TaT - John "Revenant" Henry

AI in a Anthro-Drone Body


John Henry & Revenant

AI & e-Ghost

21 male 1.80 Drone Body
Drone Body – average looking man of undetermined race


Body 4 Agility 8 Essence 6 Dept 3
Reaction 8 Strength 4/7 Initiative 14+5d6 Matrix Init. 14+5d6
Willpower 5 Logic 5 Astral Init - Composure 9
Intuition 6 Charisma 4 Judge Intent 10 Memory 11
Edge 3 Edge Points 3 Lift/Carry 60/40 kg Movement 5G (150m/turn)
Phys. Limit 7 Mental Limit 7 Social Limit 7
Street Cred 12 Notoriety 0 Public Awareness 0


Positive Value Negative Value
HELLO WORLD 3 - Social Stress (Technomancers) -
Lucky - Persnickety Renter (Anthro-drones) -6
Photographic Memory - Impassive -7
Speed reading - Did You Just Call Me Dumb? -3
Pilot Origins 3 8 Subtle Drone Pilot 4
Designer 6 Superhuman Psychosis -2
Restricted Gear (Drone Pilot 6) 10 Prejudiced (Biased, S-K Management) -3
Brand Loyalty (S-K Sekretär) 3 Multiprocessing 8
Code Slinger (Control Device) 10 Records on File (S-K) -1
Dealer Connection (Drone) 3
h4. Skills
Skillgroup Rank Pool Notes
Stealth 1 15 w/Pilot Origins+Code Slinger+Brand Loyalty
Influence 1 5 +3 from WTLM
Acting 1 5 +3 from WTLM
Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Diving # #
Free-Fall # #
Archery # #
Automatics 6(8) 16
Blades # #
Clubs # #
Escape Artist # #
Ex. Melee # /
Ex. Ranged # /
Gunnery 1 6
Gymnastics # #
Heavy Weapons # #
Locksmith # /
Longarms # #
Palming # #
Pistols # #
Sneaking # #
Throwing Weapons # #
Unarmed Combat # #
Pilot: Aero # /
Pilot: Aircraft # /
Pilot: Exotic # /
Pilot: Ground 1 9
Pilot: Walker # /
Pilot: Watercraft # #
Running # #
Swimming # #
Animal Handling # #
Con # #
Etiquette # #
Impersonation # #
Instruction # #
Intimidation 1 5
Leadership # #
Negotiation # #
Performance # #
Artisan # /
Assensing # #
Disguise # #
Navigation # #
Perception # #
Tracking # #
Aero Mechanic # /
Arcana # /
Armorer 1 6
Auto Mechanic # /
Biotechnology # /
Chemistry # /
Computer 3(5) 8(10) Change Ownership
Cybertech # /
CyberCombat # #
Demolitions # #
Elec Warfare # /
First Aid # #
Forgery # #
Hacking 3 9
Hardware # /
Industrial Mechanic # /
Medicine # /
Nautical Mechanic # /
Software # /
Astral Combat # #
Survival # #
Alchemy # /
Artificing # /
Banishing # /
Binding # /
Counterspelling # /
Disenchanting # /
Ritual # /
Spellcasting # /
Summoning # /
Compiling # /
Decompiling # /
Registering # /
Knowledge Skills
L: English N N
Underworld 2 8
Small Unit Tactics 6 (Urban) 6(8) 14
Philosophy 1 6
Military 3 8
Business 1 6
Drone Tech 5 10
Runner Culture 3 9
Autosofts (Rating 6)
Electronic Warfare
First Aid
Melee (Hand Razor)
Melee (Shock Hand)
Language (German, English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin)
Maneuvering (Advanced Program: WTLM)
Targeting (Defiance Ex Taser)
Targeting (Grenade Throwing)
Targeting (Ares Alpha)
Mechanic (Drone)
Academic Knowledge: Magical Theory
Academic Knowledge: Matrix Design
Academic Knowledge: Law
Street Knowledge: Small Unit Tactics


