TC - Eva Shertel aka Marisa Coulter

Calm and affluent, whip is a sharp and dedicated runner with a vision for the future. her fellow runners may even have a place there.


A: Magic – Magician, Magic Rating 6 2 r5 mag skills, 10 spells
B: Skills – 36/5
E: Race – Human (1)
D: Money (50000)
C: Attributes 16

Body 3 (Build Karma)
Agility 2
Reflexes 2
Strength 2
Intuition 6
Willpower 4
Logic 4
Charisma 5

Edge 3
Magic 6

Knowledge Skills (20) (x2 for College educated)
-The Astral Planes (6)
-Lay lines (Feng Shui) (6) (8)
-Spirits (6)
-Corporate (Magical R&D) (5) (7)
-Security Procedures (Wuxong) (5) (7)
-Fine Dining (3)
-Fashion (3)
-Parazooligy (3)

College Educated
Spirit Whisperer
Restricted gear (SIN)
Spirit Bane (Shadim)
Day Job (Decorator)

Active Skills:
Summoning 6
Binding 6
Spell casting 5 M
Counter spelling 5 M
Arcana 6
Assensing 6
Perception 6
Astral Combat 6
Group: Biotech
-First aid 2
-Medicine 2
Group: Influence
-Negotiation 3
-Etiquette 3
-Leadership 3

Gear (50k):
Vashon Island Sleeping Tiger 16750 (Base 13500 + Shock Weave 1000, Electric Resist 4 1000 , Cold resist 3 750, Fire resist 2 500)
Fake SIN 16600 (Rating 6 Fake 15000, Licence to use magic 6 1200, Licence to bind Spirits 6,
Middle Lifestyle 8250 (5000 base, Force 6 Lodge 3000, Garden 50 x2, Pool 50, Zen Den 100)
Hermes Ikon 3000
Sub-vocal mic 50
Basic Runner Kit 4000
Reagent Gatherers field Kit 500
=850 Carryover

Detect Enemies Extended
Mind Probe
Increase Reflexes
Trid Phantasm

-10 strength +1
-10 reflexes +1



Eva Shertell aka ‘whip’

Eva Shertell was born to the Wuxong Corporation. Her parents, Malcom and Diana were both mundanes who worked with the Feng Shui unit within their Arcology. Both worked hard and taught their daughter as much as they could before she was taken to school and pushed into whatever position they needed her in. A life of hard study and rivalry between students proved to be her forte as she outwitted the obstacles of an unhappy childhood.
When she reached the age of eleven she Awakened.

She would later describe the experience as having been listening to music and suddenly realizing the music wasn’t in her headphones, but all around her. She could feel the beat and see the flows and harmonies.

She was transferred to the magical education program and took to the study of advanced magical principles faster then anyone expected. Her spell casting remained unsatisfactory to her tougher teachers, but she passed her tests and was allowed to explore the astral at age 15. She was meant to go with a group of students on their first astral ‘walk’ together, but mid way through she noticed an active alchera and approached it without investigating properly. Just as her guide shouted at her to get away the astral feature shifted and she was whisked off through a half dozen alien landscapes. She came to a stop in a rotting necropolis, its Shedim denizens came after her at once, and would have taken her had not the alchera shifted one last time and brought into a silent void.

She had been oppressed by the persistent lack. She had known without knowing how that she was not alone in the darkness, but before she could seek out the entity which might have been near, her teacher caught her and brought her forcefully out of the trance.
She was reprimanded for her excursion and banned from further attempts to enter the Astral planes. With the near loss of a valuable asset, her manager Hank Yakimoto moved her back to Feng Shui while she learned how better to protect herself from astral assault, and how to avoid the more dangerous parts of astral space.

She was dissapointed to have her research in the astral so inhibited, but began working on a solution from her end, the manipulation of mana.

At twenty five she was a driving force within the team that developed and constructed the Wuxong Corporate office in Hong Kong. It was a grand achievement, an entire building that conducted mana and generated good fortune for the Corp. During the project, Eva consulted with Eddwin Pierce the head architect, and Fu Lin Huwong, head of the Security for the project. She quickly developed a friendly working relationship with Pierce, affectionately referring to him and his engineers as ‘lay-men’ and supporting their efforts and endeavors whenever she could. Her relationship with Fu Lin Huwong remained curt, professional and entirely devoid of trust. When the tower finally went up, all three stood side by side on stage is ribbon was cut and camera’s rolled. For most it would have been the high point of a career. Eva saw it as the first step.

She returned to her studies at once, seeking to map the Ley Lines of the world and direct their energy to benefit area’s damaged by unfortunate events. She began gathering research on magical area’s creature, and the treatment of mana globally. She worked on conducting mana lines and adjusting their energy to grant benefit and positivity. She earned two masters degrees for her research before disaster struck.

A team of Shadowrunners broke into the Wuxong building, destroying the main idols and corrupting the mana beyond recognition. What had been a serene place of business and success became a third world warzone over night, and it’s collapse was felt far and wide. Eva was devastated. Her life’s work was a ruin and even as she mourned it’s loss, Wuxong came down on her as the cause of its failure. She had been critical in the projects development, especially the aspects regarding Feng Shui and ley lines, and thus possessed the knowledge these runners would have needed to do what they did.

She was taken in her home, drunk and dismayed, and carted off to blacksite. She was cut off from magic and put through extensive questioning, first in a civil manner, then less so. After three days without food, water or sleep she was told she had confessed and would be executed. She knew that she hadn’t but welcomed the end of her torment.

The next day she was put in a vtol by armed security, kept in Mage cuffs to keep her away from magic and the spirits she had worked with. She was blindfolded and hardly paying attention to the ruin her life had become. If she had been paying attention she might have wondered why a vtol was needed to execute a prisoner. She might have wondered why she was in the air as long as she was, hours at least. She might been concerned when the vtol landed, or surprised when she was ushered out by a pair of hooded figures and onto a helipad. Her will had left with dream of her future and she remained despondent as she was led into a brightly lit apartment and left there with a bottle of wine and the keys to her mage cuffs.

The apartment was nice, not unlike her home in Hong Kong, complete with a library of magical information and a pool set into a modest yard. She had viewed this with little wonder, and none of the excitement it might once have brought her. Even the view of Seattle’s space needle remained bland as she drunk a glass of wine and slumped sideway, cuffs still on.

She slept on the couch and dreamed once more of the empty pit into which all the world slowly descended. She saw all the spirits she had connected with, people she had known and many she hadn’t, all the wonderful and intricate entities of the multiverse, all dragged into nothingness. Silent. She felt herself dragged down, knew suddenly that she might never return to the world, that the empty hole in all things was real. She fought against it’s pull, striving back towards wakefulness as the void watched her. She stared into emptiness, and it watched her as she pulled herself away and back into the light.

She came to shaken but defiance and removed her cuffs. The return of magic brought her comfort as s thousand wonderful melodies swept around her, but the memory of the silence remained.

TC - Eva Shertel aka Marisa Coulter

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