NPC: Cheshire

Cat Street Shaman Human Female Connection 2 (Toronto)


Cheshire grew up on the streets of Toronto orphaned at an early age. She’s not entirely sure when Cat took an interest in her but it was at a fairly early age. Cat began to show herself to Cheshire playing with her or directly warning her, always drawing her away from danger.

As she became older though, Cheshire not remembering her own name, much less anything about her family took the name she goes by now. Shortly after she took the name she began to learn how to wield mana.

She’s been practicing it ever since becoming quite adept at it now that she is an adult. A few years ago, she ran into a gang known as The Bloodhounds. They’re a small go-gang made up of psychotics, some cyber-psychos, and lead by a man who practices blood magic. All of them have a taste for blood and often have had themselves sculpted in some manner either through surgery, ‘wares, or magic to take on some feature of a rabid canine. They hunted her for sport when they found her. They redoubled their efforts when they learned she was a follower of Cat. So far she’s managed to evade them or win the few skirmishes she was forced into.

Cheshire wanders the streets of Toronto based on her whims, curiosity, and Cat’s calls to aid others. When she isn’t playing with annoying the Blood Hounds for amusement.

Connection to Cream: It was just such a desire to bait a small group of Bloodhounds that lead to her discovering the street samurai. She’d seen a small group moving slowly through the alley in a pick-up truck so she followed them figuring to have some fun. They ambushed Cream as he was skulking around what appeared to be an abandoned building. To her surprise he handled the four of them even after being badly injured in their initial assault and did so quietly. Between this and his skulking her curiosity was up so she followed Cream. This lead to first a stand-off. Then a whimsy-fueled fling on her part with Cream. It cooled rather quickly after about a week as Cream put the brakes on it and Cheshire’s curiosity was for now sated. The relationship stayed cool but maintained a beneficial professionalism. Several months later, they’ve stayed in touch but both are still trying to figure out whether they truly want more from their relationship as every now and again it peeks up and cools off. Still they’ve helped each other out and continue to do so.

Places to meet: Anywhere really but quite often alleyways and coffee shops.
Type: Legwork (Street Info/Rumors), Bolt Holes, Support
Payment: Exchange of Favors/Services, Nuyen, or Barter (pending her whims)

NPC: Cheshire

2075: Stormy Waters Horsemen