SoP - Raven "Reaver" Thornblood

Agent of the Unseelie Court (Rhiva Dhillon)


Raven Thornblood

Immortal Elf

Age Indeterminate Sex Male
Height 243.2cm (7’11”) Build 203.36Kg (448lbs)
Nationality British
Description By Elvish standards, Raven is a bear. His overly tall frame carries extra bulk that many of his brethren do not, but it still retains the Nobilis grace and limberness. Wherever skin is showing, there are at least hints of decorative scars. The area of his skin that isn’t scarred is decreasing rapidly.
His gaze is unsettling to most. From his height, to his presence, these alone would put many off. The fact that his eyes are red gemstones simply seals the deal.
His hair is receding from the bottom up as he shaves more for his scarring. The patch on the top of his head is long and a reddish rusty color.

For clothing, he prefers dark reds and blacks, in styles that cover as much as possible with a hood whenever appropriate.

In the Fourth World Bleeding thorns replace the scars, and his clothing always includes a hooded cloak.

Attributes (1080 Karma)

Body 5 Agility 7 Essence 6 Mag/Res 10
Reaction 6 Strength 5 Initiative 15+1d6 Matrix Init. 13+4d6
Willpower 6 Logic 6 Astral Init 12+2d6 Composure 14
Intuition 6 Charisma 8 Judge Intent 14 Memory 12
Edge 5 Edge Points 5 Lift/Carry 50kg Movement 14/28
Phys. Limit 7 Mental Limit 8 Social Limit 10
Street Cred 0 Notoriety 0 Public Awareness 0
Karma 2000/2000 Karma Earned - / –

Qualities (-4 Karma)

Positive Value Negative Value
High Pain Tolerance 1 (From ^1) 0 Did you just call me dumb? 3
High Pain Tolerance 2&3 14 Distinctive Style 5
Mentor Spirit 5 Pie Iesu Domine. Dona Eis Requiem. ^1 2
- - Poor Self Control (Sadistic) 8
- - Poor Self Control (Vindictive) 5

Miscellaneous Karma Expenditures (125 Karma)

Item Value Notes
Race 40 Elf
Magician 30 Black Magic
Resources 13 26000 Nuyen
Blood Crystal Eyes 10 Low Light Vision, +2 Visual Perception
Blood Crystal Spine 10 +2 Initiative, +1 Armor
Group Bond 5 “The Red Sprites”
Scarring Magic 5 Variation of Tattoo Magic technique
Bonded Foci 12 Health Sustaining Focus

Spells (120 Karma)

Spell Type/Target Range Duration Drain Damage Type Notes
Boil Blood P LOS Instantaneous F-4 Elemental (Fire) Direct, Fetished, No Armor
Giger Spit P Touch Instantaneous F-4 Elemental (Acid) Direct, Fetished, 11 meter range
Pyrohemetics P LOS Instantaneous F-6 Elemental (Fire) Direct, Fetished, 11 meter range
Rupture P Touch Instantaneous F-8 Direct, Fetished, can only affect circulatory systems, damage can be used with Sacrifice
Slaughter Humans M LOS (A) Instantaneous F-4 Direct
Ball Lightning P LOS (A) Instantaneous F-3 Elemental (Electricity) Indirect, Preparation, Fetished
Fireball P LOS (A) Instantaneous F-3 Elemental (Fire) Indirect, Preparation, Fetished
Napalm P LOS (A) Instantaneous F-2 Elemental (Fire, Water) Indirect, Preparation, Fetished
Detect Enemies, Extended M Touch Sustained F-2 Fetished
Detect Life, Extended M Touch Sustained F-3 Fetished
Crank P Touch Sustained F-5 Fetished, Hits replace need for sleep 1 Hr per.
Heal M Touch Permanent F-6 Fetished
Increase Reflexes P Touch Sustained F-2 Fetished
Heal M Touch Permanent F-6 Fetished, Preparation
Agony M LOS Sustained F-6 Core 290 Realistic, Single-Sense, Fetished
Armor P LOS Sustained F-4 Fetished
Blood Blade P Touch Instantaneous F-3 SG 41 Fetished
Blood Whip P Touch Instantaneous F-4 SG 41 Fetished
Augury and Sortilege M Special Instantaneous Special SG 124, Ritual, Fetished
Blood Sight M Special Instantaneous Special SG 125, Ritual, Fetished
Corps Cadaver M Special Instantaneous Special HT 129, Ritual, Fetished
Death Mark M Special Instantaneous Special SG 127, Ritual, Fetished
Group Bond M Special Instantaneous Special SG 129, Ritual, Fetished
Necro Summoning P LOS Sustained Special FA 52, Ritual, Fetished
Whisper of Bones M Special Instantaneous Special SG 137, Ritual, Fetished


Rhiva Dhillon 6
The Unseelie Court 5
Queen Alachia 5

Skills (597 Karma)

Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Diving 0 4
Free-Fall 0 4
Archery 0 6
Automatics 0 6
Blades 6 13
Clubs 0 6
Escape Artist 0 6
Gunnery 0 6
Gymnastics 0 6
Heavy Weapons 0 6
Locksmith 0 /
Longarms 0 6
Palming 0 6
Pistols 0 6
Sneaking 0 6
Throwing Weapons 0 6
Unarmed Combat 0 6
Pilot: Aero 0 /
Pilot: Aircraft 0 /
Pilot: Exotic 0 /
Pilot: Ground 0 5
Pilot: Walker 0 /
Pilot: Watercraft 0 5
Running 0 4
Swimming 0 4
Animal Handling 0 7
Con 0 7
Etiquette 4 12
Impersonation 0 7
Instruction 0 7
Intimidation 1 9 +2 From Dragonslayer
Leadership 4 12
Negotiation 4 14
Performance 0 7
Artisan Ritual Scarring 6 12 (14)
Assensing Aura Reading 6 12 (14)
Disguise 0 5
Navigation 0 5
Perception 4 10 +2 Visual from Crystal Eyes
Tracking 0 5
Aero Mechanic 0 /
Arcana 4 10
Armorer 0 5
Auto Mechanic 0 /
Biotechnology 0 /
Chemistry 0 /
Computer 3 9
Cybertech 0 /
CyberCombat 0 5
Demolitions 0 5
Elec Warfare 0 /
First Aid 0 5
Forgery 0 5
Hacking 0 5
Hardware 0 /
Industrial Mechanic 0 /
Medicine 0 /
Nautical Mechanic 0 /
Software 0 /
Astral Combat 0 5
Survival 0 5
Alchemy 6 17
Artificing 6 17
Banishing 5 16
Binding 5 16
Counterspelling 6 17
Disenchanting 6 17
Ritual 6 17
Spellcasting 10 21 +2 on Combat from Dragonslayer
Summoning 5 16
Compiling 0 /
Decompiling 0 /
Registering 0 /
Knowledge Skills
L: Speretheil N N
L: English 6 12
L: Japanese 6 12
L: Spanish 2 8
L: Chinese 6 12
L: Swahili 3 7
ArcanoArcheology (Magical artifacts) 8 14
Biology 6 12
Chemistry 8 14
Geology 8 14
ParaGeology 8 14
History 6 12 Free
Magical Theory 8 14
Anatomy 10 16
Transhumanism 4 10
Poetry 4 10
Earthdawn History 1 7
Egyptian History 6 12
Roman History 6 12
The Dark Ages History 6 12
The Reformation History 6 12
Modern History 8 14

Initiations (82 Karma)

Grade Karma Art Metamagic / Ritual Notes
1 10.4 Blood Magic Sacrifice Group and Resilience Ordeal
2 13.4 Necromancy Death Mark Group and Flow Ordeal
3 16.4 Masking Masking Group and Satori Ordeal
4 19.4 Divination Danger Sense Group and Spirit Ordeal
5 22.4 Centering Centering Group and Instinct Ordeal


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
Unarmed Combat 7 5P - - - -
Horizon-Flynn Rapier 7 7P 1 -3 - - “Thornblade” (RG 18)
Combat knife 6 7P - -3 - - “Thistleknife” (Core 422)


Bike Racing Armor 8 (RG 68)
Bike Racing Helmet +2 (RG 68)
Blood Crystal Spine 1 (FA 133)
Total 11


Spell Focus, Health (Sustaining) Rank 6
Fetish, Thorn Rose Scar below the throat

Minions (8 left)

Contacts (400 points worth left)




There is only one memory from his early life.


Exquisite pain.

The number of years that lasted is lost in the sands of time, but it was hundreds. Maybe thousands. He has spent thousands of years trying to find that magnificent level of pain again. Either in himself, or causing it in others.

He has not succeeded yet.

He was born in the Wyrm Wood. None know of it anymore. It was changed some years after his birth to become the Blood Wood. None know of that anymore either.

The memories of his master are easier to remember. Mostly because he interacts with her often. Sometimes even in the flesh. She was the one who gifted him with his eyes, and his spine. Ever since that ritual, he can hear her talk to him in his head.

For Rhiva, he is soldier, assassin, occasional bodyguard, and Reaver. Her Will, is his will. She allows him much freedoms though, as long as it does not interfere with her wishes. And there is much to be enjoyed. There are pleasures of the flesh that are as fun as the pain.

At some point, his Thorns fell out of favor. Another useless date lost to the sands of time. Since then, he has changed to ritually scarring himself. Along with a cutting to start the day, to remind him of that pain.

There is much of his past written down. Rhiva commands it of him. At one point there were volumes of handwritten books. Then came the printing press, and he moved all of that to printed books. Now, things are stored on devices. Computers people of this day call them. His entire library has been reduced to one device smaller than a travelling notebook from long ago.

Excerpts from my personal library:

- I was born 928 TH to Amedee and Mi’tilarro Liara, members of the Shel Eollor, as Jhaartael. – The location is not recorded as the Shel Eollor is an Elven military that is charged with patrolling around the Wyrm Wood.

- My brother Jhaan, the youngest of us, was ravaged by a Horror, losing his mind.
- I lost touch with Kieran, the second youngest brother, after the Blood Wood was reopened.
- Our only sister, Naesala, is very dear to me. She has had a very tumultuous life of political intrigue. She spent time imprisoned for speaking against a political rival. Current whereabouts are unknown.
- Zeno is our eldest. He was born from a union of our father Mi’tilarro, and some unknown woman. It is suspected that she was a military whore.

- From 1267 TH to 1277 TH I spent my time studying at the Scakga Academy of Higher Learning. I found that studying while under the influence of The Ritual of Thorns to be challenging and very rewarding.

- 1389 TH my first in a series of successful investments has paid off.

- In 1430 TH, I was approached by Ehrendil Glynsatra of the Seelie Court. When her lover, Iolrath Elmaris is murdered, she blames me. Shortly after, I am approached by my To-be-master, Rhiva Dhillon.

- My next great investment pays off in 1458 TH when the Free Trade Compact is signed.

- I was mortally wounded by Thais, a Horror infested Elf during the Death Rebellion of Throal in 1484 TH. We become terrible rivals. It was here that my master Rhiva Dhillon gifted me with my Blood Crystal Eyes and Blood Crystal Spine to replace my damaged body. Ever since then, I can hear Rhiva in my mind.

SoP - Raven "Reaver" Thornblood

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