TC - Raul San Julián el Pobre Valdes (Street Name: Baš Čelik)

Vodou Conjurer


Elf Male 27
B3 A6 R3 S2 W5 L3 I5 C8 MR6 EDG 3 ESS 6
Init 8+2d6 Limits:M 6 P 4 S 9

Aspected Conjure Vodou Tradition
BiLingual (English/Spanish)
Jack of All Trades, Master of None
Phobia:Arachnids, Moderate
(While possessed once perceived an Anansi that had been conjured by another magician. Ever since then, arachnids of all types make him queasy for some reason.)
(he wears a metal cilice around his right thigh as penance for the deaths he has caused)
Prototype Transhuman /Wanted: Cuban Vory

Conjuring SG 5
Con 6 (Fast Talk)
Negotiations 6 (Contracts)
Perception 4

Knowledge Skills
Religon 2 (Catholicism)
Syndicate 4 (Vory v Zacone)
Shadow Community 4 (Safehouses)
Forensics 2 (Cleaning)

1mo Low (apartment in Pullyup above a Consignment Store.

Boosted Reflexes

Executive Suit
Casual clothing.
Power Foci 2
Rating 4 ID (Raul Mendez)
Rating 4 Mage License
Rating 4 Bodyguard License
MCT Blue Defender
Burner Metalink
Gold Credstick empty
Silver Credstick 1500nuyen
Standard Credstick 400 nuyen
1 Litre Flask w/metal shot glass
1 Litre Rum
20 Decent Cigars
(The rum and cigars are for appeasing the spirits he summons to possess his body,)

Most Common Self Possession are Captain Xander (F6 Guardian Spirit) and the Grave Digger (Force 6 Task Spirit) but he knows many other ghede and osirahs.


Baba Yaga, went to Tsar Edvard Lanski with a plan to create an apprentice assassin. Lanski used his influence to have a baby cloned from Baba Yaga’s cells but altered. The child was given into the care of The Roman Catholic Church at Casa de Beneficencia y Matrinidad in Havana. He was given the name Raul San Julián el Pobre Valdes (Valdes being the traditional surname given to male children in honor of the founder Bishop Jerónimo Valdés y Sierra; the spelling Valdes rather than Valdés being intentional). At age 13, Baba Yaga sent for him to begin his apprenticeship. He was given the code name Koshei. To Baba Yaga’s dismay, the transhuman modification stunted Koschei’s magical ability-he could conjure but could not cast spells. Baba Yaga trained Koschei in the Vodou tradition and how best to utilize possession to do wet work and inspire fear in the enemies of the Vors. At age 18, there were plans in the works to make him officially a Vor and to start using his services. Koschei decided he did not want to be shackled to Baba Yaga and the Vors. He stole a bunch of certified credsticks and fled Cuba. He’s been wandering around the UCAS for several years hiding under assumed names and living off his ilgotten loot. Lately he’s arrived in Seattle and has finally started to run out of nuyen. Taking the new street name, Baš Čelik, he has decided to start running to make a living and has been living in Pullyup for the last few months. Raul pronounces Baš Čelik as Bash Shellek (which isn’t exactly the Eastern European pronunciation). <more>

Enigma is the first contact Raul cultivated pon leaving Cuba Cost him a pretty penny, but Enigma’s work is worth it.

Raul is on friendly terms with Mendle the Magnificent(C3L4) ever since he helped Mendle to ward off a half dozen angry husbands outside Dante’s. in August of 2070..Mendle has recently introduced Raul to Argent (C 5 L1). Hopefully Argent can help him procure some work.

He lives in Pullyup near the shop of Santera Santa Muerte(C 3 L1). Her relationship with Baš Čelik is purely monetary at this point. She recently made him a power foci. She has hinted that to upgrade the foci might require more than money- Evidently she has a problem that she needs taken care of. Either she’s unsure that Baš Čelik is ready to handle it right now or she is waiting for a later date for reasons unknown to him.
Santera Santa Muerte wasn’t the first talismonger he frequented- RedEyeJill (C4 L1) was. However she made him a bit too uncoforable with the way she looked at him.

He’s done one job for Kolya (C 5 L1)only because the true boss of the operation (Raul was hired as muscle) was unknown to him at the start and he only met him while receiving his pay. It was an uneventful job that required guarding a decker nicknamed Spider (Connection 2) (C2 L1). The idea of any Vory knowing him makes Raul uncomfortable. The only upside (if you can call it that) is that the Seattle Vory are Red Vory (pro-Moscow communist) while the Cuban Vory are White Vory (anti-communist) so they don’t work together.

When Raul had money to spare he caught multiple concerts at Underworld 93 (including a surprise Mercurial concert). There he met and has had some interesting if not strange conversations with an anthropologist by the name of Watcher.(C3 L2) He also met a full body lizard British changling by the name of Simon Andrews (C5 L1) but got the feeling that the conversation was somehow an interview disguised under social pleasantry. He hasn’t crossed paths with either of the two since he stopped going to Underground 93.

Raul knows how to get a hold of Counter (C4 L1) over in Touristville if he needs a street doc. However, he’s keeping an eye out in Pullyup for a more local and as reliable alternative.

There’s a group of bums that hangs out in the alley behind the Consignment shop he lives over. About once a week he gives them a bottle of rum and plays some cards with them (usually while possessed by the Grave Digger who enjoys drinking in company). A dwarf by the nickname of Mr Mouse (C3 L1) has joined in on several occasions.

Raul has had the ‘pleasure’ of making the acquaintance of Cole (C2 l1). But hey, one never knows when one needs a cop on the take.

TC - Raul San Julián el Pobre Valdes (Street Name: Baš Čelik)

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