All-Dana Israeli

Artificial Elf Warrior


Name & Principle Alias Dana Israeli, Boom
Ethnicity & Metatype Artificial Elf

Born 2062 Gender F Height 190cm Build athletic
Nationality None
Dana is 18 years old elf. A teenager in many societies, but she lives on her own and fends for herself. . At 190 cm height, Dana is the average height for elves and a bit taller than most humans. She is very fit, athletic, and strong. Her red hair changes taint according to her emotional state and green eyes. She usually wears a hat not to embarrass herself or draw unwanted attention to her unusual hair. That grows wild on her head without much direction, haircutter, or combing.

Dana is the result of genetic manipulations. She is considerably more durable than the average elf, her body contains thick dermal deposit kin to trolls, and her bones are stronger than normal. She combines the resilience of Orcs and trolls with the grace of elves. Her relatively tan skin color indicates middle eastern descent. However, she is artificially created, and her genetic expression comes from many heritages.

Race C Attributes A Magic B Skills D Resources E


Body: 5 ( 5 )
Agility: 7 ( 7 )
Reaction: 5 ( 9 )
Strength: 5 ( 5 )
Willpower: 5 ( 5 )
Logic: 3 ( 3 )
Intuition: 5 ( 5 )
Charisma: 7 ( 7 )
Edge: 2
Magic/Resonance: 4
Essence: 6 .00
Initiative: 15+5D6
Matrix VR Initiative: 6+2D6 +1D6 HotSIM

Phys CM: 15
Stun CM: 11

Surprise: 10
Composure: 12
Judge Intentions: 10
Memory: 8
Defense: 8 (Runner Chic)
Defense Rating: 10 (armor jacket)

Unarmed Attack,17D 5S, 12/—/—/—/—
Bow (Dynamic tension),14D 3P-5P, Rating/2/Rating/Rating/4/—/—
2x Stun Grenades 12D 5S

Focused Concentration 1: 12
Build Tough (4) – (to replace prototype transhuman).
Attribute Mastery (Charisma) 3.

Honor bound (-10)
Astral Beacon (-10)

Active Skills
Astral 1 ( 5 ) S: 0 E: 0
Athletics 5 ( 12 ) S: archery E: 0
Biotech 1 ( 6 ) S: 0 E: 0
Close Combat 7 ( 14 ) S: unarmed E: 0
Con 1 ( 8 ) S: 0 E: 0
Conjuring 4 ( 8 ) S: Summoning E: 0
Cracking 0 ( / ) S: 0 E: 0
Electronics 0 ( 4 ) S: 0 E: 0
Enchanting 0 ( / ) S: 0 E: 0
Engineering 0 ( 4 ) S: 0 E: 0
Exotic Weapons 0 ( / ) S: 0
Firearms 0 ( 6 ) S: 0 E: 0
Influence 1 ( 8 ) S: 0 E: 0
Outdoors 1 ( 6 ) S: 0 E: 0
Perception 1 ( 6 ) S: 0 E: 0
Piloting 1 ( 10 ) S: 0 E: 0
Sorcery 5 ( 9 ) S: Spellcasting E: 0
Stealth 1 ( 8 ) S: 0 E: 0
Tasking 0 ( / ) S: 0 E: 0

Knowledge / Language Skills

Fantasy stories
Jewish Tradition
Street doctors
Magical threats

Martial Arts


  • Dynamic tension Bow (29 Arrows).
  • Stun Grenadex2.

Armor Jacket

Sony Emperor – R2
h3. Vehicles
*Miscellaneous Gear

  • basic credstick x1

Squatter (1 month, Redmond)

Fake SIN R2, Bow license.
h3. Contacts

Cat C2, L4 – ex-soldier gym owner.
Bunney, Hunter, and Mouse – C1, L6 - street kids/unofficial family.
Lucky C1, L5 boyfriend, orc young adult, works at a security firm.
Rebbeca Jones C5, L2 – Rescued her and gave her some cash to start.
Connection 3, Loyalty 2
Jem, 2, Loyalty 4. Ganger Ancients.
Hopper, smuggler C4, L2
Alana Pryde “Seeker,” Talismonger C3, L2.
Drox- Street doc C3, L3

Free contacts:
Feather C6, L1
Silk C6 L1,
Cannon C6, L1.

300 nuyen on credstick.

Karma expenses: 150 from Run!

Magic 1. Spells:

Lighting Ball
Lighting Bolt
Increase Attribute
Improved Invisibility
Shape Stone

Adept Powers: (7 PP total)
1. Improved Reflexes 4 – (4PP)
2. Combat Sense 2 (0.5 PP)
3. Critical Strike Unarmed (1 PP)
4. Improved Ability (close combat) (free from mentor)
5. Killing hands (0.5 PP)
6. Attribute Boost (Agility) (0.25 PP)
7. Kinestics (0.25 PP)
8. Traceless Walk (0.5 PP)

QI Foci (4 power points)
9. Vocal Control (0.5 PP)
10. Cosmetic Control 2 (2 PP – Focus)
11. Sustenance (0.25 PP)
12. Linguistic (0.25 PP)
13. Astral Perception (1PP)

1. Power Point
2. Power Point
3. Power Point
4. Power Point

Martial arts:
Martial Arts Style: Tae Kwon
1) Kick attack- 1 unarmed damage, +2 meters close range
2) Flying Kick- can combine with kick attack, +2 damage (
3 total if combined with kick attack), cost extra minor action and agility+athletics roll with each hit increasing close range by 0.5 meters/hit, but glitch makes you prone
3) Iron Limbs- +1 unarmed damage


8nzgx92zznjkfd.webpA new life.

