NPC: Jackson "Love" Robinson

Coyote, Connection 4


Love is a tall human male in his forties and is specialized in shipping things across international borders. People are often ask how he got his nickname but Love never answers, he keeps his personal and professional life separate. Love is mildly addicted to Bliss, and ‘organizing’ some Bliss is a known way to get on his good side. He is also known as a womanizer with a lady at any port though Love says very little about his personal life.

In practice, Becky knows Love as both of them play amature Tennis. His nickname comes from Tennis from an epic game that he had with a professional tennis player long ago, Love held his ground for about 3 minutes an achievement which he still recalls fondly. He is actually not a womanizer and actually has a 20 years old daughter named Jessica.
Love never speaks of his illegal activities and to approach him you need to be vouched by someone he trusts. Luckily for Becky her few years as a concubine gave her ground to establish friendly terms with Love. While she does not feel like they are friends yet, the two are passed the all buissness phase.

NPC: Jackson "Love" Robinson

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