Shaman Black Magic Tradition


Isla Sixx & Lizzie Borden or just Lizzie

caucasian & human

Age 22 Sex female Height 5’6 Build slender
Nationality UCAS
Description Brunette with green eyes typically clad in black biker leathers and her Argent coat

Nuyen: 1030 (388,000 post nuyen from SRforums + DSforums10,000=) current: 340,030
-69000 3 R5 sustaining spell focus
Karma: +5 bio karma(194 post karma from SRforums + DS Forums 5=) current total: 17
-30 karma for Magic 6 (5)
-8 for focused concentration 5
-10 spellcasting 4 to 5
-15 edge 2→3
-4 Ritual 0→2
-4 Instruction 0→2
-10 Summoning 4→5
-12 Con 5→6
-12 Negotiations 5→6
-14 ritual spellcasting 2→4
-10 ritual spellcasting 4→5
-10 bond health spell sustaining focus
-13 Initiate level 1 (group bond)
-35 Magic 7(6)
Total spent -187
table{border:1px solid black}.
|>. Race |=. 0 |>. Attributes |=. 2 |>. Magic |=. 3 |>. Skills |=. 3 |>. Resources |=. 2 |


Body 3 Agility 1(2) 10 build karma Essence 5,2 Mag/Res 7(6)
Reaction 2 Strength 1(2)10 build karma Initiative 6+1d6 (11+3d6) Matrix Init. #+1d6
Willpower 5 Logic 3 Astral Init 8+2d6 Composure 10
Intuition 4 Charisma 5 Judge Intent 9 Memory 8
Edge 3 Edge Points 3 Lift/Carry 75kg Movement 4/8
Phys. Limit 3(8) Mental Limit 5 Social Limit 7
Street Cred 0 Notoriety 3 Public Awareness 0


Positive Value Negative Value
focused concentration 5 -16 (-8) National Sin (UCAS) 5
Mentor Spirit (Seductress) -5 Prejudiced (ghouls) 5
## # Bad Rep 7
## # Poor Self Control (vindictive) 4
## # Did you just call me dumb 3


Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Diving # #
Free-Fall # #
Archery # #
Automatics # #
Blades 5 7(14) (16)
Clubs # #
Escape Artist # #
Ex. Melee # /
Ex. Ranged # /
Gunnery # #
Gymnastics # #
Heavy Weapons # #
Locksmith # /
Longarms # #
Palming # #
Pistols # #
Sneaking # #
Throwing Weapons # #
Unarmed Combat # #
Pilot: Aero # /
Pilot: Aircraft # /
Pilot: Exotic # /
Pilot: Ground # #
Pilot: Walker # /
Pilot: Watercraft # #
Running # #
Swimming # #
Animal Handling # #
Con 6 11(13)(14)
Etiquette 5 10(11) Influence skill group: 5
Impersonation # #
Instruction 2 7
Intimidation # #
Leadership 5 10(11) Influence skill group:5
Negotiation 6 11(12) Influence skill group:5
Performance # #
Artisan # /
Assensing 4 8
Disguise # #
Navigation # #
Perception # #
Tracking # #
Aero Mechanic # /
Arcana 4 7
Armorer # #
Auto Mechanic # /
Biotechnology # /
Chemistry 5 8
Computer # #
Cybertech # /
CyberCombat # #
Demolitions # #
Elec Warfare # /
First Aid # #
Forgery # #
Hacking # #
Hardware # /
Industrial Mechanic # /
Medicine # /
Nautical Mechanic # /
Software # /
Astral Combat 5 10(12)
Survival # #
Alchemy 4 10
Artificing # /
Banishing 2 8
Binding 2 8
Counterspelling # /
Disenchanting # /
Ritual 5 11
Spellcasting 5 11 (13 for illusions via seductress)
Summoning 5 11
Compiling # /
Decompiling # /
Registering # /
Knowledge Skills
L: english N N
chemistry (pharmaceuticals 2 (4) 5(7)
Engineering(chemical) 2(5) 5(7)
Street Drugs 2 5
club music 2 6
club culture 2 4
sprawl life 2 4


Augmentation Rating Cost Description
cyber arm Str&Agi 6 +3 Agil enhancer alphaware 73,500 8


Spell/Form Type/Target Range Duration Drain Dmg Type
(I) Euphoria M LOS S F-3 -1 dicepool modifier
(M) Mob Control M LOS (A) S F+1 ?
(I) Improved Invisibility P LOS S F-1 ?
(I) Chaotic World P LOS (A) S F -1 dicepool modifier
(H) Heal M T P F-4 ?
(H) Increase Reflexes P T S F +1 reaction per hit plus 1d6 init per 2
Stunball M LOS (A) I F Stun


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
Katana 7 9P - -3 - - Weapon focus (2)


Armour Rating Description
Mortimer of London Argentum Cloak 12 black feather and grey wool lined w/ hood
motorcycle helmet +2 black
arm guards +1 strapped and buckled
Total 13(15 w/ helmet)

