Future Team Mom


Amerind Dwarf
DOB 2049
Sex F
Height 1.5m (4’11") on tiptoes or in heels
Build Lean and slender for a dwarf, normal for a short human
Nationality Sioux
Description Ichante’s looks are hard to pin down, if only because she’s changing them so frequently. Her adept abilities allow her to change the tone of her skin, the length and volume of her hair and nails, and even to readjust her facial features slightly. She takes advantage of these gifts, frequently rearranging her face either to avoid detection or to better suit her mood on any given day. She can – and often does – look Latin or Asian or African, but among friends she will look like an Amerind dwarf of no special beauty.

She is much more invested in her personal appearance. It’s clear that she takes pride in her clothing, jewelry, and makeup, all of which are highly coordinated. Unless she is in distress, Ichante will make the effort to look “put together”, especially in public or among strangers.


Body 4 Willpower 6 Edge 4 Phys. Limit 5
Agility 5 Logic 2 Magic 7 Mental Limit 6
Reaction 4 (5) Intuition 6 Essence 6.00 Social Limit 6 (7)
Strength 3 Charisma 3 Initiative 2d6+11 Astral Limit 6

Active Skills

Skill Specialization Skill Rating Dice Pool Notes
Arcana 2 6
Artisan Fashion 6 (8) 15 (17) Inspired quality, Mentor Spirit
Assensing Aura Reading 6 (8) 12 (14)
Automatics Machine Pistols 3 (5) 8 (11) Laser Sight
Computer Matrix Search 1 (3) 3 (5)
Con 4 7
Counterspelling Combat 6 (8) special
Disguise 6 12 (13) Facial Sculpt
Etiquette High Society 5 (7) 8 (10)
Impersonation 4 7
Palming 6 11
Perception Visual, Hearing 6 (8) 12 (14) Contacts, Glasses, Earbuds
Performance 4 7
Sneaking 6 11 Traceless Walk
Spellcasting Combat, Illusion, Manipulation 6 (8) 15 (17) Power Focus, Mentor Spirit (+2 Manipulation)
Summoning Guardian Spirits 6 (8) 16 (18) Power Focus, Spiritual Way
Survival 1 7 Maintain Warmth

Knowledge Skills

Skill Specialization Skill Rating Dice Pool Notes
Area Knowledge: Seattle 1 7
Aztechnology 1 7
Culinary Arts 4 10
English N
Fashion 5 11
Music Guitar 1 (3) 7 (9)
Politics NAN 1 (3) 7 (9)
Sioux Speaking 1 (3) 7 (9)
Small Unit Tactics 1 7


Name Profession Connection / Loyalty Location
Voula Papadiamantopoulos Manager of Lordstrung’s Seattle store C4 L3 Downtown Seattle
Miri Golden Garden Talismonger C3 L4 Seattle Underground
Longshadow Talismonger C5 L1 Denver, Sioux sector
Waylon Ex-Squatter / Homeless Rights Activist C2 L2 Puyallup Barrens
Gilberto di Piento ID Manufacturer C5 L2 Denver, PCC sector
Scar Skraacha gang leader C4 L3 Seattle Underground
Gerry Pierrepoint Personal Banker / Investment Advisor C4 L2 Downtown Seattle
Elisabeth Lissie Morgan Charisma Associates PR Executive C5 L2 Los Angeles, PCC
David Hiawatha Salish-Shidhe Troubleshooter C5 L2 Council Island
“Damon” “Adult Western Dragon” C8 L1 commcode only

Positive Qualities

Quality Notes
Exceptional Attribute (MAG) Magic capped at 7 at chargen
Inspired (Artisan) +1 on Artisan tests
Mentor Spirit (Fire-Bringer) +2 on Artisan tests, +2 Manipulations spells, Composure (3) to refuse a request for help
Practice Practice Practice +1 Limit for Artisan
Spiritual Way +1 Summoning

