MM - Elaina "Lany" Argyle AKA-Pandora

Horizon built Infiltrator/Assassin


Character Name: Elaina Argyle
Alias: Lany; Pandora; Samantha McGregor (Cover)
Archetype: Face/Assassin
Race: Elf

Body: 5 (-6-)
Agility: 6 (-9-)
Reaction: 5 (-8-)
Strength: 5 (-6-)
Willpower: 5
Logic: 3
Intuition: 4
Charisma: 6
Edge: 4
Essence: 1.67

Physical: 9
Mental: 5
Social: 7

Acting Skill Group: 5
Firearms Skill Group: 5 (Semi-Automatics)
Gymnastics: 6 (Dodging, Parkour)
Running: 3
Sneaking: 5
Etiquette: 4
Unarmed Combat: 6 (Muay Thai)
Palming: 3
Disguise: 4
Negotiate: 1
Thrown Weapon: 1 (Grenades)
Computers: 1
Perception: 6
Locksmith: 3

Knowledge Skills:
French: 4
German: 4
Japanese: 2
Megacorp Politics: 2
Megacorp Security: 1
Music: 2
Military Tactics: 2
Resistance Movements: 2
Popular Culture: 1
Street Drugs: 2
Street Gangs: 1
Crime Syndicates: 1

Synaptic Booster 2
Suprathyroid Gland
Pain Editor
Bone Augmentation 4
Orthoskin 2
Muscle Toner 2
Thermographic Vision
Vision Magnification
Flare Compensation
Spatial Recognizer
Shock Hand
Datajack w- Sim-Rig
Sleep Regulator
Reaction Enhancers (Defunct)

Natural Athlete- 7
Biocompatibility (Bioware) – 5
Photographic Memory- 6
Cat-Like- 7
Quick Healer- 3
Negative Qualities:
Insomnia +10
Code of Honor +15

Renraku Sensei Earbud Commlink
Ares Predator V Suppressor
100 Rounds Standard Ammo (6 Mags)
100 Rounds XExplosive Ammo (6 Mags)
100 Rounds Stick and Shock Ammo (6 Mags)
100 Rounds APDS Ammo (6 Mags)
Yamaha Raiden Gas Vent 3, Foregrip, & Shock Pad “Fiona”
300 Rounds XExplosive Ammunition (5 Mags)
300 Rounds APDS Ammunition (5 Mags)
300 Rounds Stick & Shock Ammunition (5 Mags)
PPSK-7 Collapsible MP w- Integral Smartgun, Suppressor)
150 Rounds APDS (5 Mags)
150 Rounds XExplosive (5 Mags)
150 Rounds Stick and Shock (5 Mags)
HK Urban Combat “Lyall”
200 Rounds APDS (5 Mags)
200 Rounds XExplosive (5 Mags)
200 Rounds Stick and Shock (5 Mags)
Auto Assault-16 w- Smartgun, Gas Vent 3, Foregrip, & Shock Pad “Winifred or Winnie”
200 Rounds APDS (6 Mags)
200 Rounds Fletchette (6 Mags)
200 Rounds XExplosive (6 Mags)
200 Rounds Stick & Shock (6 Mags)
Colt American L36 Suppressor, Smartlink “Agnes”
60 Rounds XExplosive Ammunition ( 5 Mags)
60 Rounds Stick and Shock (5 Mags)
Streetline Special “Isabella”
30 Rounds Standard Ammunition (5 Mags)
Chameleon Suit- Nonconductive 4, Thermal Damping 5
Full Body Armor- Nonconductive 6, Fire Resistant 6, Biomonitor, Auto Injector
Armor Vest- Nonconductive, 5, Fire Resistant 4
Armor Jacket- Nonconductive 6, Fire Resistant 6
Form-Fitting Body Armor- Biomonitor, Auto Injector
Zoe Nightshade Evening Gown
Lockpick Set
Sequencer: 3
Autopicker: 3
Fake SIN: 3
Fake License: 5 (Predator)
Lifestyle (Low)
Respirator 4
Meta Link (Burner) x2 (1 Work, 1 Play)
5 Flashbang Grenades
5 Flashpacks
5 Frag Grenades
5 High Explosive Grenades
5 Smoke Grenades
5 Thermal Smoke Grenades


Elaina “Lany” Argyle.
Runner Name: Pandora
Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland; 2059
Archetype: Face, Assassin
Age: 18
Height: 5′ 1″
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Dark Blue

Born to blue collar parents in 2060 in Edinburgh, Scotland; Lany was an acting prodigy from a young age. Between the ages of 9-12 she won a series of young aspiring actress awards that earned her international attention. She was offered numerous scholarships to prestigious acting schools upon her graduation, but instead of waiting took an apprenticeship at a Horizon studio for young talent in L.A., leaving behind her parents and friends. What she found when she got there was not the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle everyone outside the city thinks of, more like a boot camp for young actors who were legally indentured to the studio. They put her and her fellow students through every test imaginable, physical and mental. As Lany began to set herself apart from her classmates, she was taken into one on one training with some experienced actors, often following them on-set as they traveled to remote filming locations. As this continued she was told that she was finished with training in the studio school. Shortly after saying her goodbyes to friends at the school, she was told her Mother, Father, and siblings were killed in a fire at their home in Edinburgh. She was only 13, and now felt like she was alone in the world.

