NPC: Debora Miller

Shark Lawyer Connection 6


When someone gets arrested it is recommended to call a laywer. When miss Miller is recruited it usually means that the criminal is released on a technicality. There are criminal lawyers and lawyers that are also criminals. Debbie is the other kind of lawyer and while she would not break the law herself, if she cannot win fair and square she will use the shadow community to gain advantage.

Ms. Miller is 40 years old, elf that looks no day older than 20, (or so she likes people to tell her). She is informally affiliated with Finnigan criminals and has protected that crime family in several highly pressed trails in the forties.

Connection to Becky.
Becky does not really know Miss. Miller, or ‘M’ as she is often called. She saw her a couple of times when things went bed but miss Miller was often a bit hostile and cynical toward Becky. She despised the whole ‘trophy’ concubine phase that Robert has and is in very good relationship with his wife Amanda. On the other hand, when Miss Miller heard that Becky took an enormous risk to break free, she offered the young adept a hand.

Becky has assensed some criminals to form an opinion, as well as babysitted a drug addict for Miss Miller and prevented him from getting into more troubles. All in all, miss Miller still gives Becky the creeps and she is never at ease around her.

NPC: Debora Miller

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