Negative Qualities

Quality Notes
Addiction (Mild) (Psyche) It’s not a habit, it’s cool, I feel alive, if you don’t have it you’re on the other side.
Creature of Comfort (Middle) Negative modifiers to Social and Healing tests
Phobia (Uncommon, Mild) (Large bodies of water) -1 to all actions while in the presence of the phobia
Records on File (Shiawase) Ichante has done some freelance fashion design work for Vashon Island, a fully licensed subsidiary of Shiawase Fashion
SINner (National) (Sioux Nation) She’s a Sioux citizen.
Social Appearance Anxiety R1 -1 to Social rolls when not clean and coiffed
Spirit Bane (Water) -2 to summon, water spirits will harass / single out Ichante

Sioux, Resist Drain with:12


Spell Category Type Range Duration Drain Reference
Ice Storm Combat Physical LOS (A) Instant F+1 SG 103
Lightning Bolt Combat Physical LOS Instant F-3 SR5 284
Stunbolt Combat Mana LOS Instant F-3 SR5 284
Heal Health Mana Touch Permanent F-4 SR5 288
Spatial Sense, Extended Detection Physical Touch (A) Sustained F-1 SG 108
Healthy Glow Health Physical Touch Permanent F-2 SSP 19
Increase Charisma Health Physical Touch Sustained F-3 SR5 288
Chaotic World Illusion Physical LOS (A) Sustained F SR5 290
Physical Mask Illusion Physical Touch Sustained F-1 SR5 291
Manascape Illusion Mana LOS (A) Sustained F-2 SSP 20
Trid Entertainment Illusion Physical LOS (A) Sustained F-2 SR5 290
Trid Phantasm Illusion Physical LOS (A) Sustained F SR5 291
Fashion Manipulation Physical Touch Permanent F-1 SG 115
Levitate Manipulation Physical LOS Sustained F-2 SR5 293
Magic Fingers Manipulation Physical LOS Sustained F-2 SR5 294
Makeover Manipulation Physical Touch Permanent F-3 SG 117
Petrify Manipulation Physical LOS Sustained F-2 SSP 21


Spell Cost Notes Reference
Astral Perception 0.5 discount from Spiritual Way SR5 309
Attribute Boost (AGI) R1 0.25 SR5 309
Combat Sense R1 0.5 SR5 309
Eidetic Sense Memory 0.5 SSP 23
Enthralling Performance 0.5 SSP 23
Facial Sculpt R1 0.25 SG 171
Heightened Concentration 0.5 SSP 23
Improved Reflexes R1 1.5 SR5 310
Keratin Control 0.5 SSP 24
Linguistics 0 via Qi Focus SG 172
Magic Sense 0.25 discount from Spiritual Way SG 172
Maintain Warmth 0.25 SSP 24
Melanin Control 0.5 SG 172
Traceless Walk 0.5 discount from Spiritual Way SR5 311
Voice Control 0.5 SG 311

Seattle, Ork Underground (Medium) 1 Month
+ Grid Subscription (Local Grid)
+ Grid Subscription (Public Grid)

Ares Victory: Wild Hunt 12
+ Gear Access
+ Liner – Fire Resistance (6)
+ Holster
Vashon Island: Ace of Coins 7
Vashon Island: Synergist Business Line 9
+ Custom Fit
+ Holster
Zoé: Second Skin 6/+2
+ Custom Fit (Stack)
+ Newest Model
+ Ruthenium Polymer Coating 4

Cavalier Evanator
+ Electronic Firing
+ Folding Stock
+ Laser Sight
Pool: 8 (10) Accuracy: 5 (6) DV: 6P AP: – RC: 3 (4)

Knife (Survival Kit)
Pool: 4 Accuracy: 5 DV: 4P AP: -1 RC: 2

Sapphire Knife
Pool: 4 Accuracy: 5 DV: 5P AP: -3 RC: 2

Survival Knife
+ Survival Knife Bonuses
+ Survival Knife Wireless Bonuses
Pool: 4 Accuracy: 5 DV: 5P AP: -1 RC: 2

