FAr - Amy Maka Green 'AM' -- Forbidden Arcana

Smallframe elf


== Personal Data ==
Name: Amy Maka Green Alias: AM
Elf, Female
Movement:10/20 (2m/hit)
Swim:3 (1m/hit)
55, 170 Composure: 10
Street Cred: 17 Judge Intentions: 10
Notoriety: 0 Lift/Carry: 3(15 kg/10 kg)
Public Awareness: 0 Memory: 10
Karma: 174 Nuyen:2,140¥
Age: 30 Skin: white
Eyes: Green Hair: Blonde
Primary Arm: Right

== Priorities ==
Metatype: A,4
Attributes: B,3
Special: C,2
Skills: D,1
Resources: E,0

== Attributes ==
Current Form:
BOD: 2 CHA: 5
AGI: 5 INT: 5
REA: 4 LOG: 5
STR: 1 WIL: 5
EDG: 2 MAG: 5

== Derived Attributes
Essence: 6.00 Initiative: 9 +1d6
Physical Damage Track: 9 Rigger Initiative: 9 +1d6
Stun Damage Track: 11 Astral Initiative: 10 +3d6
Physical: 3 Matrix AR: 9 +1d6
Mental: 7 Matrix Cold: 7 +3d6
Social: 7 Matrix Hot: 7 +4d6
Astral: 7

== Active Skills ==
Assensing (Aura Reading) Base:0 + Karma:3 =3 Pool:8(10)
Automatics (Machine Pistols) Base:0 + Karma:6 =6 Pool:11(13)
Computer Base:0 + Karma:6 =6 Pool:11
Con Base:0 + Karma:4 =4 Pool:9
Counterspelling Base:0 + Karma:5 =5 Pool:10
Demolitions Base:0 + Karma:1 =1 Pool:6
Disguise Base:0 + Karma:3 =3 Pool:10
Electronic Warfare Base:0 + Karma:5 =5 Pool:10
Etiquette Base:0 + Karma:4 =4 Pool:9
Hacking (Personas) Base:0 + Karma:6 =6 Pool:11(13)
Hardware Base:0 + Karma:3 =3 Pool:8
Impersonation (Human) Base:0 + Karma:1 =1 Pool:6(8)
Leadership Base:0 + Karma:4 =4 Pool:9
Negotiation Base:0 + Karma:4 =4 Pool:9
Palming Base:0 + Karma:3 =3 Pool:10
Perception Base:0 + Karma:5 =5 Pool:10
Pilot Ground Craft (Wheeled) Base:0 + Karma:6 =6 Pool:10(12)
Ritual Spellcasting Base:0 + Karma:5 =5 Pool:10
Sneaking Base:0 + Karma:3 =3 Pool:10
Software (Data Bombs) Base:0 + Karma:1 =1 Pool:6(8)
Spellcasting Base:0 + Karma:5 =5 Pool:10

== Knowledge Skills ==
English Native
Lakota Base:2 + Karma:1 =3 Pool:8
Sperethiel Base:2 + Karma:0 =2 Pool:7
Arcana Base:6 + Karma:1 =7 Pool:12
Area Knowledge: Seattle Base:4 + Karma:0 =4 Pool:9
Art Base:1 + Karma:2 =3 Pool:8
Gaming Base:2 + Karma:0 =2 Pool:7
Gangs Base:0 + Karma:3 =3 Pool:8
Magical Theory (Academic) Base:0 + Karma:6 =6 Pool:11
Music (Classical) Base:2 + Karma:0 =2 Pool:7(9)
Sioux Sign Langugage Base:0 + Karma:3 =3 Pool:8
Small Unit Tactics Base:0 + Karma:2 =2 Pool:7

== Qualities ==
Aspected Magician
Big Regret (Not saving boyfriend)
Code of Honor (Harmoney with Nature)
Dedicated Spellslinger
Focused Concentration (5)
In Debt (5)
Low-Light Vision
Mentor Spirit (Spider (Alt))
Phobia (Common, Mild) (Rats)
Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker)

== Tradition ==
Shamanic,Resist Drain with 10

== Spells ==
[Sense] Cryptesthesia, Extended (Thetrachromatic Vision)DV: F-1
Astral Clairvoyance, Extended DV: F-1
Create Ally Spirit (Ally Spirit)DV: Special
Fling (Limited) DV: F-4
Growth (Limited) DV: F+1
Heal DV: F-4
Improved Invisibility DV: F-1
Increase [Attribute] (INT) DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (LOG) DV: F-3
Increase [Attribute] (CHA) DV: F-3
Influence (Limited) DV: F-3
Levitate DV: F-2
Makeover DV: F-3
Remote Sensing DV: Special
Watcher DV: Special

