Just another decker with a cyber-arm



Human. Caucasionish (typical NA mongrel, maybe more slavic ancestors than most)

Age 30 Sex M Height 5’9" Build average
Nationality Athabaskan, but coming from a ‘designated ethnic enclave’ he doesn’t have a proper SIN
Description An extremely average looking man. Brown hair and eyes, average features, really not very memorable.

table{border:1px solid black}.
1000 karma build


Body 3 Will 5 Essence 3.01 Mag/Res n/a
strength 3 Charisma 3+ Initiative 10+1d6 Judge Intent. 9
Agility 5 Logic 5 (7) Astral Init n/a Composure 8
Reaction 4 Intuition 6* Matrix Init 6+DP+3/4d Memory 11(15)
Edge 6** Edge Points 4 Movement 10/20+2 Lift/Carry 45/30
Phys. Limit 5 Mental Limit 7(9) Social Limit 5
+ 1 point for 15 karma in TC
  • 1 point for 20 karma in TC, 1 point fo 25 karma in TH’m, 1point for 30 karma in ShS
Street Cred 0 Notoriety 0* Public Awareness 0

Qualities (net +2 karma spent)

Positive Value Notes cost notes
Adrenaline Surge 12 Top of init chart on 1st pass/1st turn
24 kig
Ambidextrous 4
Blandness 8 -2 to remember
Empathetic Listener 10 Use int for Etiquette 20kig
Instinctive Hack 1 4kig
Linguist 4
Overclocker 5 +1 to a deck limit
Perceptive 1 5 +1 all perceptions, 10kig
Perfect Time 5 extra freeA/pass, +1 some perform 10 kig
Social Chameleon 7 +2 etiquette 14kig
Technical School Education 4 Foster College in Edmonton
Negative Value Notes
Addiction, mild Hot Sim -4
Asthma -8 Due to damage, not genetics
Big Regret -5 The things he did working with Fisher
Phobia (mild, uncommon) -5 Canines of all kinds
Faceless 6 -2 on social if not disguised
note: only count 25 of 28 negative quality points.

Skills (+11 karma)

Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Skill Groups
Acting 1
Athletics 1
Biotech 1
Engineering 1
Outdoors 2
Electronics 5 broken
Stealth 5
Diving 0 2
Free-Fall 0 2
AGILITY 5 (arm: 9)
Archery 0 4
Automatics 0 4
Blades 0 4
Clubs 6 11(15) (w/arm)
Escape Artist 1 6 2kig
Ex. Melee mfchainsaw 1 8 avg of arms 2kig
Ex. Ranged 0 /
Gunnery 0 4
Gymnastics 2 7 4kig
Heavy Weapons 0 4
Locksmith 6 11(15) (w/arm)
Longarms 1 6(8) (half arm bonus)
Palming 5 10(14) (w/arm)
Pistols 6 11(15) w/arm)
Sneaking 5 10
Throwing Weapons 1 6(10) (w/arm) 2kig
Unarmed Combat 0 4
Pilot: Aero 0 /
Pilot: Aircraft 0 /
Pilot: Exotic 0 /
Pilot: Ground 2 6 4kig
Pilot: Walker 0 /
Pilot: Watercraft 0 4
STRENGTH 3 (arm: 6)
Running 2
Swimming 2
Animal Handling 1 4 2kig
Con 2 5 4kig
Etiquette 5 8
Impersonation 2 5 4kig, +1 voice
Instruction 0 2
Intimidation 0 2
Leadership 0 2
Negotiation 1 4 2 kig
Performance 1 4 +1 perfect time for some
Artisan 0 /
Disguise 5 11
Navigation 2 8
Perception 6 12
Tracking 2 8)
LOGIC 7 +2 for nanoware
Aero Mechanic 1 8 +2
Arcana 0 /
Armorer 0 4
Auto Mechanic 1 8 +2
Biotechnology 1 8 +2
Chemistry 0 /
Computer 6 13 12 kig, +2
Cybertech 1 8 +2
CyberCombat 1 8 +2
Demolitions 0 4
Elec Warfare 5 12 +2
First Aid 1 8 +2
Forgery 2 9 +2
Hacking 6 13 12 kig, +2
Hardware 5 12 +2
Industrial Mechanic 1 8 +2
Medicine 1 8 +2
Nautical Mechanic 1 8 +2
Software 5 12 +2
Survival 2 7
_ 0 /
Knowledge Skills 22 note: mneumonic enhancer +2
Knowledge Specialization Rank Pool Type/Notes
Logic 7 Note: Tech. School Education
Baker 4 13 Professional
Barrista 6 15 Professional
Bounty Hunter 6 15 Professional
Forensic Technician 4 13 Professional
Law, UCAS 1 10 academic, 1kig
Magic Theory 1 10 academic, 1kig
Mathematics 1 10 academic, 1kig
Matrix Gamer 6 15 Professional
North American Geography 2 11 Academic, 3kig
Paracritters 1 10 academic, 1kig
Physics 1 10 academic, 1kig
Psychology 1 10 academic, 1kig
Tailor 1 10 Professional, 1kig
Intuition 6 Note: Linguist +1 @ languages
English N language
Chinese (Cantonese) 4 13 Language
Italian 4 13 language
Korean 4 13 language
Ukrainian 6 15 language
Classic Cons 1 9 Interest, 1k
Fashion 1 9 interest, 1kig
Seattle Society 1 9 Interest, 1kig
Folk Songs 1 9 interest, 1kig


