TC - Raven Hartley "Rave"

Undercover Detective on the Take


Statistics & Race (D)
Height: 1.72m 
Weight: 57.2kg 
Hair: Dark Purple
Eyes: Green

Gender: Female
Age: 31
Apparent Age: 25
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Race: Elf

Attributes (A, Karma)
REA 5 (7)
ESS 3.18

Initiative: 11 + 3D6
Composure: 11
Judge Intentions: 10
Lift/Carry: 6
Memory: 12

Mental Limit: 6
Physical Limit: 7
Social Limit: 7

Qualities (0 Karma)
Ambidextrous (4) – Can use objects equally well with either hand. No penalty for off-hand use
Analytical Mind (5) – +2 to all Logic Tests involving pattern recognition, evidence analysis, puzzle solving or clue hunting.
Photo Memory (6) – +2 to all Memory Tests
Perceptive L2 (10) – +2 to all Perception Tests

SINner –National (5) – Biometrics are on file and is required to pay taxes.
Insomnia (10) – Must make an INT + WP (4) test prior to healing Stun Damage, if failed takes 2x times long to heal.
Day Job – Knight Errant (10) – Requires 20 hours a week (minimum) of work towards her regular job, nets her ¥2500/month

Active Skills (C, 13 Karma)

Acting Group 2
• Con
• Impersonation
• Performance
Gymnastics 3
Automatics 3
Blades 2
Perception 4 (2)
Pilot: Ground Craft 2
Etiquette (Street) 3 (
Longarms 3
Unarmed Combat 3
Pistols 3
Intimidation 2
Negotiation 2

Knowledge Skills (18 Karma)

Law Enforcement 3 – Professional
Police Procedures 4 – Professional
Crime Syndicates 3 – Street
Local Gangs 2 – Street
Prostitution Rings 2 – Street

Russian 4
Chinese 2
Japanese 3
Italian 2
Cityspeak 3
English N

Personal Contacts (18 Free, 3 Karma)

Weapons Dealer C4/L3
M/E – They tried the romantic relationship and failed miserably, they were like gunpowder and a flare when emotions got involved. Locus is tall, muscular and has jet black hair and has a traditional bad-boy vibe about him. He’s a more well known weapons dealer who runs a legitimate storefront and shooting range on the edge of Bellevue. He also has an under-the-table business that can get almost any weapon, cleaned, for a price. Raven has steered a couple of investigations away from Locus’ shadow business in the past in favor of his help and future product.

Scott Foxwell
Street Doc C2/L4
M/E – With Raven’s propensity to get hurt in her line or work both on and off duty, her brother Ethan introduced her to Scott. Every runner needs a trusted street doc in their pocket and since Scott finds her rather fascinating, and he owes her brother for looking out for him and his black clinic, he’s pretty loyal to Raven and will go out of his way to take care of her. He’s an older Elf who doesn’t look a day past 30, save for his blue eyes that are filled with wisdom and the sadness of a man who has seen more than his share of death and destruction.

Det. Shane Collier
Detective C3/L5
M/H – Raven met Shane the first day she was introduced to the Sub Rosa program at Knight Errant. He was her handler for lack of a better way to describe their relationship. As Raven progressed through the program and showed more promise than they had expected, Shane transitioned from her handler to her partner on the streets as she earned her promotions up to Detective and she started working primarily UC. They are more like brother and sister than her own flesh and blood siblings and it kills her to have a life that she keeps secret, even from him.

Public Contacts (40 Free)

Bartender C2 /L2
M/H – Jet is Raven’s current favorite bartender, mostly because he works at Vostok, a dance club and bar close to Olga’s Tearoom. He’s constantly mixing new drinks and making Raven his guinea pig for the cocktails. The Vostok is a notorious hangout spot for low-level Vory v Zakone soldiers who are looking for a place to blow off steam and unwind without the vice offered upstairs at Olga’s. Jet is a great source of info for her as he often overhears conversations from the Vory they assume are private.
Knows Raven as Viktoria Pretrov

Lucas Hall
KE/Sub Rosa Handler C5 /L2
M/H – When Raven graduated the Sub Rosa program and Shane Collier became her partner, Lucas became her official handler in the program post-graduation. He keeps fairly tight tabs on her and occasionally surveillance she isn’t even aware of which puts her slightly better-than-corrupt dealings in danger. She gets the job done for him as he is part of the panel that decides what her next UC persona will be and where she’ll be used next.

