NPC: Raff Haze

Poor child turned copper Connection 2


Growing up in the Barrens the Haze family had something that nobody else had. A SIN, they were legitimate people that dropped into the fringes of society. It was their secret and they all had the romantic fantasy of going back. Raff is the one that did it, from a street urchin, criminal, ganger to an actual copper. Traitor to his people, Raff knows the ingoing and outgoing of Redmond more than any other copper would.

Raff is a tall dwarf, almost human sized. He is a great driver and before being a copper he was competing in illegal street races under the name Rocket Haze. He is still quite popular in some bike racer crowds due to these days.

Connection to Becky.
They grew up together, the Haze’s lived just next door. Raff was Becky’s first boyfriend and in fact they were still together when Becky was sold to the Finnigans. The two kept in touch over the years. Their shared love for a matrix racing game gave them a discreet manner to do so. 10 years later, Haze is married and has three children, but meeting him is still a bit strange for Becky.

NPC: Raff Haze

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