Item Cyber/Bio Grade Essence* Notes
Commlink C std .2 Holds Transys Avalon
Datajackplus C Std, r3 .15 Behind right ear
Increased Hearing Spectrum C alpha .08 sub-sonic to ultrasonic
Mnemonic Enhance rating 2 CB std .2 +2 memory, know/language skills
Synth Full Arm (L) C alpha 0.8 Str6, Agi 9, armour 2, smuggling compartment, glass cutter finger
Voice Modulator C alpha .16 +1 imitate, vocal range/volume
Smart Link C Alpha .16 +2 limit, +2pool w/w’less
Cerebral Booster B Std .4 +2 logic
Soft nanohive B Alpha .36 supports rating 2 nanites
Soft nanites – neural amplifiers (neocortical), rating 2
Essence hole of 0.45 from upgrade of arm


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
Defiance Ex-Shocker, pg 5 9S 0 -5(e) na 4(m) SS, rng: 5/10/15/20, arm slide
Walther Palm Pistol (HO), pg 4 7P na 0 2(3) 2b SS/‘BF’, R: 5/15/30/50, arm slide(L),
Ares Predator (HP), pg 6(8) 8P na -1 2(3) 15c SA, R: 5/20/40/60, conc. holster
Remington 990 (shot), ext. SmL 4(6) 11P na -1 2(3) 8c SA, R: ///
Stun Baton, pg 5 9s 1 -5 na na
Sap 5 5/8p 0 0 na na concealed ‘holster’ (small of back)
Tomahawk 6 6/9p n/a -1 n/a n/a


Ammo Type Amount DMG AP Blast
APDS HP 30 +0 -4 -
SnS HO 10 0 +1 -
gel HP 40 +0 +1 -
flechette Shot 10 0 0 -
gel Shot 10 0 0 -
SnS Shot 10 0 0 -
taser darts taser 20 0 0 -
  • Ares Predatorr: 2 spare clips (gel is default in gun, +1 APDS, +1 gel)


Armor Jacket 12
+ Concealed Pocket
+ Electrochromic Clothing
+ Nonconductivity 5
Armor Vest 9
Ballistic Mask +2
+ Gas Mask
Body Armor Bag 8
+ Concealability
+ Restrictive


Electronics and Sensors
Little Hornet (rating 2, asdf 5411) with vectored signal filter (2 noise reduction)

  • Baby Monitor
  • Bootstrap
  • Browse
  • Defuse
  • Edit
  • Exploit
  • Paintjob
  • Search
  • Signal Scrub
  • Smoke and Mirrors
  • Stealth
  • Toolbox
  • Track
  • Virtual Machine
  • Wrapper
    Transys Avalon (ATT: 0, SLZ: 1, DP: 6, FWL: 6, 1 condition monitor) - implanted
    Metalink x3
    Binoculars, Optical
    + Vision Magnification
    Contacts Rating 3
    + Polychromic Lens
    + Low Light
    + Flare Compensation
    Earbuds Rating 3
    + Sound Link
    + Audio Enhancement Rating 2
    Trid Projector
    Tag Eraser
    Gold credstick x3
    Silver credstick x5
    standard credstic x10

IDs, etc
Fake SIN (Peter Maloch) Rating 4
+ Fake License (Driver’s License) Rating 4
+ Fake License (Firearms License) Rating 4
+ Fake License (Bounty Hunter’s License) Rating 4
+ Fake License (Restricted Cyberware License) Rating 4
Fake SIN (Petro Kolysnyk) Rating 4
+ Fake License (Driver’s License) Rating 4
+ Fake License (Firearms License) Rating 4
+ Fake License (Restricted Cyberware License) Rating 4
Fake SIN (Naomi Smith) Rating 1
Fake SIN (Lee Chin) Rating 1

