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Name: Jan de Vries
Age: 36
Metatype: Elf (Priority D)
Appearance: 6’2", light brown hair. Tired, rugged look.

Dumpshock Played Games (posts): 133
Looking Glass (16), TLG (36), Threads (3), Tangled Currents (24/22), 88s (32 on Dumpshock)
Dumpshock Others: 77
Circle of Power (9), 2072 (44), Emerging (24)
Dumpshock Total: 210

RPG Playroom Games (posts): 2+
Triads and Tribulations (2+)

Mission Rewards:
Posts: 212
Karma: 106
Spent Karma: 105
Chargen Spend: Willpower 2 (10k); Influence(G) 1 (5k); Biotech(G) 1 (5k)
Mission Spend: Blades 1 (2k); Pilot Watercraft 1 (2k); Pilot Ground 1 (2k);
Electronics(G) 1 (5k); Logic 2 (10k); Willpower 3 (15k); Edge 2 (10k);
Edge 3 (15k); Reaction 6 (30k); Automatics 7 (14k).
Total Earned: 212kY;
Current Nuyen: 12kY
Spent Nuyen: 200kY
Spend: Synaptic Booster 3 (95k); Suprathyroid, 2nd Hand (105k).

Street Cred: 21 – Notoriety: 3 – Public Awareness: 0

Stats: (Priority B; 20 points +75k)
Body: 4/5 (9 for DR)
Agility: 7/11
Reaction: 6/10
Strength: 5/9
Willpower: 3
Logic: 2/4
Intuition: 5
Charisma: 3

Edge: 3
Essence: 0.57
Initiative: 15+4D6
Magic: 0 (Priority E)

Qualities (+20k):
Biocompatibility (Bioware) -5k
Insomnia +15k
Bad Rep: Working with Tamanous +7k
Prejudiced: Wakyambi +3k

Skills: (Priority C; 28/2 +35k)
Automatics: 7 (AR Spec)
Sneaking: 4
Unarmed: 5
Perception: 3
Intimidate: 1
Armourer: 2
Pistol: 2
Heavy: 2
Navigation: 1
Survival: 1
Blades: 1
Pilot Watercraft: 1
Pilot Ground: 1
Athletics(G): 2
Electronics(G): 1
Influence(G): 1
Biotech(G): 1

Knowledge (16 points free)
Biology: 4 (Anatomy Spec)
Afrikaans: 4
Mercenary Companies: 1
Azanian Politics: 1
Sprawl Life: 2
Seattle Syndicates: 2 (Tamanous Spec)

Gear: (Priority A; 450,000Y)
Cyber & Bioware
Synaptic Booster II (190,000Y, 0.90E)
Platelet Factories; 2nd Hand (12,750Y, 0.22E)
Bone Density IV; 2nd Hand (15,000Y, 1.32E)
Muscle Toner III; 2nd Hand (72,000Y, 0.66E)
Muscle Augmentation III; 2nd Hand (69,750Y, 0.66E)
Sleep Regulator (12,000Y, 0.09E)
Cerebral Booster II (63,000Y, 0.36E)
(434,500Y, 4.21E)

(Bought with earnings)
Synaptic Booster III (95,000Y, 0.45E)
Suprathyroid; 2nd Hand (105,000Y, 0.77E)

\\ Next Purchase >> Pain Editor (48,000Y, 0.27E) (Availability too high)

Armour Vest (500Y)
Ares Crusader II (830Y)
- 40 rounds (80Y)
AK-97 (950Y)
- 40 rounds (80Y)
Knife (10Y)

Renraku Sensei (1,000Y)
- Subvocal Mic (50Y)
- Rating 1 SIN (2,500Y)
Squatter Lifestyle (1 month; 500Y)
(15,500 to spend (including current Kit)

Contacts (9 points free chargen + 40 freebie; 24 still to spend)
Name and Role – Loyalty/Connection
‘Black’ Tamanous Liaison – 2/4
‘Razor’ Ripperdoc – 4/1
‘Dr. Know’ Fixer – 2/5
‘Silk’ Fixer – 3/4


2039: Born in Johannesburg; South Africa (now the Azanian Confederation). Lived an impoverished youth with his family.
2053: Began running with local gangs, errands and scavenging before progressing onto ‘heavy’ work.
2062: Employed by DeBeers-Omnitech as part of their off-books security, guarding the gold trains from PWV to Cape Town.
2064: Moved to Cape Town and joined up with a local PMC doing private military work with several of the AA’s.
2065: Details are sketchy on the PMC’s involvement in a bloody conflict on historically Zulu land. A number of mercenaries and several indigenous elves are killed.
2066: The PMC expands into other areas, and it heavily involved in a failed ‘Dock Clean-up’ attempt. PMC subsequently folds.
2069: A failed psychological evaluation let to any further corp work drying up. Took independent work protecting smuggling shipments out of the still thriving Cape Town docks.
2073: Remained in Seattle where his last shipment protection job ended, with nothing to his name. Found work in a Street Clinic as a medical assistant. Later approached by Tamanous. Sidelines in Ware Stripping and Organlegging.
2074: Returns to Merc and Shadow work, running primarily through Dr. Know in Seattle.
2075: Starts working for Silk.

As a child of the townships of Jo’burg, Jan grew up in the shadow of the wealth of the PWV (Pretoria-Witwatersrand-Vaal). It was a grim existence. He sees echoes of it now in Seattle’s barrens, but the townships were busy – rammed full of down and outs striving for better. Street scum. Nearly everything Jan owns was taken from somebody else. You took what you could get and held it with both hands; that was the life.
Natural athleticism mixed with elven grace, Jan made a great mercenary and was working for the corps by his early 20s. Azania is home to some of the biggest BioTech corps in the world and when one of theirs falls in the field it provides a wealth of opportunity for an enterprising scavenger; someone who grew up knowing only that life. Jan became an expert at ‘field-stripping’ useful parts from a trooper before returning from a job. This was a brutal practice and eventually lead to Jan’s failed psychiatric evaluation. He still suffers sleeplessness, and his demeanour can be a little cold. Detached. He’d call it efficient or practical, but sociopaths never think of themselves as such.
Seattle was intended as a fresh start for Jan. Sleep was becoming elusive and he tried to distance himself from the runner lifestyle. A local fixer hooked him up and he started working with a street doc doing odd jobs; op. assists, patch jobs, the odd simple implant. It wasn’t long before his ‘skill set’ became more well known in the shadow community though, and he was approached by Tamanous on a number of occasions. He’d heard all the stories. The boogeymen. Tamanous were bad news, that’s what everyone said. But to Jan it felt natural, comfortable even. Dead people is parts – it was a mentality he’d grown up with. Ghouls need to eat, people need new organs and stripped ‘ware has a decent resale. He worked for them on and off for a couple of years, and still has contacts there now. It carries a bit of a stigma, but he’s not one to bother what people think. Now that’s he’s got a more diverse client base he’s tried to dial their dealings back a bit, but it’s nice to know it’s there when he needs it.
Jan was contacted by Silk about 3 months back to make a run on the Sound Mental Health Facility. Dr. Know hooked them up. He’d left Jan alone for a while since putting him in touch with Razor, but you never made your way out of the Dr’s plans and Jan reckoned he’d just been biding his time for an approach.
Silk must have been searching for a paranoid neo-luddite. It helps when dealing with Technos that Jan runs dark by default. Since then things have moved pretty quickly, and he’s got more holes in him than before, but she paid pretty well and he wouldn’t mind having a spin so a few holes weren’t gonna put him off…

All - Jan de Vries

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