Pavel Egorkin (‘Sobaka’)
Vory Shestiorka (Errand-Boy) C2 /L3
M/O – Pavel is the poster boy for low man on the totem pole as far as the Vory is concerned. He’s young and hungry to move up the ranks at almost any cost so he’s constantly watching and learning. It leads his higher ups to believe he’s “slow” which he exploits to his advantage whenever possible. He is the Shestiorka to Ilia.
Knows Raven as Viktoria Pretrov

Ilia ‘Temnota’ Alexeev
Vory Avtoritet (Captain) C4 /L1
M/H – Ilia is the definition of ‘dark and dangerous’ and has a propensity for women and liquor which is how Raven started to worm her way into his circle of influence. He primarily works within their human trafficking arenas but occasionally oversees some of the matrix crime as well.
Knows Raven as Viktoria Pretrov

Syn (Galena)
Vory Prostitute C1 /L1
F/H – Syn was scooped up by the Vory a number of years ago and is one of their more “executive” prostitutes. She tends to work the Vory’s higher-end clientele and oversees a lot of the day-to-day trafficking operations from the inside, acclimating the new girls to their ‘new normal.’
Knows Raven as Viktoria Pretrov

Mr. Mouse (Vexboy’s Contact)
Street Hustler/Snitch C3 /L3
M/D – He dresses in a scraggly trenchcoat and can be found playing cards with bums in the alleys of Seattle. He keeps to himself unless someone has need of his services. He is something of a premiere snitch and is trying to gain enough money to graduate to information broker. He is in with all he other snitches but nothing serious. Raven has come to him when she’s hit a dead end in a few instances involving her investigations and he’s provided a crumb now and then that helped break a case or gained her an “in” when needed.
Knows Raven as Rave

Dante Mosconi
Mafia Capo C4 /L2
M/H – Dante runs a tight ship under the loose control of Caesar “Chrome” Ciarniello and his reckless arms of prostitution and pornography. He and his crew run a studio that produces some of the ‘Plex’s dirtier and darker Simsense pornography. The studio is run like a well-oiled machine, and if your fetish isn’t already in their catalogs, your sick wish is their next blackmarket blockbuster.
Knows Raven as Harper Clarke

Black Market Dealer C3 /L2
M/O – If there’s something you need, Bronx can get it for you. For a price of course. Bronx works just outside the Docks of Tacoma, a handy spot within the protection of the crime families, out of the reach of (most) of the law, and prime for those items that “fall off trucks” when leaving the port. He’s much like Switzerland when it comes to underworld politics, never double crossing any hand that feeds him, but never turning away an opportunity for business either. Deals primarily in all things Electronic, but with enough lead time (and enough Nu) he can find you almost anything you need, or connect you with the person who can. For a cut, of course.
Knows Raven as Rave

Resources (B)
¥275,000 to spend

Starting Money
Middle ¥4d6*100 = 4d6: 19 [4d6=6, 1, 6, 6] = ¥1,900

Gear (Spent: ¥275,000, ¥225 Remaining)
Armor Jacket
– Insulation 3
Chameleon Suit
– Thermal Damping 1
Form Fitting Body Armor

Ares Alpha
Browning Ultra-Power
Colt Agent Special
Combat Knife
FN P93 Praetor
Survival Knife
APDS – Submachine Gun (250)
Regular Rounds – Heavy Pistols (100)
Regular Rounds – Light Pistols (100)
Regular Rounds – Assault Rifles (100)

Implanted Commlink
– Hermes Ikon
Wired Reflexes (R2)

Mnemonic Enhancer (R1)
Sleep Regulator

Street Gear
Antidote Patch (R:6) (4)
Autopicker (R:6)
AR Gloves
Camera (R6)
-Vision Magnification
Climbing Gear
– Transys Avalon
Contacts (R:3)
– Image Link
– Thermographic
– Smartlink
Earbuds (R:3)
– Audio Enhancement 2
– Select Sound Filter 1
Fake SIN (R:4) – Viktoria Petrov
– License: Concealed Carry
Fake SIN (R:4) – Addison O’Shea
Fake SIN (R:4) – Harper Clarke
Flashlight, Low-Light
Grapple Gun
– Myometric Rope (50m)
– Catalyst Stick (5)
Hold Fast Adhesive Spray (2)
Lockpick Set
Maglock Passkey (R:4)
Medkit (R:6)
Medkit Supplies (5)
Rapelling Gloves
Sequencer (R:4)
Stim Patch (R:6) (3)
Subvocal Mic
Survival Kit
Tranq Patch (R:6) (3)
Trauma Patch (7)
White Noise Generator (R:6)

