare. He’s almost always in a well worn pilot jump suit topped with a varying set of baseball caps and mirror shades. On his feet he wears a set of buckskin moccasins with feather trim. Just an ordinary hopper pilot.

Race E Attributes D Magic B Skills C Resources A


Body 2 Agility 2 Essence 5 Mag/Res 4
Reaction 5 Strength 2 Initiative 7+1d6 Matrix Init. 6+3d6
Willpower 2 Logic 2 Astral Init 4+3d6 Composure 7
Intuition 2 Charisma 5 Judge Intent 7 Memory 4
Edge 2 Edge Points 2 Lift/Carry 4kg Movement 4/8/+2
Phys. Limit 4 Mental Limit 3 Social Limit 6
Street Cred 0 Notoriety 1 Public Awareness 0


Positive Value Negative Value
Disgraced 2 Astral Beacon -10
Gearhead 11 Big Regret -5
Mentor Spirit: Thunderbird 5 In Debt 15/22.5 -3
Spirit Affinity: AIr 7 Spirit Bane : Earth -7


Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Gunnery 3 5
Sneaking 3 5
Pilot: Aircraft 6(9) 14 Improved Ability: Gearhead 20% Speed/+1 Handling +2 Dice stunts
Pilot: Watercraft 2 7 Gearhead 20% Speed/+1 Handling +2 Dice stunts
Intimidation 5 10 +2 Thunderbird Disgraced: +2 on tests made to intimidate criminals.; Authoritative Tone: +1 to tests initiated by the adept 6 6
Leadership 1 6 Authoritative Tone: +1 to tests initiated by the adept
Navigation 2 4
Perception 3 5
Tracking 2 4
Elec Warfare 4 6
Survival 2 4
Ritual 4 8
Summoning 6 10 +2 Summoning Spirits of Air: + 1 Service for Air
Knowledge Skills
L: English N N
L: Salish 5 N
Salish Tradition 2 4
Smuggling Routes 3 5


Augmentation Rating Cost Description
Control Rig (1) 1 1 ESS 43000 Nuyen Jumped IN Rating as a dice pool bonus on all Vehicle skill tests. + Rating to Handling and Speed Vehicle Test thresholds are reduced by the rating of your control rig (to a minimum of 1), again when you’re jumped in.

Adept Powers

Power Rating Cost Description
Attribute Boost (4): Reaction 4 1
Authoritative Tone 1 .5
Commanding Voice # 1
Improved Ability : Pilot Aircraft 3 1.5


Area Spirit
Combat Beasts
Health Earth
Manipulation Man
Detection Water
Illusion Air


Spell Type/Target Casting Duration Drain Notes
Alarm Ward Anchored Force Hours Net Hits Weeks F x 2 Opposed – Reagents ??
Calling: Normal Spirits Contractual ?? F Hours X Crafting paraphernalia requires a successful Alchemy + Magic [Force] (Force of the target spirit, 1 day) Extended Test.
Circle of Protection Anchored F Hours F Hours F x 2 Opposed – Reagents F M/P Barrier M Radius
Homunculus Minion F Hours F X Net Hits Days F x 2 Opposed – Reagents + Object Resistance (Force x 10) kilograms
Spirit Pact Contractual F Hours ?? Karma = F x 2 p 137 Grimoire
Ward Anchored F Hours Net Hits x Weeks F x 2 Opposed – Reagents ?
Watcher Minion Force X Minutes hours = Force X net hits F x 2 Opposed – Reagents ?

The Force of the lodge must equal or exceed the Force of the ritual to be cast.
Ritual Spellcasting + Magic [Force] v. (Force x 2)
(Force) drams of reagents spent (afterthe initial offering), the Drain value is reduced by 1, to a minimum of 2.


Weapon Acc DV Range AP Recoil Ammo Notes
Ares Predator III 7 6P 5/20/40/60 +3 # 15 c SA Smartgun System, Internal
Ammo Type Amount DMG AP Blast
Flare Pistol 20 -2 +2 -
Frangible Pistol 20 -1 +4 -
Stick-n-Shock Pistol 20 -2S(e) -5 -
Weapon Acc DV Range AP Recoil Ammo Notes
Marlin X71 5 12P 50/250/500/750 -4 # 5 m SS Extreme Environment Modification (1), Marlin X71 Imaging Scope
Ammo Type Amount DMG AP Blast
Regular Ammo Rifle 10 - -4 -