Survival Kit (Lighter, Compass, Matches, Lightweight Thermal Blanket, Several Days’ Worth of Ration Bars, Water Purification Unit)
Tool Kit (Hardware)
Tool Kit (Disguise) (in car) + Smart Wig + 3x synthskin face mask
Tool Shop (Disguise) (in Peter Maloch apartment)
Tool Kit (Soycaff)
Tool Kit (Forgery)
Tool Kit (forensics)
Tool Kit (handyman tools) + Crowbar + Monofilament Chainsaw
Medkit Rating 3
Duffel Bag (Good)

Coveralls 0
+ Chemical Protection 1
+ Electrochromic Clothing
+ Concealable Holster
+ Gas Mask
Nice Shoes (cowboy boots)
+ Concealed Pocket
+ Lockpick Set
Nice Shirt 0
+ Electrochromic Clothing
Nice Shoes, socks, pants, watch
One-Use Gloves x3
One-Use Pants
One-Use Shirt
One-Use Shoes
Fashion forward clothes (Ichante’s work)

Miscellaneous Runner Gear
Lockpick Set
Auto-picker (R4)
Keycard Copier (R5)
Gecko tape gloves
3x Faraday pockets
Respirator (R3)
Glue sprayer x3
Glue solvent x3
Plasteel restraints

Lifestyle Gear
Guitar (professional)


  • “Peter Maloch” Medium lifestyle (private garage 2bp, +1 security 1bp) — 2 bedroom apartment near Ellingson Road @ Frontage Road, Auburn. Mafia protected zone. has a garage on a side street a couple of blocks away.


Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seat Notes
Ford Americar 4/3 3 2 11 6 3 2 (check)
morphing license plates, ID spoofer, smuggling compartment, pilot upgraded to 3, gridguide override

Contact Summary

Name Description Location Connection Loyalty Notes
my contacts # # 6 points
Sonya Konstantinov Florist Seattle 2 4 Also ex-client & ex-lover
# #
_’GM Contacts’ # # 40 points
Mr. Mouse Snitch Seattle 3 2
Mr. Jabowski Mafia lieutenant/loan shark Auburn 4 2
Korean Gordo Seoulpa Fixer Seattle 5 1 Source for ID
Radiant Shadow Fabulous drug&BTL dealer Seattle 4 3
Geneva Shadow Banker Downtown Seattle 4 2
DiGriz Mechanic Auburn 2 2 The anonomyzer
Over The Counter Street Doc Seattle 4 2 Put Fisher’s arm onto Preston
Maria (farm owner Farm owner Texas (near San Angelo) 3 4 From Texas Hold’em
Johnny Fixer? Texas? 5 2 From Texas Hold’em

In Game Resource Tracking

  • Karma carried over from Preston – TC: 100
  • Karma earned in Texas Hold ‘Em: 78
  • Karma earned in Pair of Jacks (to May 7) 12
  • Karma earned in Shooting Stars (to Oct 31) 42
  • Karma spent: 229
  • Net Karma: 3
  • Nuyen carried over from Preston TC: 157k
  • Nuyen earned in Texas Hold ‘Em: 156k
  • Nuyen earned in Pair of Jacks (to May 7) 24
  • Nuyen earned in Shooting Stars (to Oct 31) 84
  • Nuyen claimed in game: 169 560
  • As Cash starting: 0
  • Cash spent: 0
  • Cash available: 2300
  • Nuyen not claimed: 101 630

2 months lifestyle paid post-TH’m 10k


The Athabaskan National Council let large numbers of ‘anglos’ remain, but to help keep a lid on things it played a bit of divide and conquer with the non-native population. Non-English speaking groups were allowed to organize themselves, run schools in their own language, and receive slightly greater civic and employment rights than the outright anglos. The Ukrainian community had mostly settled on the prairies generations previously, but enough had held onto enough heritage and language that some Ukrainian enclaves were formed. Preston comes from the largest of these, in the outskirts of Edmonton.

Despite the nominally Ukrainian nature of his community, he grew up mostly in English, it being both the lingua franca between groups and the language of media and the matrix. Although matrix access was more limited when he was young, and he absorbed a lot of old movies and ‘flat’ movies, preserved since the days of NAN creation. Somewhere in there he picked up romantic notions of the old Royal Canadian Mounted Police (aka Mounties).