Fairlight Caliban R7
+ Trodes
+ Subvocal Mic

Ammo: Flechette Rounds (Machine Pistol) ×40
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Machine Pistol) ×40
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Machine Pistol) ×40
Contacts R3
+ Image Link
+ Flare Compensation
+ Polychromic Lens
Earbuds R3
+ Sound Link
+ Audio Enhancement R2
Fake SIN (“Holly Popé”, National – Pueblo Corporate Council) R5
+ Fake License (Mage License) R5
+ Fake License (Firearms License) R5
Glasses R4
+ Vision Enhancement R3
+ Vision Magnification
Magical Lodge Materials (Sioux) R7
Power Focus (Sioux) R2
Psyche ×9
Qi Focus R1 (Linguistics)
Reagents, per dram (Sioux) ×56
Slap Patch, Trauma Patch
Survival Kit
+ Lighter
+ Compass
+ Matches
+ Lightweight Thermal Blanket
+ Several Days’ Worth of Ration Bars
+ Water Purification Unit


Current Status
4 of 4 Edge remaining

Nuyen Log
10/18/18 -¥50 for a cup of real coffee
3/19/19 +¥100,000 for completion of Texas Hold Em
3/19/19 -¥15,000 taxes for National SIN negative quality
3/19/19 -¥1,100 for 55 drams of reagents

Karma Log
Socialite Pages 1-4: 40 posts = 20 karma
FA Pages 1-6: 3 posts = 1.5 karma
FA Pages 7-9: 3 posts = 1.5 karma
FA Pages 10-11: 4 posts = 2 karma
FA Pages 12-14: 7 posts = 3.5 karma
FA Pages 15-16: 4 posts = 2 karma
FA Pages 17-18: 5 posts = 2.5 karma
FA Pages 19-21: 6 posts = 3.0 karma
FA Pages 22-23: 5 posts = 2.5 karma
FA Pages 24-26: 3 posts = 1.5 karma
FA Pages 27-28: 0 posts = 0 karma
21.5 current karma

10/22/18 – Spent 1 karma on Aztechnology knowledge skill
10/25/18 – Spent 15 karma on Healthy Glow, Makeover, Trid Entertainment
10/29/18 – Spent 2 karma bonding Qi Focus R1 (Linguistics)
11/20/18 – Spent 10 karma on Magic Fingers, Manascape
12/6/18 – Spent 7 karma on Spellcasting (Manipulation) specialization
12/20/18 – Spent 7 karma on Spellcasting (Illusion) specialization
3/19/19 – Spent 20 karma on Spiritual Way
4/3/19 – Spent 2 karma on Survival 1
4/3/19 – Spent 4 karma on Practice Practice Practice (Artisan)
4/3/19 – Spent 5 karma on Spatial Sense, Extended
4/6/19 – Spent 1 karma on Small Unit Tactics
5/4/19 – Spent 7 karma on Perception (Hearing) specialization

To Do
Increase Attribute (Intuition)
Analyze Truth
Compel Truth
Detect Enemies, Extended

Improved Invisibility
Fling (maybe with Magic 8)

Chain Breaker (10 karma)
Battle Hardened I/II/III (2/4/6 karma * 2, +1/2/3 Composure in Hostile situations)
Illusionist (Physical) (10 karma)
Guts (20 karma)

Armorer 1 (2 karma)

Logic 3 (15 karma)
Charisma 4 (20 karma) – will raise Social/Astral limit
Reaction 5 (25 karma) – will raise Physical limit
Willpower 7 (35 karma) – will raise Social/Astral limit
Magic 8 (40 karma) – new Spiritual Way discount

raising BOD/STR/REA will raise Physical limit
raising WIL or CHA will raise Social/Astral limit

Extended Masking
Flexible Signature

Adept Powers
Enhanced Perception 0.5 (or 0.25 with Way discount)
Ventriloquism 0.25
Nimble Fingers 0.25
Sustenance 0.25
Temperature Tolerance 0.25
Improved Potential (Mental) 0.5
Indomitable Will 0.25
although some of these might be suitable as qi foci


1. What is the Character’s sex?
Ichante is a female dwarf. She likes tall, strapping men, with a preference for muscular humans.

