Lani Yisarrilin


At first, Lani looks like a bundle of rags that blew out of the Redmond Barrens by mistake. It isn’t that her clothes are dirty, but they look like they were made for someone else and had several other owners before they got to her. Her boots look equally disheveled and the helmet that hangs from her waist is dented and worn.

Underneath the charade of baggy clothing is a short, elven woman with features from the western side of the Pacific Rim. Her long, brown hair and a clear complexion are a complete contrast to her raggedy clothing. When she speaks, her voice is clear and strong. Sometimes she moves with the grace of a dancer and other times she is as solid as an Urban Brawler.


Lani was born before the Night of Rage but was too young to remember much about it. Her parents were caught in a bad spot that night but because of their position in those early days, the elven leadership made sure that they were kept safe. Still, Lani grew up hearing about the hateful actions of the humans and the stunning bravery of the elves who came to her family’s defense.

Once Tir Tairngire was founded, Lani dreamt of joining the Peacekeepers, but her father forbade it. As his oldest child, he wanted Lani to follow his footsteps in politics and, he hoped, magical aptitude. He was disappointed on both fronts. Lani was determined to pursue a military life. She moved away from home to get some separation from her father’s influence. Once that was done, she used her family’s status to pry her way into the armed forces.

She was bored by the humdrum pace of the regular military, though. Sitting around in the barracks she heard story after story about the exploits of the Meraerth ke’Tolo and resolved to join them. Back in those days, the Special Forces didn’t have an entry test. You got in by convincing the commander that you had the chops. Unfortunately for Lani, this normally meant being Awakened. To get around that, she went down a road that she’d hoped to never have to travel. To become a Ghost, she took the plunge and had herself heavily augmented with cybernetics.

She chose for herself the moniker, Rechederee, a witch from elven mythology who caught unwary hunters and ate them. Shortly after becoming a Ghost, she was assigned to Hestaby as a bodyguard. If she was worried about more boring garrison duty, she needn’t have been. At that time, Hestaby aggressively used her bodyguard for a wide range of covert (and sometimes overt) activities. Lani operated on both sides of the Tir border with the S-S Council, in CalFree, Seattle, and what used to be Canada.

Not only did she work with other elves, but she also participated in combined operations with a variety of metahumans from the UCAS and NAN. Many of the operatives from outside the Tir mispronounced her name, calling her “Red Cheddar Ray.” She grew tired of these non-elves butchering her name, so she adopted a second nickname. To those outside of Tir Tairngire, she was the Black Banner Witch.

After years, decades if she was being honest with herself, of watching Tir Tairngire and its military transform into things she no longer recognized, Lani didn’t have it in her anymore. She was running on momentum more than anything. Finally, when she got the news that her mother had died, she realized how much life had passed her by. Even though elves had incredibly long life spans, they can still miss out on the important things.

After the funeral, she finished her enlistment and got out. Her first goal was to track down her brother who had moved to Puyallup and disappeared. He was another casualty of their father’s so-called love. Lani’s brother had gotten involved with the Ancients, thinking that his elevated birth would mean something to them. It didn’t. His mouth got him into a duel with a fellow Ancient and had been dead for years by the time his sister tracked him down.

While looking around, a weapons dealer in Tarislar put her in touch with Cannon who, in turn, put her in touch with Silk. Silk was always happy to have another pipeline into Tir Tairngire. Since then, Cannon has been her arms supplier and Feather her fixer.

Lani Yisarrilin

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