DoA - David 'ICE' Williams

A functioning sociopath


Character: David ‘ICE’ Williams
Description: * Top secret *
A runner named Ice has been spotted all over the nan territories doing odd jobs and leaving a trail of body behind.
He is wearing a distinctive plastic mask of an average human with no visible emotions at all and refuses to take that one off
while he is on the clock. He claims that emotions are only for personal life.

Despite his eccentric behavior, Ice is a cold blooded proffessional assasin, he is one of the best sharpshooters in the buissness,
a decent driver and an established conjurer. Physically Ice is weak, unimpressive and about as strong as a 12 years old anorectic girl.
(Some claim that he looks that way too), it is easy to dissmiss or belittle the man, but Ice’s gun is filled with marks of
people of thouse that underestimated him.

  • Warrning: Ice always seem to be walking around with spirit body guards.

Race: Elf

Strength: 1
Agility: 8
Willpower: 6
Logic: 6
Charisma: 2

1. Firearms 5 + 2 (assault rifles)
2. Conjuring 5

Shadow amps:
Attribute boost (agility) Mark 3 (amp level 4)
Improved Reflexes Mark 1 (amp level 2)
Summoning Focus (may have an additional spirit) (amp level 2)

Exceptional agility
Spirit whisperer (may reroll 2 dice on conjuring tests)

Distinctive Style

Weapons: Assault Rifle + Stun baton

Vehicle – GMC bulldog
Medic kit
Glasses (thermo vision, image link, magnifiction.)

DoA - David 'ICE' Williams

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