One day Addie did not come back, and the money stopped arriving. The social skills were Addie’s, and the contacts were Addie’s. Dana was too uncouth, too argonaut, and too proud to do these odd jobs. She did them, but she avoided talking to the scum hiring them. She waited for Addie, looked for Addie but never found her.

So with whatever shadowy thing made Addie disappear, Dana decided to avoid it and sustain herself with more mundane things. She was a healer; it was a way to make a bit of cash. Sometimes she used violence to get some money out of some scumbag, but most of the time, she felt a very good justification for striking the assholes of this world regardless of money. These were not warrior life like she anticipated, but it was life, and usually, there was enough food, and occasionally, she could find a place to shower. She could handle ice-cold water. She slept on the floor; she did not need much.

Despite herself, she fights anyone acting asshole to her neighbors and is very good at it, and a mystic few people feel the need to challenge her. Few gangs have tried to recruit her – but she always refused. If she wants to be a criminal, she can do shadow stuff as she did with Addie. That is, if she could find Addie’s contacts and if they would speak to her. However, being a ganger did not bode well with her warrior code of honor. Without intending to, she gathered around her a group of kids that figured out that it was safer to live in a place where Dana could hear them scream. It made sense without any formal police force – as intimidating as she was.

Few dared to talk to Dana if they weren’t bleeding already. prejudice, her hot temper, and her physical and magical abilities made her lonely. Yet, after she prevented the rape of a young girl… The girl and her friends have decided to make friends and approach her, and they do so as if they were approaching a wild animal. First, they left food by her door – niceish stuff that was better than her flavorless soy products.

Eventually, after she accepted their gifts for a week, they grew brave enough to talk to the wild girl. Bunny was a street urchin, and the kids living in her building were all her friends and terrified. Eventually, she spoke to Bunney; they were a small family of orphans trying to get by, Bunney, Hunter, and Mouse. In the cold Barrens, she gradually had a point of reference, and the kids did their dirty businesses, and Dana did not ask questions but enjoyed a study supply of food. If it was fresh or dumpster driving or if Hunter hacked a pizza delivery drone, she did not care. Life was survivable, and her fighting abilities kept the worst of the evil away for a while.

It was life, but it was too basic, she needed a place to practice chaos magic, and she needed to practice her fighting skills. Someone to fight with on a day-to-day basis rather than for turf, but could she trust anyone? She made friends with a minor kin spirit named Spoty that was shaped like a 12 years old boy, and Spoty knew plenty of things about the city and the neighborhood. It knew when the baker was in a good mood and would donate a few loaves of bread to the kids or when someone new was coming to their turf. It was fun to have some connection to a spirit or magic. It was no magical lodge, but it was a start. The kind of setup she had in the facility would be difficult to duplicate with her kind of connection, but she had someone to talk to and who understood what being awakened felt like.

And when a new gym opened up, Spot had good vibes for the owner. An old war veteran nicked Cat, who has retired and decided to open his gym. Shyly Dana approached him and asked to train. She did not have much money to pay, but perhaps having the gym empty and her being an attractive and very muscular teenage elf made Cat agree to have her free of charge. Providing she cleans the gym at the end of the day. It was a good bargain because it meant access to a shower which allowed her to appear less like a hobo and more like a person.

Having an attractive redhead teenager in the gym most of the day( and one that happily beats the crap out of anyone brave enough to fight her) has made Cat’s gym quite popular. Dana grew popular among the gangers that frequented the gym a lot, and few people messed with her after a while. She felt accepted in the hood, and young guys naturally started courting her. Initially, she refuses all advances love is stupid attachments are silly. They made her weak… but gradually, she allowed someone in. Lucky well Luke but everyone called him Lucky (and the young orc felt very lucky for charming an elf girl). Now she had someone she could kiss and fight with, and Lucky had parents and a proper apartment, and even a motorcycle. Life was good, and she hated herself for wanting more excitement.

Her life is just starting to make sense with regular showers, a boyfriend, and a few friends. Then she loses her magic and her way to sustain herself with it. She does not remember much, just waking up in a trench, beaten up and feeling drained. She heard stories and knew it was theoretically possible, but she did not feel like herself without the magic. Technically speaking, she did keep a little bit of her magic, but she was starting again from scratch, and her level of understanding did not match the meager abilities she had left.

It is at that moment that she decides to get back on the horse and try to make more meaningful amounts of money. Calling Addie’s old connections and looking for work, the kind they gave Addie and her a while ago.

Karma and Marks:
[b] Dark Nights[/b]
35 karma and 35 marks for 70 posts.
-17 karma and 3 marks for martial art techniques.
- 16 karma and 12 marks for buying and binding an F8 Ki Focus with cosmetic control 2.
-2 karma, 2 marks for buying and binding Sustenance focus.

All-Dana Israeli

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