Armour Rating Description
Armor Jacket 12
Actioneer Business Clothes 8
Total #


Armor Jacket – Flight Suit
Binoculars (3) w/ Vision Enhancement (3), Vision Magnification Electronic
Certified Credstick, Platinum
Certified Credstick, Standard x2
Sony Angel Commlink
Maersk Spider w/ Sim Module, Modified for Hot Sim
Magical Lodge Materials (4)
Medkit (6)
Reagents, Raw (dram): Shamanic x100
Tool Kit, Aeronautics Mechanic
Tool Kit, Industrial Mechanic
Tool Kit, Nautical Mechanic
Trodes – Baseball cap
Mirror Shades w/ Flare Compensation, Image Link, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision


David Ethan Smith w/ Fake License: Pilot (4), Fake SIN (4), (1 month) Low Lifestyle
Starting ¥: 325 + (3D6 × 60)¥


The Flying Tigress, Amphibious Fixed-Wing Aircraft

Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seat
PBY-70 Catalina II 4 3 3 22 14 3 4 16

PBY-70 Catalina II
Device Rating 3,
Data Processing 3,
Firewall 3
Condition Monitor: 23
Chameleon coating
Concealed Mount Mod
Enhanced Winch
Large Drone Rack
Morphing license plate
Rigger Interface
Satellite Link
Smuggling compartment (dwarf, human, elf, or ork)
Spoof chips
Vehicle Tag Eraser
Weapons: Stoner-Ares M202 [MMG, Acc 5, DV 10P, AP -7, FA, 100 (belt)]
100x APDS

The Drop Bear, Large Aerial Drone

Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seat
Aeroquip Dustoff 3 4 4 4 5 3 3 1

Device Rating 4,
Data Processing 4,
Firewall 4
Condition Monitor: 8
Armored patient compartment (treat as enhanced rigger cocoon without control interfaces),
Valkyrie Module
Improved Takeoff and Landing 2
Rigger Adaptation
Weapon Mount
Weapons:Ingram Valiant
[LMG, Acc 6, DV 9P, AP -6, BF/FA, RC 2(3), 50 c]
50x APDS,
Gas-Vent System (2)
Laser Sight
Shock Pad

Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seat
MCT Fly Spy 4 3 2 1 0 3 3 0
Device Rating 3


Maersk Spider
Device Rating: 4
Data Processing: 4,
Firewall: 5
Noise Reduction (current): 4, Sharing (current): 0
Matrix Initiative: 6
Matrix DR: 9 (7 vs. Black IC)
Modifications: Sim Module, Modified for Hot Sim

Karma and Nuyen Log

Event Karma Earned Nuyen Karma Spent Nyuyen Spent
OP Character 1 # # #
OP Description 1 # # #
OP Character Image 1 # # #
OP 8 Contacts 4 4,000 # #
OP Background 2 # # #
TC Subthread – DES – Chalka post 49 12 24,000 # #
Silk BG Check D-Pop # # # 300
Ice Station Zebra Flight Control to Ziska # # # 750
MCT Fly Spy # # # -2000
Actioneer Business Clothes # # # -1500
Total 9 24,500 # 1050

DES is a late developer. He’s still a short skinny Salish man with shaved black hair with a small feather braided pig tail on the left side of his trailing from behind is his left ear behind his back. His dark eye are lively and he has a quick expressive smile that contrasts with the occasional stormy pits of darkness and the hard onyx eyes of his thousand yard death stare. He’s almost always in a well worn pilot jump suit topped with a varying set of baseball caps and mirror shades. On his feet he wears a set of buckskin moccasins with feather trim. Just an ordinary hopper pilot.

DES is Salish. He’s got family. Jennifer Red Fern is his mother. Frederick Grey Otter is his father. They are still alive. Medicine Woman and Spirit Warrior for the Green Valley Salish. Bereaved parents of George Red Otter. Jennifer Red Fern and Frederick Grey Otter don’t claim any other sons. No one in the Green Valley Salish ever mentions Darkness Eagle Soaring. He doesn’t exist anymore. If only DES had never been, Red Otter would still be alive.

DES only wants to fly. When he flies he is free on the wind. When he flies he doesn’t have to think about all disappointment in his mothers eyes when he shows no powers. He doesn’t have to think about the look in his fathers eye’s when he fails the ordeals. That was the past. Today he flies so he doesn’t think about the look in his tribes eyes when he brought Red Otter back. Red Otter came when he was in the Wind and wasn’t thinking. Red Otter followed DES. Followed DES to the cliffs. Followed DES off the cliffs. DES had a good set of sails and knew how to use them. Red Otter just thought he knew how to use them. The Green Valley Salish accused DES of killing his brother. DES accused them of killing him too. DES left. Everyone in the Salish tribes know DES is a brother killer. If only DES had helped his little brother instead of jumping to the skies right away.

