NPC: Coll Hume

Small time politician Connection 8


Coll Hume is a city council member and a raising star in the local politics of Seattle. At the age of 30, he is the youngest council member in the city and was recently voted the most eligible bachelor in the local politics. Coll is mainly known for his extensive green lobbying, he is charismatic and passionate about the environment and does what he can to prevent corporations from polluting Seattle.

However, behind this clean image lies a corrupted man on the Mafia payroll. To get elected he needed the Finnigan’s support. and this means that he also need to do favors for them.

Connection to Becky:
Becky knows Coll because her ‘husband’ (Roger) hosted him more than once. Backy finds Coll as a passionate and intriguing person to talk to. Becky believes that Coll genuienly believes his green idealism and he always inspires Becky to aspire for more. Roger, quickly spotted the weak spot Coll has for Becky and so, she was often around when Coll was asked to do things that contradicted his beliefs. As such, Becky has no illusions about the man and his limitations.

NPC: Coll Hume

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