After the studio had given her some time to mourn the loss of her family, she found that she was no longer training with anyone she recognized as an actor. Her on-set excursions ended, and she spent most of her time training with men and women wearing mostly suits, and found that reading scripts for movies had changed into exercises in impersonation and improvised performance. She soon realized that they were teaching her to imitate actual executives from rival Megacorps, how to lie her way past security guards and low-level Mob thugs, to get where she wasn’t supposed to get. When she asked why she was learning these skills, she was told she was being groomed for a very important part in one of Horizon’s biggest ventures. She acted excited, but deep down she knew they were not training her for any movie.

She was then transferred to a new school where she was told she would learn about dance and stage fighting, but when she got there she found herself thrown into advanced marksman training and learning defensive combat skills. Not long after this began, the memories in Lany’s head began to get blurry. In fact, it was the first time in her life that she couldn’t remember clearly. She remembered seeing the trainer who had brought her here arguing with a rather small man in a suit; he was yelling that she wasn’t ready for this, and the small man in the suit saying just one word in response,”regardless”. After that things went black; then a storm of disconnected images and flashes and words. And pain. My God the pain.

The next thing she remembered was being on the street. It was night, but the lights of the city glowed bright and people were still moving up and down the streets. Lany didn’t know where she was, but felt like she knew where she was going even if she couldn’t think of why she was, or even what she should do when she got there. Despite all the confusion her pace was fast, she felt like she was getting close. Lany noticed that she was moving further away from bright lights and the bustle of people, into darker slums and a strange silence that hung over the area ominously. She saw a door leading into an old warehouse, it looked abandoned, but something flashed in her vision as she glanced in its direction. That was where she was going. Lany was confused, and scared; something didnt feel right. She felt strange like somehow more disconnected from the world around her than she had been before. All the misgivings aside, she was headed for that door. She had no choice in that and she knew it. Something was definitely wrong.

When she reached the door, she realized it was locked. Now what was she going to do? The question seemed to answer itself as before she had even finished thinking of it she reached into her pocket and produced a fancy electronic device. A sequencer; this was a Maglock, she realized. She began inputting some numbers as the sequencer began to decode the lock, and soon she heard a barely audible click as it finished its work. How did I do that, she thought. She had never picked a lock in her life, yet that had seemed easy, as if she had done it 1,000 times before. Surprised, and oddly proud of herself, she opened the door.

As she walked through the door, 3 men jumped up startled. They hadn’t heard the lock disengage over there conversation, and pulled their guns on Lany before she could say anything. They appeared disarmed when they realized it was a young girl, and one seemed to be concerned that she was out there alone. As he approached to talk to her, he dropped down on one knee to get to her level. Lany tried to ask him where she was, what was going on, but she couldn’t. The words wouldn’t come out. She looked up at the man, trying to communicate through her eyes the utter confusion she was in. But as she looked him in the eye a red crosshair appeared, and she quickly saw his expression change to fear when he saw the gun Lany had pulled out. She didn’t have a gun was all she thought as she pulled the trigger. The bang of the gun broke the brief calm that had settled over the scene, not nearly as loud as she thought it would be that up-close. But as the men rushed to pull their guns back up, it all seemed like slow motion to her. She spun around, burying a kick into one of the men, slowing him down, while her gun leveled on the other. She didn’t want to shoot him, but it was all happening regardless of what she felt or wanted. As the man hit the ground, she returned to the guard she had spin kicked, knocking the gun from his hand with another, then vaulting off the wall for the third to get the extra push she needed to get his bulky ork frame to the ground. As the ork laid on the ground trying to figure out what had hit him she pounded down into his chest with the palm of her hand, feeling a sudden jolt of electricity pass from her hand into his chest, driving the air out while the shock rendered him unconscious. Then in horror, she went and picked up the gun she had dropped; she hadn’t realized she dropped it, and strode over to his defenseless form. She aimed the gun down at his forehead, and despite the terror of what she was doing, executing him, she fired; and continued further into the building.