Preston was something of a nerd, more at home in a book or, later, in the matrix than dealing with people. He did come close to having one romantic relationship while growing up, with a girl from the adjacent Korean community, but they hadn’t gone beyond a few kisses while on snowy walks before her family moved to Fairbanks where there were more Korean boys for her to meet. After that he became deeply immersed in matrix games, becoming a fairly competitive player.

After finishing secondary education he attended a security training program at a nearby technical college. When his studying lagged due to his heavy involvement in matrix games he attempted to hack a teacher’s account to gain access to exam questions. His intrusion was detected, he exposed, and expelled — crushing his dreams of someday being a noble police officer.

He found work in a series of bakeries and cafes over the next few years while focusing on his gaming career. He had made it onto semi-pro teams in some of the more peripheral games on the scene when a life altering opportunity came his way, in the form of Fisher. Fisher was a bounty hunter from the UCAS, who found himself in need of a local accomplice with some gaming background in order to flush out his prey, and in asking around for an accomplished gamer with a reputation for flexible ethics, he found Preston.

They worked well enough to together that Fisher took Preston on as a trainee, Preston adding matrix savvy and a knack for being forgotten to FIsher’s large bag of tricks. Fisher was clever, tricky, and ruthless, not afraid to go after dangerous quarry when he could gain the advantage in some way, and over the next three years they bagged some substantial bounties, some of those on shadowrunners.

Eventually Fisher’s confidence got the better of him, when they took a bounty on a mind-mage ‘runner whose long and vile career had eventually led him to kill one more security chief, but this one had a large slush fund and a grown daughter who wanted revenge more than the nuyen. Preston’s memories of the event are a bit fractured, but somehow the mage spotted Preston and used magic to get him to release the mage and trap Fisher with the pack of hell hounds, who tore the bounty hunter apart. Preston doesn’t really remember how he killed or drove off the hell hounds, but he does remember picking up Fisher’s cyber arm from the scraps of his corpse.

Vowing revenge on the mage, Preston arranged to have Fisher’s arm installed on himself, causing further damage to a mind already badly stressed out by having been the direct cause of the death of his partner. The mage was on guard and after a couple of failed attempts Preston started using Jazz for a performance edge, both in going after the mage and in completing what other jobs he could manage on his own. On top of which he began to spend most of his time in hot-sim, avoiding the unnatural feel of Fisher’s arm. The twin addictions further eroded his grip on himself.

He finally bagged the mage after extensive research identified a sister, who had a small son, whose birthday the mage attended each year. Preston waited until the mage was back in his car before exploding a truck bomb, killing the mage and destroying the front of the house and causing serious injuries to those inside. After he realized that he’d become as callous as the mage he’d been pursuing, and disappeared almost fully into his addictions.

In his pursuit of the mage he’d had the help of Sonya, the Security Chief’s daughter, who was struggling with her own addictions. They had a dysfunctional and codependent relationship during the hunt. After her father’s killer was himself killed, Sonya managed to get herself clean. After that she ended her relationship with Preston, but helped him kick his own habits.

During this process he isolated ‘The Monkey on His Back’ as its own voice in his mind, and while trying to learn to function without help or his addictions he further found Coleman (callous tactics and strategy), Gamma (dispassionate observer) and Oleg (judgmental curmudgeon) within himself. These voices helped him more-or-less function.

Without the edge of Jazz or hot sim, Preston was reduced to very minor jobs and petty matrix crime to survive, until Tanya came into his life. A wealthy heiress of some sort, she hired him initially as part of a particular job, but they quickly struck up a relationship. Tanya may have been fairly wealthy, but was carrying trauma of her own. Somehow Preston’s broken nature seemed to speak to her and vice-versa. During the early days of the relationship Preston found Eliza as a new voice, covering communications and interpersonal relationships (although Eliza remains the least active of his voices).

Ultimately to complete the job for Tanya, Preston had to start using hot sim again. He’s managed to keep the addiction mild, so far, but it has created tensions with Tanya who has seen in detail the damage that addictions can wreak.

(some time passes about here, exactly what happened is not determined)

In trying to deal with his general nervousness around animals, Preston went to a Texas dude ranch (the only one he could find that promised no dogs on site), to learn to ride. He didn’t become very good with animals, but maybe had made some progress. Before he could return to Seattle, however, he received a job offer in nearby San Angelo.


2075: Stormy Waters Brex