MM - Mateo Cartier

Fixer in Paris, France; Connection 4


French Human Male

Mateo appears as an older gentleman with very short hair that is just about to fall apart at the seams. While he is never completely out of style, his wardrobe does favor articles that are more foppish than traditional. Gaudy rings, billowy shirts, tight pants, that sort of thing. Should you squint hard enough, it would almost seem as he takes his fashion cues from old pirate trids.

He is rarely without his pet capuchin, and delights at anything it does that shocks or annoys others.

He is a hard, unforgiving, man that has little regard for others sensibilities. Almost naturally paranoid, his is cautious and suspicious of everyone. Some say he wouldn’t even trust his own mother.


Mateo was adopted by the Cartier family. The circumstances of his birth long forgotten. In the Cartier family, he is the middle of five brothers, one other of which is also adopted. He no longer has any contact with his younger brothers, and he occasionally communicates with his older adopted brother. He is very close, and works with, the oldest brother.

He spent some years in prison due to confessing to a crime. When he was released, somehow he had enough money to start his business. There are many rumors about how this came to pass.

MM - Mateo Cartier

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