DES went into the mountains and lived wild, bartering with the Salish orks, gaining trust being a lookout. Eventually he joined the border hopping pilots and spent years flying light craft all over the north west. DES eventually joined the crew of the Flying Tigress. The Flying Tigress was part of a fleet of Trans polar Aluet smugglers operating year round over the arctic, the Aurora Patrol. DES spent years flying and flying and flying and earned his share in the Flying Tigress. Most of the Aurora Patrol think DES got his control rig installed and jacked the Flying Tigress. Truth is accidents happen. Accidents over the north pole are downright fatal. DES wasn’t even flying, just jumped into a drone bringing it into land in the rack. The built up static charge must have shorted out right at the same time as an atmospheric discharge and DES and the pilot both got dumped. The pilot must have stayed conscious long enough to get the Flying Tigress down in only two pieces. 16 hours later DES almost gave up and let himself fade away. But no, for one final time he raged at the sky. And the Sky answered. The Wind came and blew the Flying Tigress into the air and DES screamed as the scars in his spirit shredded open. Screaming himself raw DES power dove the Flying Tigress until the engines answered. Hours later over the Pacific DES knew he would never be able to explain what happened to the Aurora Patrol so he put down along the Pacific North West and started looking for work.

IN DEBT to The Komun’go Seoulpa Ring
Repairing the Flying Tigress wasn’t cheap. Especially after all the money and favors used to install a rig. DES still owes the Komun’go Seoulpa Ring for the repairs. It isn’t cheap to replace almost half a plane lost in the arctic. DES is close to paying it off after years of payments. Maybe it will happen this year.

Brianna Black Turtle Dwarf Female Mechanic L3C3
The Busted Prop is a salvage yard and machine shop for boats and occasional sea plane. Brianna is a grease monkey constantly tinkering with parts and restoring planes. She wears long braided hair tucked into the back of her jacket. Bri has green eyes obscured by sets of goggles featuring the latest in imaging gear. Bri is an avionic history buff. Bri has contacts with salvagers around the world and is constantly trading parts so she can complete her latest project build. The Busted Prop is on the water, but there is an airstrip a short distance away. Short enough to taxi a plane to and from the small air strip.

When the Wind brought DES and The Flying Tigress to the Sound after leaving the Aurora Patrol Bri jumped at the chance to fix up a Catalina. DES took out his loan to pay Bri for all the work she did. It almost put her out of business finding parts. DES couldn’t let that happen to the person who gave him back his wings. Bri knows about DES history with the Green Valley Salish. Bri suspects there is far more to the story even though DES has never defended himself when asked about his tribe. Bri did hear DES mutter once, “I brought him home….”

Preferred Runners: Ones that Pay up front in Cred, or salvaged parts.
Uses: Fixing planes and getting supplies and finding pilots
Places to Meet: The Busted Prop, Hardware store, parts store, salvage yards, Docks
Contact: Commcode, appointment calendar
Available: 24 hours.

Glenn Red Raven Elven Male Border Patrol Agent L2C3
Glenn is a fun loving cowboy, except he’s a redskin. The irony is not lost on him, but nothing gets in the way of Glenn’s love for country music and cruising around the wilderness in an over engined off road vehicle. On the job with the Border Patrol or off work racing around with his amateur team Glenn is tearing up the countryside. Racing and wrecking off road cars is expensive without a sponsor. Sponsors naturally need to be able to get to wherever the off road racing is, whether it’s in this country or the other.

DES was flying NOE across a border fence and almost clipped the old jeep Glenn parked there. When the elven Border Patrol Agent whooped and waved at the Flying Tigress instead of lighting off the guns or alarms DES circled back and wagged his wings. Glenn waved his hat and blasted out his personal commcode. A few minutes later Glenn has a new sponsor.

Preferred Runners: Prepaid sponsors.
Uses: Data on border soft spots, crossing borders
Places to Meet: On the Border, Country and Western bars, Off Road race track
Contact: Commcode, Off Road racing boards
Available: Daylight

Laughing Dog Human Male Coyote L1C3
Laughing Dog gets them both ways. He knows the one’s leaving the countryside to escape to the city are going to replaced by the ones escaping the city to get to the countryside. Laughing Dog is going to take everything off of their backs so it’s easier for them to crossover. Laughing Dog also knows sometimes he’s just going to take everything. But only if no one is waiting for them to show up. Laughing Dog dresses like a city slicker on the country side, and like a country indian on the city side. Advertising the destination he calls it. Laughing Dog will pay or get paid in Certified credsticks.

