FS- Jared “Double Tap” Handley

Elf Gun Cyber Adept


Real SIN: Jared Handley
Runner name: Double Tap
Fake SIN Rating 6: John Skeen
Elf Gun Adept
Priorities: Attributes 4, Magic 1, Skills 1, Metatype 2, Resources 2

Attributes: 24 points
Strength 3 (2 points)
Agility 7/11 (6 points)
Body 4 (3 points)
Reaction 4/8(3 points)
Logic 2 (-10 Karma)
Intuition 5 (4 points)
Willpower 3 (2 points)
Charisma 5 (4 points)

Essence: 4.02
Magic: 4 (5 adjustment points, -2 Essence loss)
Edge: 5 (4 adjustment points)
Initiate Grade 1: Power Point (-13 Karma)
Composure: 6
Judge intentions: 8
Memory: 7
Lift/Carry: 7 (90 kg)
Initiative: 5d6+13
Phys CM: 10
Stun CM: 10
Damage Overflow: 8

Skills: 16 points
Firearms (Specialization: Pistols) 6 (7 points)
Athletics 2 (2 points)
Perception 3 (3 points)
Stealth 3 (3 points)
Piloting 1 (1 point)
Influence (Specialization: Negotiation) 1 (-10 Karma)

Knowledge Skills
English: Native
Law Enforcement Corps
Criminal Law

Qualities: 6 Karma
Ambidextrous (-4 Karma)
In Debt x10 (-10 Karma)
SINner (
8 Karma)
Weak Immune System (8 Karma)
Impaired Attribute x1 (Strength) (
8 Karma)
First Impression (-12 Karma)

Powers: 5 power points
Improved Reflexes x4 4 power points
Combat Sense x1 0.5 power points
Enhanced Accuracy 0.5 power points

Gear: $214,000: $150,000 + $50,000 In Debt + $14,000 Karma ($210,410 spent)
Ranger Arms SM-5 (bipod) $13,400
Spare Clips x6 $30
Ruger Super Warhawk (Gas Vent System, Internal Smartgun System, Imaging Scope) x2 $3,500
Speed loader x40 $1,000
Quick Draw Holster x2 $350
Hidden Arm Slide x2 $700
Defiance Super Shock (External Smartgun System) x2 $1,080
Spare clip x8 $40
Qi Focus: Mystic Armor x6 $18,000 (-12 Karma)
Suzuki Mirage $12,000
Taser darts x40 $40
Caseless Explosive Heavy Pistol Rounds x120 $480
Caseless Gel Heavy Pistol Rounds x120 $360
Caseless Explosive Rifle Rounds x60 $480
Caseless Gel Rifle Rounds x60 $360
Lined Coat (Electricity Resistance Rating 7) $2,650
Commlink: Transys Avalon (Toolbox Program, Signal Scrubber Program, Armor Program) $8,370
Subvocal Mic $50
Trodes $70
Security/stealth tag x5 $50
Area Jammer (Rating 6) $1,200
Tag Eraser $450
White Noise Generator (Rating 6) $300
Silver Credstick x3 $60
Standard Credstick x4 $20
Fake SIN: Rating 6 x1 $15,000
Fake License: Rating 6 (Ruger Super Warhawk, Internal Smartgun System, Rifle Ammo, Area Jammer, Qi Focus, Muscle Toner, Orthoskin) x1 $8,400
Contacts: Capacity 3 (Image Link, Smartlink) $2,625
Goggles: Capacity 6 (Flare Compensation, Thermographic Vision, Ultrasound Link, Vision Enhancement, Vision Magnification) $2,100
Ear Buds: Capacity 3 (Audio Enhancement, Spatial Recognizer) $1,650
Hand Held Ultrasound Sensor: Capacity 1 (Ultrasound Rating 3) $400
Key Lock Rating 6 $60
Maglock: Rating 9 (Biometric Reader) $1,100
Plastic Straps $5
Gecko Tape Gloves $250
Respirator: Rating 6 $300
Stim Patch: Rating 6 x10 $1,500
Antidote Patch x2 $300
Lifestyle: Low (one month prepaid) $2,200
Qi Focus: Wall Running $6,000 (-4 Karma)
Used Muscle Toner (Rating 4) $64,000 (-0.88 Essence)
Used Orthoskin (Rating 4) $12,000 (-1.1 Essence)
Hermès Icon (Signal Scrubber Program, Toolbox Program) x4 $20,480

