NPC: Moni 'No Show' Naor

Talent Scout Connection 4


No Show is a talent scout for one of the most popular reality trid – ‘a rising star’. He often frequents bars with open mike and tries to find the next big thing. He is a fat human male, of the age of 33 with dreamy blue eyes and genuine passion in his voice when he speaks about recently discovered talents. He is fond of quality Scotch, or perhaps borderline alcoholic – (No Show claims that he can stop anytime he wants), but other than that he is a friendly guy.

His nickname No show, comes from an outbreak he had at a young singer which went viral. As a result the singer’s career picked off despite the efforts of No Show to destroy it. Over the years, the name stuck and Moni even seems rather fond about it.

Connection to Becky:
Becky knows No Show from her open mike sessions with Olivia. At the first meetup, No Show got Becky completely wasted – (A skinny Dryad should not come drinking with a fat human and a large ork). No Show drove Becky home and was a complete gentleman about it. Either because she belonged to a very powerful person, or because at the core he is a good guy. Bekcy does not know the real answer, at any case the two are drinking friends although Becky clearly drinks less since that event.

NPC: Moni 'No Show' Naor

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