Suzuki Mirage
Fake sin (4) Alice Parker
Fake license (4) (magic) Alice Parker
shoulder bag
Transys Avalon
subvocal mic
trodes in hood
earbuds with spatial recognition
Alchemy workshop
Chemistry workship
103 drams reagents
reagent gatherers field kit
earing healing sustaining focus (bonded) R5 Increase reflexes 5 hits
earing health sustaining focus R5
pendant illusion sustaining focus R5

middle with workspace 6,000


VEhicle handle speed Accel Body Armor Pilot Sense Seat
Suzuki Mirage 5/3 6 3 5 6 1 2 1

Contacts: loyalty/connection

Shelly Kimbers/ Drone Rigger 5/1
Corbin Fisk / Gunslinger Adept 5/1
Malcolm/Ganger Lt 3/2

Summer/Decker 2/3
Hopper/Smuggler 3/4
Officer Erik Cole/Human KE Patrolman 2/2
Red Eye Jill/Talismonger 2/4
Grace/club owner(Pulse) 3/4
Aisha Chaka al-Baz /Orc Trauma Surgeon & Implant Maintenance 2/2
Feather/Fixer 3/4


There were twelve of us when our neighborhood went to shit. Our parents had always been worthless but the youth rec center was a bastion of rationality in what was an otherwise insane existence. We lived in a predominantly Human area and Humanis and fundamentalist Christianity had a pretty strong following there, blaming the metas for all our problems. Intolerance and Ignorance were rampant. The rec center was run by an activist couple that was trying to soften the fundamentalism and calm the racism and at first they did pretty well. But nothing lasts forever just a few months after I turned 13 it all came roaring back when the rumors of a gang of ghouls having taken over a neighborhood not far from ours. The Humanis and fundamentalists jumped on this fear and fed it until it was at a fever pitch.

Then one day there were only eleven of us. His parents freaked and everyone decided the blame should fall on the couple running the center. They talked them down the first time, but then when we became ten someone went and burnt it down. The couple were still inside.

It wasn’t a week later that our neighborhood became what seemed like hell on earth. We were invaded by the a gang of ghouls. They weren’t 162s, I don’t remember what they called themselves but some sort of offshoot. So many people died. The infected joined their ranks or were killed People lived in hiding. They would set booby traps for the other metas. They hunted us for months one after another of us died until there were only 5 of us left when they finally cornered us. They put us in cages and used cattle prods on us when we made too much noise for them. I wasn’t the first one they, took I got to see them butcher Paul alive and I don’t know what they did with Troy, we think they turned him maybe. Then it was my turn.

I struggled and kicked and shook and bit but they held me down and put me on the butcher table. When one of them picked up the still bloody cleaver I heard a voice. It was so peaceful and soft “be not afraid child, I will grant you what you wish, just open your eyes and accept me in”

“My eyes are open,” I screamed. The ghoul with the cleaver only looked confused for a moment and raised .it above his head.

“Open your eyes, you know how,” she whispered as the blade came down.

“I aaaaaammmmmm, arrrrgghhh” I screamed as the blade bit into my arm just below the shoulder. Blood gouted from the gash and in that instant I could see…everything.

I’ve heard people talk about when their eyes first opened up to astral space, the words do not do it justice. you still see everything but it’s all more…there. The life forces pulsing in the cages the shadowy auras of the ghouls and and my arm falling free from my body but the other one, the real one that remained was finally free of the creatures grip and there, my beautiful savior. He hand held out to me and a gentle smile on her face. I took her hand and power gushed forth from me in a pure bright light.

The next thing I know the ghouls were lying in pieces my arm no longer bleeding but gone and the cages had been opened. My friends, the last of us, staring at me in fear and awe, the other two prisoners who I didn’t know ran screaming calling me a demon and a blood mage and all sorts of other things. Apparently there was a bit of overkill involved. I stood there in stunned silence until Corbin spoke up.

“That was fucking AWESOME! Did you see that Shelly?”

“Wow,” Shelly replied “Isla that, that…Thank you!”

They both rushed to me and we held each other until I finally snapped out of it. We haven’t let anything separate us since. The Seductress has taught me much. Everyone has a desire and I can gain power by fulfilling them and in turn accomplish my goals. I will destroy ghouls. I will make the Barrens a safe place to live. I will not let fear and superstition hurt anyone and now I have the means and power to accomplish my goals. I will tie the pawns to me with their desires and become powerful enough to destroy anyone who threatens me or those I care about.

The Seductress taught me the secret of vices and, as I studied alchemy, I noticed how very similar it was to chemistry and it seemed I had a knack for both. Drugs have become something of a hobby. I sample them on occasion any good dealer will test the quality of their product but I find that vice to be less than thrilling. I have made contacts with the local gangs and am supplying them with their drugs as well as the rich corporate brats at the clubs who will also pay for the euphoria I can provide for them.

She also taught me to use my sensuality and I have of course had a number of sexual partners, including both Shelly and Corbin but they knew it wasn’t serious and I don’t care much for relationships. I don’t care for people all that much really. I have my friends and I have people I work with and even respect in some way but the rest of them are just sort of there. I don’t hold them in contempt or anything but they matter exactly as much as how useful they are to me. They use me for what I can give them and I use them for what they can give me, I find it all very…civilized.

I’ve been doing pretty well for myself and mine, I bought me a shiny new cyberarm to replace the one I lost so many years ago and made this wiz weapon focus out of a katana. Recently though I have been thinking we are starting to become complacent. Sure, complacency is seductive too, but there are things I want so much more.


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