The first cargo pod DES hauled for Laughing Dog across the border kept shifting weight so much DES opened it up mid flight to discover 4 Aztlaner families sucking on oxygen free air. DES won’t haul any pods with people inside them for Laughing Dog anymore. The people get to ride the Flying Tigress in jump seats. This really screws with Laughing Dogs price to weight ratios but DES is not having any people die in a plane he’s flying. Unless it’s Laughing Dog. Still, as long as you make sure Laughing Dog knows some loving family is waiting on the other side the Coyote will get you across the border.

Preferred Runners: Ones that Pay up front, and after, and are stupid enough to carry all their goods and have no friends waiting.
Uses: Moving a person across a border
Places to Meet: Food trucks, Diners, bus depots
Contact: Commcode
Available: nights


Gwendolyn Standing Heron Ork Female Salish Warrior L3C3
Gwen has trained with the Sioux Wild Cats and UCAS Rangers. Gwen did not like them She’s returned to Salish and serves as a wilderness scout for the Salish government. She also moonlights as a bodyguard or muscle in the Seattle Metroplex to get some action. She’s an adrenaline junkie. Gwen likes to pay paid with nuyen into her matrix accounts.

DES has tried a bunch of different people to serve as muscle and Gwen is the most reliable so he’s developed a pattern working mostly with her. Gwen gets to fly places and stand around in tense situations. Gwen has heard the stories about DES but since he’s backed her to the hilt and a couple of times paid the price in bullet holes to haul her out of those occasional situations you run into when distrustful violent people with guns gets together she figures the past is the past. It’s not as if Gwen hasn’t been around a friendly fire incident or two when counting coup on raids with the tribals.

Preferred Runners: None
Uses: Bodyguard, Scout, Surveillance, moving boxes
Places to Meet: Wilderness Trek, Gym, Public Park, Botanical gardens, Zoos
Contact: Commcode
Available: depends on Matrix coverage

Silk Pattern Adapt, Information Broker, Fixer L1C4
Silk is a former runner who inherited an information gathering network previously run and managed by a French fixer called Argent. Argent’s precipitous return to Europe after the death of her husband left the readymade intelligence operation up for grabs and Silk’s gift for seeing patterns and recognizing trends made her an obvious choice to pick it up. The accuracy of Silk’s information and the discretion she learnt from her days as a runner has preserved the trusts that Argent worked so long to establish and Silk is now an up and coming force to be reckoned with in the Seattle shadows.

When you fly a quarter million nuyen piece of gear around filled with millions of nuyen of illicit goods it helps to know where you are going, what you are carrying, and who is involved. People lie to you. You need other sources of information. DES was introduced to SIlk via a former associate who perhaps should have used Silks services more. Or at least waited to get an answer before going to the very last Meet in the Sky. DES gladly pays the fees for information he requests. Fore warned is fore armed. Knowing your enemy’s vulnerabilities is best before things go sour.
Preferred Runners: Professionals
Uses: Information, disinformation, fixer services relating to info gathering
Places to Meet: Matrix gaming hosts [eg. The Citadel], Seattle coffee shops
Contact: Commcode
Available: Most of the time, she rarely sleeps

Korean Gordo Male Human Seoulpa Fixer L1C5
Gordo is a famous Aztlan Luchador. Kim Park is a fixer in a cell of the Komun’go Seoulpa that specializes in vehicle and smuggling identity spoofing. Kim Park looks exactly like Gordo. Except he’s Korean. No one calls him Gordo. You always address him as Mr Kim. Not Mr Park. Korean Gordo is usually found at the Korean BBQ House eating BBQ. Lots of BBQ. Anyone meeting Mr Kim is offered BBQ. It’s real. And don’t refuse. That’s rude. And Mr Kim dislikes rude people. Mr Kim goes all Gordo on rude people.

Mr Kim likes to pay and be paid in gold taels.

Mr Kim was referred by the SeoulPa loan shark DES first got a loan from. Mr Kim liked DES business so much he bought the marker and has been dealing with DES ever since. DES really hates gold taels now. DES has done so much good business with Mr Kim that DES may actually get to clear his marker. DES is still going to work with Mr Kim since he has the connections to keep bringing in lucrative work on a regular basis. And Mr Kim will keep making excellent money with his cut of any deals he brokers for the smugglers. Do you know how difficult it is for DES to carry gold taels around? Gold is heavy and DES is not that strong.