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
Defiance EX Shocker 7 9S(e) - 5 - 4 Personalized Grip, Smartlink Internal, Concealed quick-draw holster
Ares Alpha 8 11P - 2 4 42(84) Silencer/suppressor, Shock pad
Personalized Grip, Easy breakdown (powered), Electronic firing, Improved range finder, Extreme environment modification 2, Sling, 5x Extended Magazine 2
Climbing Claws 6 8P 1 3 - -


Ammo Type Amount DMG AP Blast
APDS (Custom) Assault Rifle 80 - -5 -
Gel rounds (Custom) Assault Rifle 80 +1 +1 -
Tracker Assault Rifle 10 -2 -2 -
Regular (Custom) Assault Rifle 240 +1 - -
Taser Dart (Custom) Taser 20 +1 -5 -


Armour Rating Description
Ares Victory Wildhunt 14 (Custom Protection (Rating 6 Chemical), Gel Packs, Electrical Insulation (Rating 6))
Helmet +2
Forearm Guards +1 (Miniwelder)
Ballistic Mask +2
Total # 19


Mini Grenade (Thermal Smoke) x3
Mini Grenade (Pepperpunch) x6
Mini Grenade HE
Autopicker (Rating 6)
Micro Transceiver


Lifestyle (High) (Secure Workshop)


Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sense Seat Notes
MORGAN (GROUNDCRAFT) 3/5 4 2 14 6 - - 2 Valkyrie Module
S-K DIREKTIONSSEKRETAR 6(7) 5G 2 4(0) 0 6(8) 6 - AGI 8, STR 7, Realistic Features Rating 3, Multi Dimensional Co-Processor, 20x Autosoft 6, Smartsoft, Cyberarm Gyromount (right arm), 2x Cyberlimb optimization The Greatest (+1 Unarmed Attack) (arms), x4 RETRACTABLE CLIMBING CLAWS, Shock Hand, 2x Hydraulic Jacks 6, Built-in toolkit (right leg), Built-in medkit (left leg), x2 Large smuggling compartment (l. and r. arm)
Sensor Functions
Vision magnification
Olfactory scanner
Motion sensor
Directional microphone (Audio enhancement 3, Select sound filter 2)
Camera (Flare compensation, Low-light vision, Thermographic vision)
Cyberware Scanner
Program Type Decription
Browse Common Cuts search time in half
Encryption Common +1 to Firewall Attribute
Signal Scrub Common Rating 2 Noise Reduction
Toolbox Common +1 Data Processing Attribute
Virtual Machine Common +2 Program Capacity, Dmg increased by 1 DV
Wrapper Hacking Override Matrix Icon Protocols

Karma spend 123/123

32 Karma: Increase Pilot Origins from I to III
7 Karma: Specialty Computer: Change Ownership
2 Karma: Intimidate 1
20 Karma: Code Slinger
6 Karma: Increase Computer to 3
6 Karma: Brandloyalty
8 Subtle: Drone Pilot
16 Multiprocessing
12 Hacking 3
8 Maneuvering (Advanced Program: WTLM)


John “The Revenant” Henry

Humanoid, anthropomorphic drone chassis, type Direktionssekretar. Improved realistic features, making him look like a very average looking man of undetermined age and race, with black hair, slightly dark skin and obvious cybernetic eyes. Still triggers the uncanny valley effect, so people tend to remember him. Usually wears some kind of hat or headwear even indoors to keep his artificial hairs from being exposed to the environment (these things are expensive and hard to replace).

How did I get to be like this? Good question. First of all, my name really is John Henry. My parents did for some reason think that their son should emulate a folk hero that died while working overtime for a blood sucking corporation in a competition against his mechanical replacement. Yeah, you can see where this is going – it’s not even ironic, just grotesque.

But to the beginning: I was born to Joseph and Maria Henry, somewhere in the south of North America. Where exactly is unimportant. They were loving parents and law abiding little wage slaves for one of the smaller AA corporations. They did have the wrong skin color to be anything more than external workers though. We weren’t poor exactly, but somehow we always hovered at the edge of descending into poverty. One missed pay check and all that. College was of course the only possible destination for me – no matter how deep into dept they had to go for that.

I thought I was fucking clever to find a way around that. Hey Mom, hey Dad, guess what: I enlisted. Now the MET2000 (North America Branch) will pay for my education.
Yeah, that didn’t go down well. But I had signed and already received and spent my first stipend.

