R! - Addie



Addie (Addison Kent)

Human. Caucasionish ()

Age about to turn 16 Sex F Height 5’7" Build slightly husky athletic
Nationality UCAS
Description Just coming into her looks, more than she’s realized yet. Honey-brown hair in a simple pony-tail, brown eyes, slightly more muscular and husky than many girls her age,

In Game Resource Tracking

  • Karma from character creation: 5
  • Karma earned from Run!: 58 (as of post 1216)
  • Karma earned in Forbidden Aegis: 14 (as of 1st post on30 July 2019)
  • Karma spent: 54
  • Net Karma: 18
  • Nuyen starting: na
  • Nuyen earned in FA: 28k ( as of 1st post on 30 July 2019)
  • Nuyen spent: 0
  • Nuyen available: maybe 28k?
Race E Attributes A Magic E Skills B Resources D
Human 0 karma 24 15 karma mundane 0 karma 36/5 16 karma 50kY 7 karma
+ 12 karma spent on martial arts in character creation

Attributes (=15 karma spent)

*Body+ 3* Agility 4 Essence 4.05 Mag/Res n/a
Reaction 4 Strength 3 Initiative 8+2d6 Matrix Init. na
Willpower 5 Logic 4 Astral Init n/a Composure 10
Intuition 4 Charisma 6 Judge Intent 10 Memory 8
Edge 3 Edge Points 3 Lift/Carry 45/30kg Movement 8/16+2
Phys. Limit 5 Mental Limit 6 Social Limit 7
+ 1 point bought for 15 karma in character creation
Street Cred 0 Notoriety 0* Public Awareness 0

Qualities (net -25 karma spent) (20 karma spent in game buying down negatives)

Positive Value Notes
Photographic Memory ‘6’ 12kig
Negative Value Notes
Loss of Confidence -10 Leadership
SINNER, national -5 UCAS
Qualities Net: -25 karma

Skills (+16 karma)

Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Skill Groups
Biotech 1 5kcc
Firearms 1 5kcc
Influence 5
Diving 0 2
Free-Fall 0 2
Archery 0 3
Automatics 1 5 (group)
Blades 0 3
Clubs 0 3
Escape Artist 0 3
Ex. Melee 0 /
Ex. Ranged 0 /
Gunnery 0 3
Gymnastics 6 10
Heavy Weapons 0 3
Locksmith 0 3
Longarms 1 5 (group)
Palming 0 3
Pistols 1 5 (group)
Sneaking 4 8
Throwing Weapons 0 3
Unarmed Combat Jujitsu 5 9 (11)
Pilot: Aero 0 /
Pilot: Aircraft 0 /
Pilot: Exotic 0 /
Pilot: Ground 0 3
Pilot: Walker 0 /
Pilot: Watercraft 0 4
Running 1 4 2 karma
Swimming 1 4 2 karma
Animal Handling 5
Con 5 11
Etiquette 5 11 (group)
Impersonation 0 4
Instruction 1 7 2 karma
Intimidation 5 11
Leadership 5 11 (group) (-2, LoC NQ)
Negotiation 5 11 (group)
Performance 0 5
Artisan cooking 2 6(8) +1ig, 4k
Assensing * /
Disguise 0 3
Navigation 1 5 +1 ig 2k
Perception 5 9 +3 visual (tetrachrom Vis)
Tracking 0 3
Aero Mechanic / -
Arcana 0 /
Armorer 0 3
Auto Mechanic 0 6/
Biotechnology 1 5 (group)
Chemistry 0 /
Computer 1 5 +1 ig 2k
Cybertech 1 5 (group)
CyberCombat 0 4
Demolitions 0 4
Elec Warfare jamming 0 3
First Aid 1 5 (group)
Forgery 0 3
Hacking 0 3
Hardware 1 5 2kig
Industrial Mechanic / /
Medicine 1 5 (group)
Nautical Mechanic 0 /
Software 0 3
Astral Combat * /
Survival forest 3 8(10) +1ig 6k
_ 0 /
Knowledge Skills 16
Knowledge Specialization Rank Pool Type/Notes
Logic 4
Babysitter 4 8 Professional
Psychology Child 3 7(9) Academic
Jujitsu History & Code 2 6 Academic
Geography 2 6 Academic
UCAS Law 2 6 Academic
Surrealist Literature 2 6 Academic
Intuition 4
English N language
Orzet 1 5 Language
Run!ners knowledge 3 7 Street, 6k ig


