R! DW064-0035111

Broken Toy


DV064-0035111 (aka Blank)


Age 151
Sex Male
Height 6’3"
Build Mesomorph
Nationality Unknown


Body 6 Agility 5 Essence 4.005 Magic N/a
Reaction 3 Strength 5 Initiative 7+2D6 Matrix Init. 10+1D6 (AR)
Willpower 4 Logic 3 Astral Init N/a Composure 6
Intuition 4 Charisma 2 Judge Intent 6 Memory 7
Edge 3 Edge Points 3 Lift/Carry 50kg Movement 10
Phys. Limit 7 Mental Limit 5 Social Limit 4
Street Cred 0 Notoriety 0 Public Awareness 0


Positive Value Negative Value
Biocompatibility: Bioware 5 Blank Slate 15
Prototype Transhuman 10 Uneducated 8
Restricted Gear2 10


Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Agility Skills
Automatics 2 7
Blades 2 7 CC Group
Clubs 2 7 CC Group
Pistols 3 8
Sneaking 3 8
Throwing Weapons 2 7
Unarmed Combat 52 Blocks3 5 114 Tech: Randori
Strength Skills
Running 2 7
Charisma Skills
Intimidation 3 5
Intuition Skills
Perception 5 9
Tracking 3 7
Logic Skills
First Aid 1 4
Willpower Skills
Survival 2 6
Knowledge Skills5
Security Companies 2 6 Street
Vory Prison Code 1 5 Street
Assassination 4 7 Professional
Police Procedures 2 5 Professional
Neurochemistry 2 5 Academic
English N N
Russian Fenya 2 6(8)


Augmentation Rating Ess Cost Description
Chipjack - 0.05 See footnote6
Cybereyes 1 0.2
Smartlink - 0 +2 Accuracy w. Smartgun
Low-Light Vision - 0
Expanded Lung Volume 2 0.2 +2DP for Fatigue tests
Bone Density Augmentation 2 0.6 +2DP for Damage Resist tests
Hearing Enhancement - 0.1 +1 die to Perception (Hearing)
Nephritic Screen 1 0.05
Platelet Factory - 0.2 Reduce P dmg by 1 box if 2+ taken
Toxin Extractor 2 0.4 +2 to resist toxins
Boosted Reflexes - 1 +D6 Initiative
Pain Editor - 0.3 Ignore wounds, +1W/-1I while active, -4 touch Perception
Reflex Recorder (Unarmed) - 0.1
Tremor Reducer 1 0.1 Remain still for 8 hours, +1 Take Aim max


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
# #P/S # # # #


Ammo Type Amount DMG AP Blast


Armour Rating Description


Link DR Notes


Item Rating Notes


Name Type Connections Loyalty Notes


  1. Due to an accelerated maturation process, DR64-003511’s body is as developed as a 20 year old.
  2. Restricted Gear quality taken in order to purchase a Pain Editor.
  3. Martial Art, not specialization.
  4. Pool enhanced by Reflex Recorder.
  5. Unaware of Academic, Technical, and Professional skills outside of his realm of personal experience/training.
  6. There is currently a persona-chip jammed in the chipjack, it is of a varsity football player.

Life in the Sixth World is tough enough when you are not a vat grown boy, destined to be someone’s spare parts. Officially known as DocWagon 64-003511, the one who has adopted the name ‘blank’ was an aberration. Prior to his vat-conception, an ambitious intern tinkered with his DNA and encoded into it a series of extra instructions (which manifested in a manner similar to a bioware implant, though he was born with it) and with a genetic pre-conditioning for further implantation. The intern completed his probationary hiring period, and remained with the corporation through the first five years of the accelerated maturation process which left DW64-003511 approximately age fifteen physically. Mere months into his normalized maturation process, DW64-003511’s lessee suffered a terminal accident, and the clone became invalid stock as a result. A priority loss-recovery termination order was tendered, and DW64-003511 was slated to be rendered down to component parts and sold off cheap. Seeing an opportunity to further his experimentation, the intern (now a full-time DocWagon clone technician) falsified records of termination, and put in for a transfer to DocWagon’s biosculpting and reconstructive therapy division. Over the course of the next year he used corporate resources to conduct extensive bio-implantation in DW059-003511, pushing the bounds of the teenage clone’s body. When not undergoing surgery or recovering, DW059-003511 was subjected to a battery of tests and training to demonstrate his resiliency and capabilities.

Having meticulously recorded eleven years of data, and with tighter corporate oversight in the face of the Corporate Court Audit, the technician decided to cut his losses and offload DW059-003511. He had incurred a good deal of debt over the years, despite largely using DocWagon resources for his extracurricular research. In order to defer the debt, he brokered a deal which landed the vat-grown boy with Chimera, the infamous order of augmented assassins. Rather than deal with an empty teenage boy, his handler saw fit to have a chip-reader installed in DW059-003511 into which personachips could be fed. He was trained in combat arts which synergized with his implants, and the personachips were used to provide him deeper identities with which he would set up under until he could get close to targets. Within Chimera he was given the handle ‘Blank.’ As he was only physically in his teens, the covers often saw him posing as a student and ingratiating himself with the children of targets, and this tack proved to be quite successful. That is until one of his targets’ bodyguards clocked his augmentation through assensing, and engaged. In the process of the fight that followed Blank’s persona-chip was jarred, and he was severely injured. Wounded, and without his programming, he fled the scene and collapsed in an alley ten blocks away. The world around him went first crimson, and then black. Though he did not fear it, Blank was aware that he was dying…

…until he woke up in the desert, in unfamiliar clothes.

R! DW064-0035111

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