¥6,000/month – Raven Hartley
Middle: Condo Apartment in West Seattle
Qualities: Extra Secure, Obscure/Hard to Find, Cramped

¥1,400/month – Rave (Viktoria Petrov)
Low: Studio Apartment in Downtown Seattle
Qualities: Cramped, Dangerous Area

Earned Karma + Cash

Total Karma: 27
Total Cash: ¥54,000

Karma Spent: 24
Purchased Level Cost
Chinese 2 3K
Japanese 3 6K
Italian 2 3K
Cityspeak 3 6K
Blades 2 6K

Cash Spent: ¥38,125
Purchased Level Cost
BMW 400GT ¥28,500
Funded Middle Lifestyle ¥3,375
Knives ¥400
Transys Avalon ¥5,000
Camera (R6, Vision Magnification) ¥850

Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 0


You know that moment when you stop and ask yourself ‘What if?’ What if I had asked Charlotte to the dance? What if I had been smarter and stayed in school? What if I had tea instead of coffee for breakfast.

The older I get, the more days I keep breathing, I find myself asking ‘What if?’ a lot more often.

Let me rewind a number of years, that tipping point where the most crucial of ‘What If’s should have been asked.

I grew up the youngest in a family of 5. My pops, my mom, two older brothers and myself in a fairly non-descript neighborhood in Auburn. We weren’t exactly poor, but there were plenty of times we were scraping by, by the skin of our teeth. Of course I didn’t exactly know that growing up, I was the baby protected at all costs by my older brothers especially once I started to ‘come of age’ in my late teens. That was about the time I fell in with the wrong crowd, started to understand the nuances of hiding a ‘double life’ from my family, and when I fell in love with Nick Garrett.

Nick was your stereotypical ‘bad boy’ to a T, and when my slightly rebellious self met him at the ripe age of 17, you can bet I latched on to all the darkness he radiated and did everything in my power to catch his eye. It took a while to work my way into his circles, to be seen as someone other than ‘Ethan and Alex’s little sister.’ I think Nick avoided me for a while out of some kind of respect to my brothers, but I was too persistent, too willing and just enough naïve to be ignored. Things started casual at first, hiding any hints of a relationship from my family but quickly turned serious, as serious as things can get at 17 at least.

Nick ran with a small gang in Auburn, The Five Points, they were mostly small potatoes in the grander scheme of the ‘Plex. Some B&E, fencing some of their spoils, intimidation in the beginning. Until they got a taste of the money they could make smuggling goods across the ‘Plex. I enjoyed the spoils of being one of the ‘old ladies’ and the perks it provided. Access to any drug of choice, the parties and unfettered access to Nick. Over the next few years, the guys grew bolder, took bigger risks for bigger rewards and they started crossing paths with the bigger fish and occasionally stepping on the toes of the big crime syndicates when they were particularly unlucky. They were needing a way to smooth things over with some of the low-level Yakuza. Insert their insane plan to traffic some of the local girls who wouldn’t be missed, turn them over to the Yaks and be cut some slack when their smuggling crossed streams.

Remember that naivety I mentioned before, I honestly didn’t know what the Yakuza wanted with the girls at the time. I figured worst case scenario they were becoming prostitutes, which wasn’t far off from what a lot of these girls were already doing or were headed. Somehow I got charged with watching over the girls while they were being held before turning them over to their new lives. I didn’t get involved with them at first, most of them were there less than 24 hours before they were moved, but there were occasions I didn’t have a choice to get to know them. I was used as ‘bait’ now and again at bars, earning these girl’s trust before betraying them. At least the drugs and alcohol took the edge off my guilt.
Two things were the catalyst to my major ‘What if’ moment. A girl named Christy, and discovering that the girls I had been helping round up weren’t being turned out on the streets or in Yakuza owned clubs to make them money. No, they were being turned into meat puppets, handed over to be sent to Bunraku parlors to be chipped into any paying client’s perfect fantasy. I had been locked in the house with Christy and about 7 other girls for going on 3 days. There was some hold up getting the girls into the Yaks hands, some crack down by Lone Star when the boys had been less than covert snatching up the girls throwing a wrench into our usual streamlined timeline. Something about that girl broke me, made me second guess my little to no contact policy, and when the other scared girls were drugged asleep we’d talk. As I got know know her, I promised her I would see her clear of this mess I had helped create.

