All - Rick Deckard

Telekinesis Specialist



Caucasian Human

Age 32 Sex M Height 1m77 Build Thin but healthy
Nationality UCAS
Description Of fair complexion with thick brown hair and soul patch. His piercing blue eyes enhance an already charming and light hearted attitude. Deckard is of average size and build, he would rather rely on his wits than on his punching abilities. His decent athletic abilities don’t come from any genetic predisposition alas but from the desire to maintain a somewhat decent appearance.

Race B Attributes B Magic A Skills A Resources E


BOD 3 AGI 2 Essence 6 Mag/Res 8
REA 3 STR 2 Initiative 9(17)+3d6 Matrix Init. 13+1d6
WIL 5 LOG 3 Astral Init 12(20)+2d6 Composure 9
INT 6(10) CHA 4 Judge Intent 10(14) Memory 8
Edge 7 Edge Pts 6 Lift/Carry 5kg Movement 4/8
Phys. Limit 4 Mental Limit 6(7) Social Limit 7
Street Cred 3 Notoriety 2 Public Awareness 0


Positive Value Negative Value
Exceptional Attribute MAG 14 Emotional Attachment (Gun) 5
Focused Concentration R4 16 Gremlins R1 4
Mentor Spirit (Raven) 5 In Debt X 10
## # Phobia Snake (Uncommon, Mild) 5
## # Poor self control (Thrill Seeker) 4
## # Spirit Bane (Blood) 7
## # Unsteady Hands *


Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Diving # #
Free-Fall # #
Archery # #
Automatics # #
Blades # #
Clubs # #
Escape Artist # #
Ex. Melee # /
Ex. Ranged # /
Gunnery # #
Gymnastics 4 6
Heavy Weapons # #
Locksmith # /
Longarms # #
Palming # #
Pistols Revolver 6 8(10)
Sneaking Urban 3 5(7)
Throwing Weapons # #
Unarmed Combat 1 # 3
Pilot: Aero # /
Pilot: Aircraft # /
Pilot: Exotic # /
Pilot: Ground # #
Pilot: Walker # /
Pilot: Watercraft # #
Running 4 6
Swimming 4 6
Animal Handling # #
Con Fast Talking 4 10(12) +2 Mentor Spirit
Etiquette 6 10
Impersonation # #
Instruction # #
Intimidation # #
Leadership 6 10
Negotiation 6 10
Performance # #
Artisan # /
Assensing Psychometry 6 12(14)
Disguise # #
Navigation # #
Perception 6 12
Tracking # #
Aero Mechanic # /
Arcana 1 4
Armorer # #
Auto Mechanic # /
Biotechnology # /
Chemistry # /
Computer # #
Cybertech # /
CyberCombat # #
Demolitions # #
Elec Warfare # /
First Aid # #
Forgery # #
Hacking # #
Hardware # /
Industrial Mechanic # /
Medicine # /
Nautical Mechanic # /
Software # /
Astral Combat # #
Survival # #
Alchemy # /
Artificing # /
Banishing # /
Binding Spirit of Man 6(8) 14(16)
Counterspelling 6 14
Disenchanting # /
Ritual # /
Spellcasting Manipulation 6(8) 14(18) +2 Mentor Spirit
Summoning Spirit of Man 6 14(16)
Knowledge Skills
L: English N N
L:Russian Speak 1 7(9)
Magic Theory 3 6
Parazoology 2 5
Underworld 2 8
Sprawl Life 3 9
Shadow Community 6 12


Spell/Form Type/Target Range Duration Drain Dmg Type Notes
Clout (Limited) P LOS I F-5 P SR5 284
Sunbeam (Limited) P LOS I F-3 P SSP 17
Detect Life, Extended M T S F-1 - SR5 286
Detox M T S F-3 - SR5 288
Increase Attribute (INT) P T P F-6 - SR5 288
Increase Reflexes P T S F - SR5 288
Chaotic World (Limited) P LOS (A) S F-2 - SR5 290
Sound Barrier P LOS (A) S F-3 - SG 113
Physical Mask P T S F-1 - SR5 291
Improved Invisibility P LOS S F-1 - SR5 291
Catch P LOS I F-2 - HT 191
Deflection P LOS S F-1 - SG 115
Fling P LOS I F-2 - SR5 293
Gecko Crawl P T S F-3 - SG 116
Levitate P LOS S F-2 - SR5 293
Magic Fingers P LOS S F-2 - SR5 294
Mana Barrier (Limited) M LOS (A) S F-4 - SR5 294
Physical Barrier (Limited) P LOS (A) S F-3 - SR5 294

Bound Spirits

Type Force Services Optional Powers
Spirit of Man F8 3 Innate Spell (Increase Reflexes), Movement
Spirit of Man F8 8 Innate Spell (Mana Barrier), Innate Spell (Deflection)
Air Elemental F8 9 Elemental Attack (Electricity), Energy Aura
Water Elemental F8 9 Guard, Weather Control

Metamagic (Initiate Grade 4)

Spirit Extension: UMT Task Spirits


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
Ruger Super Warhawk 7 9P - -2 2 6 +Easy Breakdown (unpowered), +Personalized grip, +Flashlight, +Slide mount (top), +Laser sight, +Melee Hardening
Throwing Knives x5 4 STR+1 - -1 - - Narcojet


