NPC: Phillip Cardinal

Amerindian (Cree) Tribal Human Male Connection 2 (Toronto)


Phillip Cardinal is one tribal liaison and representative to the Corporations and government representatives who come to their lands attempting to work a deal. Each side hoping to exploit the others.

He represents a number of tribes north of Toronto who have banded together for mutual benefit in these dealings. He is intelligent, wise, and has a decent understanding of human nature and psychology. Phillip has a no-nonsense approach to these dealings though he can be sly as needed. Nonetheless he appreciates those of a similar nature.

Trained in survival and other skills, he can also handle himself in almost every situation.

Connection to Cream: Cream met Phillip while on the job escorting a corporate representative to a meet and they quickly came to appreciate one another. So much so that Cream often was part of any party or supply drops being made to the tribes who Phillip represented. They’ve helped each other out in small ways and over time this has developed into true professional respect. Neither has really had to call on one another in a significant way to date.

Places to meet: Outside Toronto on NAN lands
Type: Legwork (Tribal Info, NAN dealings), Guide, Safe House (in tribal lands)
Payment: Exchange of Favors/Services, Nuyen, or Barter

NPC: Phillip Cardinal

2075: Stormy Waters Horsemen