I knew at the end of day three, with my new knowledge of what laid ahead for these girls, I wasn’t going to be able to live with myself if I let The Five Points turn them over. I made a decision I would never truly be able to go back on. Knowing the majority of the boys would be at the house in the evening, I placed a call to Lone Star and gave them an anonymous tip about the house and the trafficking ring it contained and named the major players, including Nick. Including myself. Lone Star’s tactical division raided the house in the middle of the night and freed the girls and Nick along with the majority of his crew were arrested and I was led out in a set of plasteel restraints and placed in the back of the van with the rest of the gang as we were read our rights and I was convinced that was going to be the end of my life, rotting away in jail for who knew how many years.

I find myself asking ‘What if I didn’t make the call?’ more often than I’d like these days.

So I got hauled to jail, ended up going through intake and everything. Strip searched, documented, fingerprinted, orange jumpsuit, just about every cliché you see on the TriD in ever cop drama. So I was sent to holding while the law decided how hard they wanted to throw the book at our little rag-tag gang and just how many crimes they could nail each of us for. I sat there alone, with none of my coping mechanisms, scared out of my mind more at how my family would take the news than how I might survive a prison sentence. Funny the things that we waste our fear on when we are in the middle of a crisis.

Turns out someone must have been looking out for me when I decided to go against my better judgement and started talking to Christy. Her family was corporate, like influential corporate if you get my meaning. She was out slumming with her friends when Nick grabbed her, and her father decided he wanted to help the person responsible for bringing him his baby girl back. I don’t know what strings he pulled or what favors he cashed in on my behalf, but the next morning I was pulled from holding and transferred over to a facility in Everett. Still wearing my orange jumpsuit I sat across a long table from two people who looked like corporate lawyers crossed with cops and they’re instantly launching into legal jargon and how our conversations are being monitored and recorded and if at any time I refuse to cooperate with The Program, I will be immediately returned to jail without delay.

The Program, with a capital P. Or I should say the near-complete reprograming of a girl once known as Miranda into a woman known as Raven. The facility I had been transferred to turned to be none other than Knight Errant’s Training Facility. I was basically being turned over to KE for a period of two years for one of their top secret programs. Think witness protection only with more rules and regulations and about seven more levels of secrecy. I had to sign my life away, literally, and agree to the fact that I could be sent right back to jail if I didn’t follow every order. My life as Miranda Stone ended the moment I signed that binding document. “Miranda” was electronically sent to prison for her crimes, while “Raven” was given a new National SIN, a background I was required to memorize as if my life depended on it (it did.), and training and technology I swore you only saw on the TriD.

I barely remember the first few hours after my world was pulled out from beneath me, I was brought through intake, given otherwise anonymous sets of clothing, assigned a particularly small dorm room that looked like every other in my wing, and then I was locked inside my room to study all of the materials that were downloaded to my terminal. The next person I saw, some 15 hours later was Shane Collier. He came into my world like a drill sergeant and gave me the first taste of what my new life would be like. There was something about him however, something I saw in his eyes that I connected with and gave me hope that I would get through what was ahead of me and stay out of jail permanently. I quickly learned that Shane was going to be my handler through The Program, my lifeline when things felt entirely hopeless, and the closest thing to family I’d have over the next two years.

I was told not to contact my family, it was part of my deal to avoid jail and be a part of the program, but I don’t follow rules well. I never have. Well I play along with most of their requests, but I haven’t completely cut ties from my brother Ethan. He runs the shadows deeper and darker than I tend to tread personally or professionally. His network has come in handy now and again, contacts have come and gone, favors owed and collected. Mostly he’s the lifeline that keeps me grounded, reminds me who I was before my world was turned upside down, lets me believe for a moment that there’s still something good somewhere inside me.

TC - Raven Hartley "Rave"

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