This was a nightmare. It HAD to be a nightmare. She felt disgusted with herself, she had killed three people back there, two of them in cold blood. A man who was trying to help her, and an ork who was down and no threat to her, and she had done it without the slightest bit of hesitation in the execution of her movements. Her mind had screamed no, but her body hadn’t seemed to notice her objections. What else had she done? What else was she capable of? The thoughts disturbed her. She was still pressing onward, she noticed her footsteps didnt make a sound. She saw a woman step out from behind a corner up ahead, giving her a confused look as Lany aimed and fired. She was on the ground. Lany didn’t slow down, just shot her prostrate form as she walked past. What was she doing? A man shouted out behind her running up to the woman’s body to see if he could help her. Lany didn’t know if he had seen her, but she turned and shot him dead anyways. She heard people stirringall around her, they must have heard that man’s shout. She started running, up a set of stairs, she felt like she was getting close. Someone reached out from the side, trying to grab her, but she tripped him and shot the back of his head on his way down. She kept going, now under pistol fire coming from a doorway up ahead. He had good cover, but she was able to aim around it easily with her targeting reticle. The exchange of gunfire drew the more people, she felt a shot rip into her back from behind, but she kept going, the suit she was wearing must have been armored. She produced a grenade and threw it behind her, not waiting to watch the results of the blast, the shots from behind her ceasing being the only confirmation she needed, and surged ahead towards a doorway down the hall. This had to be it, this must almost be over. She felt where she had been shot, there was a hole in her armor; her skin had somehow stopped the bullet. What the frag was going on? What was she?

She burst through the door before she could finish the thought. There were 7 people in the room, most of them armed, but somehow Lany knew who she had to kill, it was an A.I. named Fury. He was downloading himself into a young Native American man, his head still jacked into a cyberterminal. If Lany killed him, she knew the A.I. would be lost. She led with her gun, shooting a man who had stepped in front of the man she knew to be her target, then another coming at her from the side. A third shot at her mark went off course as her gun was knocked to the ground by a tough-looking dwarf with a pair of brass knuckles on, but Lany spun around striking with the back of her hand against the dwarf’s face. The momentum behind the strike had knocked a couple of the dwarf’s teeth out, but he was still standing, and took a swing with his obviously cybernetically enhanced muscles driving the blow. Lany was able to duck the first blow, but the second blow from his left landed like a wrecking ball. The dwarf felt like he had just punched a wall, and the little girl just kept coming, kicking him in the side before landing a strike into his chest, another jolt of electricity passing from her hand to the now unconscious dwarf. After seeing he was going down, Lany dove for her gun, picking it up and firing a round into a woman who had also went for her gun, then drawing the crosshairs in her vision on Fury himself. Before she fired, his host lashed out at her with a blinding bolt of energy, striking the skilljack Lany did not even know was right beneath her right ear. As the bolt struck home, Lany could feel something let go, whatever had been driving her to do what she did was cut off; she felt back in control. But the moment was brief, before she could thank whoever had freed her from her nightmare, she blacked out and lost consciousness.

It was months later before Lany came out of the comatose state that Fury’s host’s bolt had put her in. She recognized the face of Lefey, a young technomancer that had been there when she had tried to kill Fury and his host. Lany didn’t understand why they had helped her after what she had done, why they didn’t just kill her. But Fury and Lefey told her that what had happened was not her doing; she had been changed into a living weapon by Horizon, against her will. As Lany regained her strength, the feelings of confusion over what had happened to her began to change to anger over what they had done. They had used her, turned her into a killer. Her dreams for life were shattered, her innocence was gone, and there was blood on her hands. But as she trained and discovered the skills and abilities Horizon had left her with, she found a new dream; revenge. Lefey recommended bringing in a more experienced runner to help provide Lany some guidance in her skillset, introducing her to “Nikki the Knife” Meadows, an accomplished assassin. Nikki began to give Lany her first real lessons as a professional hitman, and it wasn’t long before Lany was ready to start running the shadows, eager to prove herself and get back at Horizon for all they had done.

Lany came to Europe about 8 months ago. She had been sent their to lay low after assassinating two top Horizon Recruiters, responsible for bringing in young talent; and a Horizon executive who served on the Entertainment board. She spent her first 3 months in the AGS, initially living in Berlin, then Stuttgart, keeping a low profile and staying under the Megacorps’ radar. Eager to get back into the shadows, Lany moved to Southern France, making contact with the anticorporate groups Attack! and Grun Zellen to help her in her efforts to stop the Megas from continuing to exploit, torture, and destroy the lives of countless children just as they had done to her.

MM - Elaina "Lany" Argyle AKA-Pandora

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