Preferred Runners: Runner that are in Debt
Uses: Smuggling jobs, courier jobs, Fake ID and SINS
Places to Meet: Korean BBQ House
Contact: Korean BBQ House
Available: Evenings

Bouncy Bobbi Human Female Fence L2C6
Bouncy Bobbi bounces. No one wonders where she get her handle. One look and you can see she bounces. The hair bounces. The bouncy bit all bounce. It’s very distracting. The bits that bob also bounce. And she chews gums, and talks. That means her jaws bounce. It never ends. Bouncy Bobbi barters in borrowed goods. Bobbi knows people all over and knows what people want and is very reliable. Bobbi puts people together to trade things. Less often Bobbi will trade things. Bobbi prefers trades in bulk borrowed goods.

Need to ship your bulk stolen goods somewhere to trade them for some other bulk borrowed goods? Bobbi will refer DES. DES occasionally encounters situations where no one comes to collect the goods DES brought. Bobbi can help deal with them. DES met Bobbi at the exchange on a couple of his jobs. It took a few times for DES to realize Bobbi has the principal behind half his work. Now DES deals directly with Bobbi. DES is glad he wears mirror shades no one can see his eyes when he is dealing with Bobbi.

Preferred Runners: One with a sense of humor
Uses: Trading stolen goods
Places to Meet: Playgrounds, amusement parks, Fun Rides
Contact: Commcode
Available: Days

Red Eye Jill Human Female Talismonger L3C4

Red Eye Jill has red eyes. They glow with inner light. Too bad she cannot see with them. That does not stop Red Eye Jill from seeing deep into your soul. Red Eye Jill is a teenage Witch running a Talismonger Shop called The Poppy Field on Bainbridge Island. Red Eye Jill has long blond hair and wears it in a single long pony tail. She wears casual clothing, but the colors and patterns are awesomely clashing. She’s blind. Red Eye Jill will often anticipate requests. Customers walk in to find a package already waiting for them. Red Eye Jill has a small slate board in front of The Poppy Field that lists a price for the days special. It’s probably the price for your request. Red Eye Jill will take payment in nuyen, but she prefers raw telesma or favors. Red Eye Jill oftens speaks out of turn in wierd ways. Visitors can feel they are hearing one side of a conversation from a different time. Red Eye Jill is a member of the Painted Horse Lodge.

DES met Red Eye Jill one time when the Wind called to him to come to Bainbridge. Turned out there was a dead tree stump Red Eye Jill wanted pulled out of the ground and The Flying Tigress was needed to winch it up. DES comes to have lessons and trade telesma he finds in his travels. Red Eye Jill often tells him what to look for. DES finds the lessons very confusing, but Red Eye Jill claims she is speaking to his future self.

Preferred Runners: Awakened

Uses: Telesma, Arcana, Divination

Places to Meet: Flower Markets, Gardening shows, out for a walk collecting telesma

Contact: In Person, via messenger spirit

Available: Between 11 AM and 3 PM at The Poppy Field. Though in Emergencies customers can arrive to find Red Eye Jill about to open her store.

Ice Station Zebra – Mission Control L3C5
Need a 300 klick sensor net grid around you as you fly through a mess of 13 jurisdictions? Hire Ice Station Zebra. Heading into a remote location and need to establish a control sensor zone. Hire Ice Station Zebra. No one knows exactly who they are. They are never there in person. Supply them the hardware and a dedicated subscription and they will give you a sensor net. The most common approach Mission Control is to piggy back the local flight control systems and spoof them to accept the smuggler. Rumor claims Mission Control is three people, or it’s an AI, or it’s a bunch of bored decker kids sitting at home on a couch. One thing is certainly true. If you attempt to Trace them you won’t be seeing so much around you ever again. Ice Station Zebra can make sure there is also a lot of Noise in your sensors.

DES used Ice Station Zebra during his Aurora Patrol days. So does most of the Aurora Patrol. So does anyone wanting to know what’s moving within 300 klicks. DES spends a lot of time in the air and thinks Mission Control is 3 people. One is chatty, another taciturn, and another DES is sure is a program of some kind.

Base Y250 for rural and Y500 for other urban and Y750 for Seattle, times number of jurisdictions.
So for example within Seattle, that’s Y750 x 1= 750.
Seattle to Portland would include all three categories, so average base down to Y500, but then three jurisdictions (UCAS, Salish, Tir), so total Y1500.

Preferred Runners: Smugglers, Travellers, expeditions.
Uses: Flight Operations Control, Communications, Weather report, Sensors
Places to Meet: Matrix Weather, Travel hosts, Geography, Oceanography Hosts
Contact: Matrix Only
Available: 24 hours

TC - "DES" - Darkness Eagle Soars

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