NPC: Olivia Moor

Owner of the confessions club, Connection 4


Olivia is the owner of a new club called confessions which is placed in an old abandoned church in Redmond. Olivia is skilled enough to navigate her way between the local powers and her newly established club is quite a success for a certain type of rich hipsters that want to go slumming it in touristville. It also has a dungeon where people can indulge in various sins the place has to offer.

Olivia is 30 years old physically imposing orc and is very talented with the guitar. she plays live music every friday. Becky knows Olivia as she frequent her club and in a several occasions Olivia has convinced her to sing with her. Olivia dreams of becoming a famous guitarist and struggles with establishing a band and playing life while also running a buissness.

NPC: Olivia Moor

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