== Lifestyle ==
(Street)1 Month
+ Grid Subscription (Public Grid) [+50¥]

== Armor ==
Armor Jacket 12
Helmet +2

== Weapons ==
Ares SIGMA 3
+ Folding Stock
+ Foregrip
+ Gas-Vent 3 System
+ Slide Mount
+ Slide Mount
+ Smartgun System, Internal
Pool: 11 Accuracy: 4 (6) DV: 8P AP: – RC: 6 (7)
Throwing Knife
Pool: 4 Accuracy: 3 DV: 2P AP: -1 RC: 2
Unarmed Attack
Pool: 4 Accuracy: 3 DV: 1S AP: – RC: 2
Urban Tribe Tomahawk
Pool: 4 Accuracy: 4 DV: 3P AP: -1 RC: 2
Walther P118
+ Advanced Safety System, Basic
+ Electronic Firing
+ Extended Clip
+ Gas-Vent 2 System
+ Safe Target System, Base
+ Smartgun System, Internal
+ Trigger Removal
+ Weapon Commlink
Pool: 11 (13)Accuracy: 5 (8) DV: 7P AP: – RC: 5

== Commlink ==
Erika MCD-1(ATT: 4,SLZ: 3,DP: 2,FWL: 1)
+ Sim Module, Hot
+ Universal Connector Cord (Meter)
+ Commlink Functionality [Browse, Camera, Micro, Chip Player, Credstick Reader, Earbuds 1, GPS Guidance System, Micro Trid-Projector, Music Player, RFID Tag Scanner, Shock- and Water-Resistant Case, Touchscreen Display]
+ Edit
+ Encryption
+ Search
+ Signal Scrub
+ Toolbox
+ Exploit
+ Decryption
+ Wrapper
+ Smoke and Mirrors
+ Program Carrier (VM)

== Gear: Equipped ==
Fake SIN (Ammalia Parma) Rating 2
Fetish (Earring)
Govi Rating 6 " Canteen."
Govi Rating 6 “Blood magic Painting”
Magical Lodge Materials (8d185e0e-5f49-4992-babd-d1ac9c848f68) Rating 6
Reagents, per dram (shamanic)
Reagents, per dram (Shamanic) ×20
Stealth Tags ×10
Throwing Knife ×2
Urban Tribe Tomahawk
Vectored Signal Filter

== Description ==
At 160 centimeters, AM is short for an elf and slightly below average for a human. She was born to an Anglo human mother, and a Sioux elf father. While she was born an elf, her appearance took after her mother, featuring short blonde hair, and green eyes. She is thin, lean, fragile, and dresses in a tomboy-ish sort of manner. She has small breasts, and while she is 30, she may pass for a teenager. Her pointy ears are relatively short, and she keeps them hidden under her hair most of the time.

== Background ==
Born to a Sioux father and an Anglo mother, Amy Maka did not find her place in either of the worlds. She grew up on a reservation and felt discrimination by the so-called native Sioux. Her father kept in touch occasionally and would take Amy Maka with him to some father-daughter activity. Together, they enjoyed off-road driving and target practice. Daddy loved his firearms, and Amy Maka loved her father, so she rigorously practiced driving and shooting. It gave them something to do together.

Her mother did not like that kind of influence and encouraged Amy Maka to study hard and get a real job in the computing industry. Amy did so and discovered a natural talent for hacking things and advanced computer usages. Her first job was performing extensive matrix research on various topics for students that were too lazy or too incompetent to do it themselves. Opportunities for the SINless were quite limited, so this was as good as life could get. It was not bad, she had to parents that no longer loved each other, but the two of them liked her, and she made enough to sustain herself.

Her lucky break was in her late teens when she awakened. Such a gift offered a hope to break out of poverty, and such hoped justified going to great length. Namely, it justified sending Amy Maka away. Her mother sent her away to a nearby tribe to get some magical education. She was under the guidance of Shaman Dancing Bear. Traditional hard-core Sioux shamanism – from a tribe that refused to use modern technology. She did not fit very well in that tradition as well. First, she showed no conjuring capabilities – which was a disappointment. Second, when she finally found a totem, it was not the mighty Bear, the noble Eagle, or the restless Horse, not at all it was – the Spider. It did not quite fit, and Amy Maka did not speak much about her mentor.

