NPC: Longshadow

Shark shaman talismonger


Longshadow runs a talismonger shop in the Sioux sector of Denver. His business doesn’t have listed hours. Or, more precisely, it says “Open 24 Hours”. Longshadow is a Shark shaman and the online reviews for his shop reflect that. Common adjectives include “cold”, “ruthless”, and “heartless”.

>>>>>(That’s putting it kindly. This guy has lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll’s eyes.)<<<<< —Quint

>>>>>(Longshadow doesn’t form personal attachments and doesn’t give discounts. I’ve been going to him for two years and am on a first name basis with him. (“Long,” I say. “Top,” he replies.) I went in last week to get myself a little treat for my birthday. Some mundane gonk – a pinkskin, no less – who had never been in a talismonger shop in his life was in there at the same time, bought the same thing, and got the same price as I did. Frag that!)<<<<< —Top Shot

>>>>>(He doesn’t sleep. Or he sleeps standing up. With his eyes open.)<<<<< —Leo

>>>>>(Bring a gift or an offering – a sacrifice, really – to help defray the worst of Longshadow’s instincts. Pork is recommended, if you can find it.)<<<<< —Colonel Kernel

Longshadow is a Connection 5 contact. It is nearly impossible to advance him past Loyalty 1.


Metatype: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 40? 45? Nobody’s brave enough to ask.

Appearance: Tall and strong, with black eyes and black hair to his shoulders. He looks like a predator, and looks at everyone like they’re prey.

Type: Vendor

Personal Life: None of Your Damn Business. Longshadow doesn’t do small talk; he just stares at you unnervingly if you try.

Preferred Payment: Cash, but he will consider barter if the items are sufficiently rare and interesting.

Hobbies/Vices: Food, specifically real meat.

Contact: Mostly in person at his shop. You can call in advance if you have a special order.

Places to meet: His talismonger shop. He never leaves it.

Times to meet: Anytime. He’s easy to find: he never leaves his shop and his shop never seems to close. Presumably he sleeps in the back? He has to sleep, right?

NPC: Longshadow

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