Item Cyber/Bio Grade Essence* Notes
Commlink C std .2 Holds Hermes Icon
Datajack C std .1 Behind right ear
Boosted Reflexes B alpha .8 +1d6 init
Electrical Discharge B std .3
Extended Volume (rating 2) B std .2 +2 vs fatigue
Nephritic Screen (rating 1) B std .05 +1 vs toxins
Sleep Regulator B std .1
Tetrachromatic Vision B std .1
Thickened digestive tract lining B std .1


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
unarmed 5 3 0 0 na na


Ammo Type Amount DMG AP Blast

Martial Arts (17 karma)

  • Jujitsu
  • Clinch (note: gymnastics+agility)
  • Throw (notes: can be an interrupt, need Str+net hits > phys limit)
  • Sacrifice throw (5 karma ig): need STR+ BOD + net hits > phys limit)


Armour Rating Description


  • Body suit: 8 points armor, +3 heat/cold resistance.


  • N/A


Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sensor Seat Notes
|>. Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Contact Summary

Name Description Location Connection Loyalty Notes
my contacts # # 18 points
Mr. Johnson Seattle 4 3 Dad’s best friend
Eric Handsome Orc Seattle 2 2 Jujitsu teacher
Addison (‘the great’) Grandmother Seattle 4 3 Judge
# #

I’ll write the proper essay for Careers class later, this one is just for my head memory. At least that is the plan, so Ms. Nguyen, if you read this I’m sorry, I screwed up and handed in the wrong one, please stop reading RIGHT NOW!!!

Who am I? I’m Addison Kent. Yes,, I know Addison is an old-fashioned name, but I’m named after my Mom and my Grandmother. Just don’t call me ‘Addison the Third’; maybe Addison the Least? Or just Addie, like pretty much everyone does.

My grandmother -Addison the Great as I think of her - is a judge and studied law at Harvard, despite growing up as a military brat and living through everything from the return of magic to VITAS to the breakup of the old USA. She is every bit as smart and driven as that makes her sound. She married a writer — my grandfather died when I was young so I can’t say a lot about him, but I’ve heard that while he was creative he didn’t have the same sort of academic brilliance that my grandmother has.

My mother is also Addison — Addison the OK. She studied biology at the University of Pennsylvania but went into journalism after graduation. She really is smart, but I’ve never heard her win a logical debate with my grandmother, she isn’t on that level. She married a public relations expert, which, aside from making potential conflict of interest issues, made for the second generation of women to marry someone less rigorously intellectual.

Genetics are not always predictable, but here I am, the third generation of watered down intellect. It isn’t like I’m stupid, but even with hard work and all the advantages my family can bring me — from dining room debates to tutors to bioware implants at an age most people wouldn’t be allowed to get them — my marks are only good, not great. It isn’t just that I’m not getting into Harvard Law, I won’t be studying law anywhere, or getting into any prestige programs, you know?

I’m ‘good with people’, as Mom is always quick to point out when she’s trying to convince herself that I’m not a disappointment. You know that old saying about shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations? I try not to be the spoiled brat who will party away the family reputation, but I’m just not anything all that special. I wonder how much of that saying was just from the watering down of bloodlines? Some days I think that the best thing I could do for the family is marry the smartest boy I can find, and hope for kids smarter than me. Isn’t that a life goal to make a girl feel good about herself?