Maka’s first boyfriend was a traditionalist Sioux man, a hunter. She loved him deeply, and the two planned to run off to Seattle and get married. Things did not end up very well for the two. Their connection was frowned upon by Crying Fox’s parents. Maka being an unusual magic practitioner, made it even worse, instead of a holy woman – she was foreign-alien. The family did not have it – his terrible big brother caught the two lovers together and beat Crying Fox unconscious. Maka could do something to help him; she was a sorcerer; she had a gun nearby.

She froze in terror, too naked, too ashamed and too surprised. A lifetime of training with firearms, years of magic education, and she did nothing. Worse than nothing, she ran away and hid in nearby bushes. She watched the entire drama without interfering. If there was one thing worse than looking like an Anglo and having strange magic – it was to be a coward. So she left, running away from her family from her boyfriend, and finding herself in Seattle. She suffered from being an ‘Anglo’ why not listen to them? Perhaps she’ll find a home in Seattle.

It was difficult to stand up on her two feet; first, she needed to reach Seattle illegally, which was expensive. Second, she needed a fake SIN for the first time in her life, which was more expensive. Third, she needed work to pay off her debit, but legitimate work did not pay well enough, and she did not have the connections to do anything else. Amy Maka ended up being indebted to the people that brought her. Instead of killing AM for being so hopeless to finish off her debit, they decided to use her and allowed her to pay the interest on the debt with shadow jobs. It was only in Seattle when Amy Maka became a real criminal. (but being a criminal was better than being a prostitute, so she had that pride.)

She found the job at an agency funded by the Sioux nation to be a lifeline to some badly needed cash and connections that could help her pay her debts. They did not need to blackmail her. The hope of breaking free from the Mafia was enough to have her intrigued. However, blackmail was on the table if she misbehaved, and Amy Maka was not sure how her father would react if he heard of her behavior. Would he disown her? He must never find out.

Also, in a way, despite anything, Amy Maka is a Sioux patriot. She admires strengths and respects strong men. Her relationship ended when her boyfriend failed to protect himself and her to his brother. She failed herself when she was unable to defend him, despite being an accomplished Shaman. She chose not to interfere as if he beat his brother so severely, what would he do to her? That Wildcat brother terrified Amy Maka still, after all these years. Perhaps, in time, she will find her inner strength again. AM can never imagine herself worthy of going back to Sioux (and it is not like she was ever accepted there).

== Concept ==
Decker, and Shaman. A technology freak, and an almost hermetic Shaman. Seeking to scientifically understand how Shamanism works. She is an established sorcerer, and a begginer decker. A calculated risk taker, that seeks to return her debt, and find some place to belong.

== Contacts ==
Bau Chou (Renegate Triad),(Connection: 3,Loyalty: 3)

Cheng Mu Chou (Triad boss),(Connection: 6,Loyalty: 1)

Clive Clarke,Shoe sellsman(Connection: 1,Loyalty: 5)

Fagin (Black market delivery),(Connection: 3,Loyalty: 1)

Five Fingers Gau&Fenghuang (Talismonger),Talismongers(Connection: 3,Loyalty: 5)

Janet Dime (Infobroker),(Connection: 3,Loyalty: 1)

Jhonney Morad (Arms Dealer),(Connection: 3,Loyalty: 4)

Katsuo “Andrew” Musai (Yakuza Sargent),(Connection: 4,Loyalty: 3)

Kira Benson (Black) (Decker-Shadowrunner),(Connection: 3,Loyalty: 6)

Tom Jones (TJ) (Mafia Collector ),(Connection: 1,Loyalty: 1)

Walon,Squatter(Connection: 2,Loyalty: 4)

As you may know, I am now living in Seattle, where I physically blend in more than in Sioux. I live with three other guys of similar backgrounds, and we provide investigative service. Seattle investigative Service – a business of our own! No, it is not so dangerous, I am a pretty face and a secretary. I do matrix stuff mainly so relatively safe given circumstances.

P.S: I am a decker now, a proud owner of an Erika. Yes, you wouldn’t know about it, but mommy would be proud. Keep an eye for her for me, yes? I know it is difficult, but things are bad over there. No judging!

Love you always, and spirits keep you safe.
Amy Maka Green.

FAr - Amy Maka Green 'AM' -- Forbidden Arcana

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