NPC: Roger Finnigan

Senior Mafiosi, Connection 8


Roger Finnigan is a human looking elf with black hair trim and muscular body. He is always well groomed and often dresses extravagantly with expensive pelts and plenty of jewelry. He seems always happy, and often laughs. Which makes his underlings especially terrified of him.
He speaks five languages and seems to have a natural knack for them, as well as rare charisma that get people to do what he says.

Roger is one of five decision makers in the Finnigan family (Seattle’s Mafia) and a member of its inner circle. He is also a patron of art, fashion and music and is well connected to the high society of Seattle. He personally own two restaurants downtown and his soldiers collect protection money from many other buissness in the city. Roger is known to be a womanizer and holds multiple concubines all over the city as well as a formal wife and five children.

Connection to Becky:
At the age of sixteen, Becky was sold to Roger so that he can pay her medical bills. She was ripped from her relationship with Haze and placed in a luxurious country house in Seattle’s diaspora. Becky lived, loved and hated Roger for nine years where she grew from a teenage to an adult. At a certain point in time, Roger left his wife and openly lived with Becky but that only lasted for a year before he left her again for his wife (Emily) and family in an ugly struggle. 9 years later, Roger is Becky’s best friend, a lover and now her loan shark.

Becky negotiated her freedom to do as she pleases for 100k nuyen. The intense romance between the two cooled down after nine years but still Roger is everything to Becky from a father figure, a soulmate and a lover. Which is why she managed to be so open with him and ‘break up’. Deep inside, Roger admires Becky’s move and hopes that she will make it, though his reputation forces him to behave with her just like anyone else.

Becky has managed to earn enough to pay the interest for three months now in which she extracted all sort of favors and small services from her contacts. The relationship as anything else in Becky’s life is complex – on one side he is her slaver and on the other he is her savior. Roger has taught Becky most of her social skills, being extremely skilled himself.

NPC: Roger Finnigan

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