So I bust my butt, hoping that I can keep up the illusion of hope for the future for at least as long as my grandmother lives — I think Mom could better accept my limitations if she didn’t feel that she was disappointing her Mother by raising an inadequate kid. The sleep regulator is a lifesaver, as I can babysit almost every night — gotta make those contacts, schmooze those possible future patrons, and show my ambitions — and still I have time to do all the homework and studying.

The sleep regulator. One of several bioware enhancements to help me be vaguely adequate. Most of the rest are more health things. Grandma was on her varsity swim team, Mom was a competitive distance runner and still spends forty-five minutes a day on the treadmill. I was the sickly kid. I was always drooping, oozing, wheezing. Addison the great was sure it was a failure of character and had mom put me into every character building opportunity available, from wilderness camping to field hockey, but more often than not the only parts I liked were the theory and practice, and my body would fall apart when things got real.

I still don’t know if I like the various bioware implants I ended up getting to help me out, but good on Dad for standing up to Grandma for once. It was him who got me into doctors who concluded that I did have a mix of allergies, asthma, and underdeveloped immune system. So I got lungs that move more air, a tougher stomach, better toxin filters in my blood. And because Dad is convinced that some day I’ll be at risk and in need of protecting myself, some stuff to speed up my reflexes and make me a walking electric eel.

Sexy right? ‘You make me tingle, are you leaking?’ or ‘Addie, I really like you — so like you’ll give my car a boost, right?’ I mean, if anyone did kidnap me, once they realized what they had, they would totally throw me back in disappointment.

The one good thing that came out of all of that was Judo. Turns out I’m not terrible at all sports, just the character building ones that Addisons Great and OK believe in. Dad stood up for the self-defense so much that I ended up getting enrolled with a top end teacher, and it turned out I liked judo and was decent. So of course, she didn’t believe in ‘ware, at least not for a girl my age, so I got kicked out of the one good thing my parents ever put me in.

Only to land in something WAY more awesome! Credit Mom for once, she found a Shihan — a teacher — of real Jujitsu, not sport Judo. Eric believes that anything that lets you win a fight is worth using, that you use every advantage you have. Like he says “You are a teenage girl, if you are fighting a man, are they going to use their greater strength and reach? Of course they are. So you use everything you have, from looks to tricks to electric shocks.”

Eric is pretty amazing that way, on top of having dark eyes that make me totally orbital, and rock hard muscles that make me go weak in the knees when he demonstrates a hold on me. I mean, he is ancient, like thirty or something, and ‘just’ a martial arts teacher, so never in a dragon’s age would I ever be allowed to date him, but no harm in thinking about what his tusks would feel like if we kissed, right?

I’m doing really well in his class, and I even started helping teach some of the little kids last month. Not really teaching, but helping out with form and leading exercises and stuff. I like that, I’ve always liked kids. Maybe because I was always so sick I know how much it matters to be treated as real, even if you are little and weak and stuff. Whatever the reason, I seem to be able to understand kids pretty well. I was already pretty popular as a babysitter; kids and parents all like me and I know I do good stuff with the kids. Maybe it sounds conceited, but for some of those kids I think I’m the best thing in their life.

Actually, I wouldn’t mind being a teacher of some sort, I think. I hope I’d be good at it, and at least I’m good at wrangling kids. But in my family being [i]just[/i] a teacher wouldn’t cut it. A college professor, an instructor at a military school, something like that maybe? But we already covered that I’m not really a high flyer, right? So I have this talent, but going for a job that really uses it wouldn’t be acceptable. Unless maybe I just did it for a few years until marrying that theoretical really smart guy? But any smart guy that met the Addison standards could probably do better than me, and if not it would probably be because he was a total toad.

So who am I? I can’t be the woman my foremothers want me to be, I can’t the person that I think I’d be good at, and I don’t really see another route. So I’m just a kid trying to figure myself out, like most everyone else in grade ten.

R! - Addie

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