NPC: Jimmy "Things" Mikelson

Forger, Painter and Fence. Connection 4


Jimmy runs the ‘supermarket’ which is an underground place where stolen goods are sent to cool down in Seattle. He offers a good place to drop merchandize, or to pick up. The things he has on stock varies and the man is an excellent negotiator so it is difficult to get discounts.

Jimmy is always seen painting famous art creations and dreams about getting skilled enough to forge a real Van Gogh. When he was younger he wanted to make an art heist but as he grew older his dreams got burried at the the ‘supermarket’ along with the rest of the stolen good.

Nevertheless, Jimmy is always painting, always forging and rumor has it that he is waiting for the right kind of grifter to come along for one last heist for old times sake. Jimmy approaches 60 and his health is a bit flaky but he has been doing his things for a while and is a reliable source of goods for the SINless.

NPC: Jimmy "Things" Mikelson

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