2. What is the character’s physical size?
Ichante is a relatively tall, skinny dwarf. On her tiptoes she can reach 1.5 meters. She’s leaner than most dwarves, and lacks most of the muscle that usually graces her race.

3. What is the color of the character’s hair, eyes, and skin?
Ichante is Sioux by birth, with sleek black hair, chocolate brown eyes, and tanned skin. However, her adept abilities give her a measure of control over her appearance. Her hair can change its length and her skin can change its color in a matter of hours. She can also adjust her facial features somewhat. She can appear to be Latin, Asian, African, or any other number of combinations.

4. What is the character’s general appearance?
On her own, Ichante’s looks are only average, but she knows how to make the most of them. She dresses very well, preferring fashionable and expensive clothing. However, she is also practical enough to follow a “when in Rome” approach to dressing like a local. She has Social Appearance Anxiety and is not quite herself unless she is clean and coiffed.

5. Where was the character born?
She was born in the Sioux Nation, but she was not particularly good at being a traditional Sioux. She is not terribly athletic and her mandatory year in the SDF was not a success. She liked guns, somewhat to her surprise, but the lessons about combat (armed and unarmed) and survival were almost entirely lost on her. She has no talent for archery, can’t ride a horse, and should never be trusted with explosives.

However, the Sioux landscape largely helped to shape Ichante’s magic, especially her spellcasting. Ice Storm, Lightning Bolt, Chaotic World, and Petrify were all directly inspired by her experiences living in the Sioux Nation, specifically the wild weather.

6. What is the character’s age?
Ichante would never admit her age to anyone absent a Compel Truth spell, but she’s 28.

7. What was the character’s family?
Ichante’s parents both worked. Her father was in mining and her mother was an artist. Ichante was close to her father but frequently fought with her mother. She doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. Her mother is alive but they are not in frequent contact. Her father died in her early 20s. He was the last thing keeping her in the Sioux Nation and she moved to Seattle soon after.

8. Has the character begun his own family?
Ichante has not started her family. She likes tall, muscular humans who generally aren’t very interested in skinny dwarves. She likes elves okay but they usually aren’t buff enough for her. A human-looking ork might be okay, but Ichante’s lack of looks and personality are the bigger hurdles.

9. Where or how was the character educated?
Being a Sioux national, Ichante attended primary and secondary school before serving her compulsory year in the Sioux Defense Force at age 18. Her four years of active reserve service focused largely on her magical gifts, including her combat magic and summoning skills. She never attended college or any post-secondary education beyond some cooking classes.

10. Has the character ever done anything else for a living?
Ichante never had much of a career. She has a varied skill set and is talented in many artistic endeavors, like cooking and art work. She can act a bit and even perform, although she doesn’t have the natural charisma to hold an audience’s attention with magically enhancing her gifts. She’s done some cosmetic work for rich women, as well as some informal fashion design and consulting. Ichante has a lot of interests and hasn’t done a good job settling down or focusing on just one.

11. What about the character’s political and religious beliefs?
Ichante finds politics interesting. She wishes that the Sioux Nation would be less adversarial with its neighbors, especially the other NAN countries. She feels that if they presented a united front that they could collectively spend more time advancing the well-being of their citizens. She feels that the NAN does a better job of standing up to the corps than the UCAS and CAS do, and she wants to keep it that way.

Ichante follows the Sioux tradition. She believes that her power comes from Wakan Tanka, which she will usually translate as “Great Spirit” or “Spirit” for short. Wakan Tanka is a mystery to her, and she doesn’t understand how it moves in her or the world. It is a mystery that she wants to solve, as she feels that the answers will help define her life’s meaning.