To be fair, the mercenary company did it’s best to give me an education. They looked for certain talent and they found it with me. Namely, being an Anthro rigger. You see, despite everything else, training a human being does still cost significantly more than a machine you send into war – especially if your parent company produces the things and can push the bill on the customer. As Anthro rigger I must have visited almost every major conflict on earth while never leaving the base. Sure, the VR could really cause some bad headaches, but as long as you stayed in cold sim there wasn’t really any danger. Especially not for me, since I was a piloting ace with my modified Direktionssekretar. Can you believe that they are selling those things on the open market as office helpers?

Anyway, I was good, really good. In the machine I had superhuman reflexes, felt no real pain, walked through fire, shot rebels at 500 paces, jumped over cars in a single bound and infiltrated desert camps. The only thing I missed was having a jet pack to be a real super hero. And if I needed a break, I could just leave the supped up pilot in control. But very soon I didn’t need any breaks anymore. Tube in for nutrition, tube out for waste. Drib feed for certain drugs. Super soldier iron man, go!
And than I died.
No really, that’s what happened. The enemy was some kind of Technomancer. Somehow that freak managed to scramble my connection, commandeering my drone body while preventing me from locking out. So I did what every coked up teenager would do: I disengaged all safety protocols to act faster than him and get my body back. All I got was a body bag. I think it’s called a dissonance bomb or something. Sent it directly back to my station to kill my meat body instead of fighting my mind. My heart stopped, the medics tried to cut me off from the connection and subsequently fried my brain. Tragic. I only found out about that after I had killed the Techno with my climbing claws. Tried to log out and couldn’t. Three days I wandered through the net before I lost consciousness. I awoke in an UV host where someone from the S-K explained to me that I was an AI now – a replica of a killed soldier.

They said they wanted to study what had happened to me, said they owned my mind’s image. I wasn’t very happy about that. They were neither when they learned that I wasn’t an omnipotent cyber god, but only a kid that was particularly good at playing very realistic first person shooters.

I probably would have stayed some kind of slave if it hadn’t been for that group of shadow runners. You see, the host where I was imprisoned was chock full of secret research data. Somehow Nachthexe and her friends made it into the host’s foundation and disengaged the safety protocols – including all things slaved to the host. I took my chance and went straight for the most overpowered drone I could find – my new body. Complete with its full combat gear. And let me tell you: It’s damn near impossible to catch one of those assassin droids if they don’t want to be caught. It even looks almost like a normal human. Only my eyes tend to betray me.
My old life was in ruins, so I looked for a new one. I managed to find Nachthexe and her buddies and asked for a job. It was nearly as fun as my previous job, even though I seemed to have lost quite a few memories and skills I previously possessed. At least I believe I had them. Memory is a funny thing, especially if you no longer have a brain.

It didn’t take S-K long to track me down. But instead of recapturing me, they send this guy called Brackhaus, said he wanted me to do jobs for them – in exchange I was allowed to keep my equipment. So now I am on the run hiding in the shadows. And even though I don’t need to eat, living can be damn expensive if you want to keep your body in top condition.

Now you see why I said it didn’t matter where I or my parents came from. Because their son is dead, buried and mourned. I’m just a ghost, a remnant. Or a revenant. Yeah, I think that will do. You can call me that. I’m the Revenant.

Prime Contacts:
Thomas “Brackhaus” Müller: Drone parts and programs supplier
Con 6/Loy 1:
Yes, yes I know, he probably isn’t the “Brackhaus”, but he works for S-K and he keeps supplying me with spare parts and all the other shit I need to keep running. In exchange I have to do runs for him. He isn’t too bad about it. So far I only had to assassinate one person and that had it coming.
How to describe him. 1.80 tall, fit, clean shaved Caucasian, no distinguishing features whatsoever. I mean it. I thing he was selected primarily because you can’t really remember him afterwards. Always wears a very expensive and probably armored suit and coat combo – even in summer. Never bothers with bodyguards, so I assume he is cybered up himself.

