FS - Gnome


EcoShaman.jpgName: George Washington Carver
Street Name(s): Gnome aka Gnomanners aka R.B.
Metatype: Dwarf
Ethnicity: UCAS, Seattle (SINless), Redmond Barrens
Age: 42 Sex: Male Height: 4’4" Weight: 190lbs.
Karma: 0 Total Karma: 0 Misc:
B: 5 A: 2 R: 2 S: 4 W: 7 L: 4 I: 5 C: 5
Edge: 5
Magic: 6
Essence: 6

Qualities: mentor spirit 10, resistance to pathogens 12, toxin resistance (dwarf trait), thermographic vision (dwarf trait), Impaired STR 2 -16, prejudiced (corp emplyees) -8, honorbound (anarchist’s code) -10, spirit bane (water) -12

Skills: Astral 3, Biotech 1, Con 1, Conjuring 5, Enchanting 1, Engineering 4 (demolitions), Influence 2, Outdoors 3 (urban), Perception 2, Sorcery 5 (counterspelling)

Knowledge Skills: chemistry, homeless shelters, anarchist groups, Seattle medicine lodges

Spells: lightning bolt, antidote, heal, agony, silence, phantasm, armor, fling, levitate, circle of healing ritual, ward ritual, watcher ritual

Axel ‘Axe’ Murphy – 3/5, Spikes lieutenant. Everett. Ya know, when you’re an ork mommy and daddy and you name you baby boy Axel, you’re setting him up for a very predictable nickname and associated lifepath. And so it was with my friend, Axe. As kids we were street urchins of the first order but when we got into our teens, all Axel wanted to do was fight, fight, fight. He started with his bare hands or whatever he could put in them. Gang life was pretty much a given for him and after messing around with some local thugs, he pummeled his way into the Spikes (no mean feat). Now he’s some kind of lieutenant or supervisor or something. I don’t pretend to understand gang hierarchy. Nowadays the crazy fragger has gone full viking. He’s got 30 trogs under him. They roam around the Everett area handling Spikes business. He’s the guy who gave me the moniker ‘Gnome’ and the first guy I’d go to if I needed to lay low from the heat.
Thomas Proudeagle – 2/4, shaman/street doc/anarchist. Puyallup. I have no idea how this dandelion-eater hasn’t ended up in jail yet. He’s got a SIN and runs a legit street clinic in Puyallup but he’s into just about every kind of dirt short of metahuman trafficking and organlegging. On the legal side, I do some work for him in the clinic from time to time or participate in a ritual in his upstairs medicine lodge. All under the table, of course. For less legal matters, he’s my fence, black market pipeline, and a fellow anarchist. If I ever needed to know anything about elven gangs, I’m sure he’s got the inside track on that too.
Steve Miller – 1/2, mechanic. Tacoma. Human, SINner, auto-mechanic. Boring stuff but I do some occasional work for him in exchange for food, nuyen, or a place to stay. He calls me RB cuz I usually do work for him for room and board.
n1ghtm4re – 2/1, decker. The Matrix. I’ve never met him (her?) in person. We connected through a job-pairing host that connects employers with workers. The ads on that host were fragging my bottom-feeder commlink so we started communicating directly. We’ve been strictly professional so far so I don’t know if I could ever ask for much without a credstick in hand. Definitely a relationship worth pursuing though.
Sally Saeniche – 3/2, UCAS Public Works Supervisor. Bellvue. I think the last name is Sperethiel but I don’t even try to pronounce it, I just call her Sally Sandwich. In return she calls me Gnomanners. She use to run a UCAS motorpool in the nicer end of Redmond (if there is such a thing). Back in the day, I kept some of the local pests away in exchange for access to the kitchen and vending machine in the employee breakroom there. Good burritos. Anyway, we’ve stayed in touch ever since.

Gear: survival knife with concealed holster, crowbar (club), lined coat with chemical protection 2 and cold resistance 2, fake SIN 2 with fake license to practice magic 2, Son Emperor commlink, shopsoft (electronics), mapsoft (Seattle), medkit 3, extra medkit supplies x2, 2 stim patches rating 2, 30 drams of reagents, spell focus (counterspelling Combat spells, Force 4)

Lifestyle: street


Carver ran across the blasted landscape of the Redmond barrens. The earth beneath his feet groaned in agony. The concrete and asphalt buckled and tore open in anger. The enemy chased him and grew closer. The wind howled and fire shot up from the sundered land. A tiny voice in the back of Carver’s mind told him he was dreaming but that distant revelation was swept away in light of a more immediate need for survival. Too late, he realized that he’d been caught. He felt the indomitable presence of his pursuer right behind him. Unable to resist, he turned to get a look at his mysterious adversary… and shot up out of his bed with a yelp.

Again, he thought. He couldn’t help but look around to see if anyone had noticed the embarrassing sound he’d made but of course he was alone. The same dream. This was the ninth night in a row that he had had the same dream and every time he woke up, he felt a call to go to Mount Rainier. For a homeless squatter from the Barrens, the idea of making a trek that far away was crazy. The dreams were driving him to distraction though so he gathered his few belongings and made what he later realized was a pilgrimage.

At the foot of Mt. Rainier, Carver came face-to-face with the force that had been pursuing him through his dreams. With spirits of earth and air in attendance, Mountain revealed itself to the dwarf. To say that he was changed by the experience would be a grand understatement. Carver returned to Redmond and sought out shamans to teach him. While he learned he listened to them complain bitterly about corporations and how they abused the land in their quest for the almighty nuyen. Strip mining, landfills, and deforestation were constant topics as well as toxic waste and pollution. The new, invigorated Carver listened and then acted. His first target was a Stuffer Shack near Touristville. After nearly blowing himself up in his act of rebellion, the budding shaman decided he needed to learn more than magic. Thanks to the Matrix, Carver has taught himself a range of skills useful in his anarchistic activities.

Appearance: George doesn’t look like the typical dwarf that the popular trid shows always parade in front of their audiences. While he’s short like all dwarves are, he lacks the stocky build, instead being proportioned like a human. He has a beard but typically keeps it trimmed fairly short. His clothing is no-frills street practical from head to toe but is good quality, not that drek that comes out of vending machines or gets thrown out by thrift stores that is so common among street dwellers.

Personality: While he may not be built like a typical dwarf, he often has the demeanor of one. Being free of the constraints of society has made George intolerant of the niceties of that society. While he doesn’t go out of his way to be rude or insulting, neither is he likely to dissemble to protect someone’s feelings. He’d much rather get to the heart of the matter and move on.

FS - Gnome

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