Karma spending: 70 total
+8 SINner
+8 Weak Immune System
+16 Impaired Attribute (Strength) x2
-4 Ambidextrous
-12 First Impression
-10 In Debt
-13 Initiate Grade 1: Power Point
-12 Force 6 Qi Focus: Mystic Armor
-4 Force 2 Qi Focus: Wall Running
-10 Logic rank 2
-7 extra Nuyen
-5 Influence rank 1
-5 Influence (Negotiation) Specialization

Contacts: 30
Feather (Troll Fixer): Connection 6/Loyalty 1
Armory (Female Troll Arms Dealer): Connection 6/Loyalty 3
Gerard Madison (Male Human Chief of Police for Seattle Branch): Connection 7/Loyalty5
Kraken (Male Orc Talismonger/Tattoo Artist): Connection 6/Loyalty 3


Physical Description:
Jared is a 6’0” 140 lbs. slim elf even by normal elf meta standards. His look has been described by some as Gothic Steampunk. His black jeans and black button up cover the pale skin underneath. A black armor lined trench coat conceals his pair of Ruger Super Warhawks and tasers. His look is completed with a black cowboy hat and black leather boots with spurs. He hides a rebreather underneath a black bandana that covers his mouth at all times because the toxic air in Seattle might compromise his health.

Jared is very methodical in most things, probably die to his military and police training. Spontaneity is not his go to, but he can adapt if the situation calls for it. He knows and often argues the difference between what is right and what is legal including the means to those ends. Sometimes only way to take someone down is to play dirty and brutal.

Socially, he’s laid back and easy to cut a joke with over a beer. Jared doesn’t mind having company over as long as he has prior notice to clean up his pad.

Jared Handley aka. Double Tap grew up a poor kid in the Barrens like many kids his age. His parents were Seattle natives and had official SINs along with Jared, but Knight Errant had long ago kicked them to the curb when his dad had run out of new ideas for urban warfare. Life in the Barrens was simple, fight or get drekked on. Jared had the good fortune to be blessed as an Awakened. His skills became apparatus after a fight with a local gang of teenage kids who thought they were adults. Jared bobbed and weaved faster than they could keep up. His trusty hold out rang out in the darkness to chase away the riff raff. He soon learned that he was an adept. This lead to getting involved in gangs and killing off potential rivals. His one dream was to be like Sid Six Shooter in the trideo, Barrens Bullet.

It was a trid series about a man who conquered a Barrens with nothing more than a pair of Ruger Super Warhawks and grit. This was who he envisioned himself becoming with his newfound magical powers. He practiced shooting Pistols night and day against passing cars and the occasional Devil rat. When he became a legal adult, he went into the military under a Knight Errant subsidiary academy for the guys who had the skills but not the smarts for combat, the Jar Heads.

There he cultivated his firearms abilities under careful supervision. He graduated and did his four years working as an undercover detective for Knight Errant before his contract was up. From there, he got his licenses to become a freelance personal security agent. He had learned the hard way in the academy that life wasn’t like what you saw in those trids. Guys like Sid Six Shooter didn’t exist in the real world, at least not in the spot light. Not sticking with Knight Errant as part of the force had one major drawback, money. He had to scrape his way off the bottom to buy his gear and guns. Each job was meant to help him move up to the next level. Shadowrunning became his under the table major source of income. Jobs were lucrative and networking resulted in getting to know both the right and wrong people. Even though his magical abilities put him above your local ganger, it wasn’t enough. So he found himself a street doc you had just ‘recycled’ a deceased client to upgrade himself with some natch Bioware that was what the doc said to be ‘gently used’ to make up for his weak immune system and low muscle tone.

His need for better firearms and gear got him mixed up with a loan shark who worked for the local Italian mafia mob boss. Now he needed money just so he would still have his fingers to work his jobs. One day he would be able to pay off his debt and hit the big time. His new Longterm goal was to make a name for himself in the shadows. He wanted to be both valued and feared by those in the field.

FS- Jared “Double Tap” Handley

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