12. What is the character’s moral code?
Ichante is not naturally violent. She is pragmatic enough to understand the use of force, and the SDF trained her to apply her gifts to destructive ends, but she does not celebrate nor particularly enjoy violence. She firmly believes that the good of the many outweighs the good of the one, or the few, although this belief is seriously questioned whenever she is “the one” or “the few” in the equation.

13. Does the character have any goals?
Ichante would like to live until retirement. Unfortunately, she is terrible at saving money. Most of her goals revolve around jewelry, fancy clothes, and other shiny baubles. Unconsciously she finds this material striving to be unfulfilling, but she hasn’t consciously acknowledged that yet. She’s privately searching for meaning in her life but hasn’t identified what might provide it nor where she might find it.

14. Why does the character run the shadows?
Ichante started running in the shadows because she needed the money. She was desperate to leave the Sioux Nation and start somewhere new and fresh. She landed in Seattle without a job or any prospects and quickly found herself in debt to people she didn’t want to be in debt to (the Koshari). Shadowrunning was the quickest way to make some nuyen and get out of debt. Once she was out of debt she tried legitimate work, but none of it paid as well. Ichante is a creature of comfort who would rather risk her life shadowrunning to live well rather than do legitimate work that just has her scraping by.

15. What is the character’s personality?
Ichante is friendly, but lacks a particularly strong personality. She can magically enhance her charisma to be more charming and witty than she naturally is, but doing so makes her feel like a phony. She’ll do it as a means to an end, but won’t do it as an end in itself. Ichante likes to take care of people, by cooking or entertaining, and is rather more domestic than the average shadowrunner. She’s the consummate host and throws great dinner parties.

16. What special qualities does the character possess?
Ichante is a great listener. She’s a great confidant, a skill which she honed as a beautician while waiting for her reserve duty in the SDF to end. She uses her assensing to read someone’s mood and to respond accordingly.

Ichante is also wonderfully artistic and creative. “Inspired” is the term most often used. She excelled in all of her art classes and is equally adept at working with her hands. She’s an excellent cook with a vast array of memorized recipes. Her true love is fashion, and she would love to be a fashion designer one day.

17. Are there certain tings the character just cannot do?
Ichante is terrible at managing money. She spends it freely and is terrible at saving. She has hired a financial adviser to help get her retirement planning on track. She earnestly listens to his advice but then quickly falls back into her old habits. She tells herself that she needs to spend money to make money, but the truth is that she really just likes spending more than she likes saving. The only thing that can incentivize her to save is the prospect of spending the savings.

18. What does the character hate?
Ichante is not fond of large corporations and feels that they are oppressive to society as a whole. She resents how they undermine governments and subvert elections. She shadowruns for money, but anything she can do to stick it to the corps is an added bonus.

Ichante also hates dirt, grim, and poverty in general. She doesn’t hate poor people, but she hates the thought of being a poor person. She is a creature of comfort and needs a Middle lifestyle if she’s not going to hate life on a daily basis. She also needs to be clean and coiffed at all times or she won’t feel like herself.

Ichante also hates large bodies of water, broadly defined as anything she could submerge herself in. Part of this is her lack of swimming talent, the other part is being short and not being able to touch the bottom as well as others. Rivers, lakes, and ponds will all trigger the phobia. The ocean freaks her out. Swimming pools are borderline, but all told she’d rather not.

19. What does the character love?
For herself, Ichante’s true love is fashion. She loves clothes and makeup. She thinks AR fashion is a distasteful gimmick. Ichante would love to have her own fashion line one day, but for now she contents herself making custom pieces for friends with the Fashion spell.

She also loves Psyche. It’s an expensive habit (addiction, in reality), but Ichante has expensive tastes.

20. What is the character’s name?
Ichante means “from the heart” and was her beloved father’s nickname for her. Having others use that name for her makes it feel like her father is still with her. Her real name is Winona Itázipčho.


2075: Stormy Waters Tecumseh