Anna “Nachthexe” Tschernenko: Technomancer, Shadow Runner and Information broker
Con 2 / Loy 3:
She is the one who rescued me from the UV host and gave me my first jobs. I think she might have a thing for me – at least she asked me if I could get into her toaster. A bit to freaky for my taste, but whatever. She is a solid friend and connection.
For looks, well in cyberspace she is a goddess. Beautiful, powerful and intelligent. In real life… well she would have been a good fit for my old body. A bit on the heavy side with not enough exercise, nerdy interests and could shower more often (yes, my drone body has a top of the line olfactory booster. It’s no picnic that I can tell you).

Bonus Contacts:
Ivan Solchet: Fence (Specialized on weapons and ammo)
Con 5 / Loy 2
My primary go to guy if I need some hardware. Gets most of his stock from some Russian military base, but has pretty much everything to sell if I give him time to look. I try not to contact him in person – he doesn’t know I am an AI and he probably would like to get his hands on my quarter of a million body.
You’ll recognize him if you meet him. The guy is enormous. Not just fat, although he has some to spare, but just huge at about 2,30. And no, he is a human, at least as far as I know. If not, he probably went a bit too far on that Troll reduction surgery. Keeps a beard like Rasputin and could probably wrestle a hippogriff.

Glisting Pete: Ghoul Chop shop garage
Con 2 / Loy 5
Pete buys and sells hot cars. I did change ownership for him a few times in the beginning, but soon grew out of it. To much risk for to little gain. From time to time I still bring him a car that I need to get rid off. Usually gives me a good price. He also doesn’t mind if there is still a body in the trunk. He calls it a snack.
His being a ghoul hasn’t slowed him down. Just got himself a pair of cyber eyes and a meat dryer in the basement. Quite a likable guy, likes to play cello and collects funny facts bottle caps. And he is a mage – if not a particular good one. But if need be, he can manage a manipulation spell or two.

Selma Roberts: Dispatch at KE
Con 3 /Loy 4
I helped Selma get rid of her abusive husband – a cop – and since than she throws information my way when I need it. She is really up to date on any gossip going on in the force. Helped me get out of quite a few sticky situations.
She is a fit 40 something. Despite not being on active duty, she trains as if she could at any moment be called to fill in a place with the Delta Force. She likes to invite me to jogging with her. It doesn’t really make any sense for me, but I enjoy the conversation – especially if she talks about what’s going on at the moment

Kurt Brown: Anarchist
Con 2 / Loy 5
Kurt is a hopeless revolutionary. Every week he has a new scheme to get rid of our corporation overlords. But he is a very clever bomb maker. Luckily so far he is also to cowardly to really go through with them. Usually he just blows them up somewhere in the wilds or sells his explosives to whoever finds his business address.
He is a dwarf and quite short even for that. Always wears a beret like old Che but can’t get the beard right. He really likes the work I did against a few of the big players. Hopefully he never realizes that I did most of that on behalf of S-K.

Sam Whats: Barkeeper
Con 3 / Loy 3
Irish pubs don’t have much to offer to me. I don’t drink, my karaoke is perfect and my drone body might be functional enough that I could pick up some drunken tourist, but really there wouldn’t be a point for me. Still, I like to hang out at “Whats That”. Sam is a funny girl and knows just about everyone. Also she has a great taste in music, making sure that the playlist is always just right.
Sam is an Elf from old Ireland before it became the Elf-Nation. As far as I know he even was in the IRA before he changed. Red hair, great figure and green eyes. That’s the other reason I like to hang out there – because you know – I might be dead, but I’m not that dead.

Jessica Kyle: Emergency service provider
Con 4 / Loy 2
I sometimes work for her as an EMT. Even got a Morgan Thundercloud kitted out with a Valkyrie module. Usually she sets me up with the really messy stuff. I really am glad that my body is totally waterproof and I can just shut off my nose. She isn’t a bad boss, just a bit bossy at times. But with a small company like hers she has to be hard so she can pay her employees on time.
She is in her early 50ies, colored light brown hair, does have slight signs of menopause but keeps herself in shape by dieting really hard. She could eat a bit more in my opinion. But she programmed her fitness drone herself and follows its orders to the letter. Has amazing willpower.

TaT - John "Revenant" Henry

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