Ammo Type Amount DMG AP Blast
Hand Loaded APDS Heavy Pistol 44 +0 -5 -
Hand Loaded EX-Explosive Heavy Pistol 44 +3 -1 -
Gel Round Heavy Pistol 40 +0S +1 -


Armour Rating Description
Armor Clothing 6 +Insulation R3 +NonConductivity R3
Mortimer of London: Argentum Coat 12 +Chemical Protection 6
+Concealed Pocket
+Chemical Protection (6)
+Custom Fit (Stack)
+Fire Resistance 5
+Thermal Damping 5
+YNT Softweave Armor
+Biofiber Pocket
+Concealable Holster
Custom Balistic Mask +2 +Thermographic Vision
+Vision Enhancement R3
+Gas Mask
SecureTech PPP: Legs Kit +1
Ares Victory: Wild Hunt 12 +Liner-Chemical Protection 6
+Gear Access
+Electrochromic Clothing
+Fire Resistance 6
+Isolation 4
Total 15


== Commlink ==
Transys Avalon (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 6, FWL: 6) +Fake SIN (Rick Deckard) Rating 6
+Fake License (Bounty Hunter’s License) Rating 6
+Fake License (Mage License) Rating 6
+Fake License (Summoner License) Rating 6
+Fake License (Concealed Carry Permit) Rating 6
+Fake License (Private Investigator License) Rating 6
+Sim Module
+AR Gloves
+Subvocal Mic
+Trid Projector
+Agent Rating 6 [Browse, Search]
Meta Link (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 1, FWL: 1)
Hermes Ikon (ATT: 0, SLZ: 0, DP: 5, FWL: 5) +Fake License (Mage License) Rating 5
+Fake License (Summoner License) Rating 5
+Fake SIN (Vincent Stragen) Rating 5
== Electronics ==
Contacts R3 +Image Link
+Low Light
+Vision Magnification
Earbuds R3 +Sound Link
+Spatial Recognizer
Goggles R6 +Flare Compensation
+Thermographic Vision
+Vision Enhancement Rating 3
+Single Sensor Rating 2 [Camera 2]
Glasses R4 +Flare Compensation
+Vision Enhancement Rating 3
== Magic ==
Magical Lodge Materials R8
Fetish x5
Clout A Leather Wristband
Sunbeam A yellow and orange Marble
Chaotic World
Mana Barrier A Silver Dollar Coin
Physical barrier A Golden Antique Coin
Reagents, per dram x232
Power Focus (Bonded Foci) R4 Military tags looking pendant with Runes engraved
Sustaining Focus, Health (Bonded Foci) R6 His Wedding Band
Sustaining Focus, Manipulation (Bonded Foci) R4 Necklace with a Dragon pendant
== Miscellaneous ==
Duffel Bag (Good)
Long Haul x2
Medkit R6
Respirator R6
Restraint, Plastic x10
Speed Loader (Ruger Super Warhawk) x3
Survival Kit


Apartment (Middle) Garage (Body 5+), Global Grid Subscription ¥5,250/m


Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sense Seat
Suzuki Mirage 5/3 6 3 5 6 1 2
Equipment Gridlink Override, Morphing License Plate, Spoof Chips
Mercury Comet 4 3 2 11 6 2 2 4
Equipment Gridlink Override, Morphing License Plate, Spoof Chips, Anti-Theft System (3), Amenities (Middle), Tool Kit
Active Magic:
Quickened (2k): Increase Intuition (6) Maxed at 4
Quickened (2k): Magic Fingers (F4 10 successes (Reagent))
Focused Concentration:
Sustained Focus (health):
Sustained Focus (manipulation): Deflection (F4 8 successes (Reagents))
Karma: 7/100
Karma Gained # Karma Expenditure #
Starting Karma 35 Foci Bonding 24
Negative Qualities 35 Positive Qualities 35
Leftover from CoF 20 Spirit Binding 5
OP Page 5 Spell (Catch) 5
Character Portraits 5 Skill: Arcana 1 2
Character Portraits 5 Initiation 1 13
Posts 24/24 12 Initiation 2 16
Post 80/80 28 Spells (Sunbeam, Sound Barrier, Detox, Deflection, Physical Barrier) 25
Post 90/90 5 Power Focus Upgrade (R4) 12
Bound Sustaining Focus (Manipulation) 8
Unarmed Combat 1 2
Post 102/102 6
Post SWF 44 22


His feet hanging some 7 stories high above the street, Deckard was sitting on the ledge of an old building in the heart of London, overseeing the rooftops of this antique but beautiful city. He enjoyed coming here, to think, ponder and wonder, as the full moon was trying to breach the overcast evening sky.

It had been almost two months now that his wife Cora had passed away, and all the magic in the world couldn’t mend his broken heart. They had both for a short time considered living a normal life but, he now realized, there was no such thing as a normal life once one stepped into the Shadows. And for him, he not only stepped in it, he was born in it.

The only child of two shadowrunners, growing up on the fringe of society had not been a easy task. SINless and constantly on the move, he had to fend for himself at a very young age. He would rarely see his dad, and would even often argue with him during his teenage years. Yet, his dad – though unspoken- was his hero, this adventurer who would fight evil corporations with his wife by his side. And even if they didn’t always see eye to eye, maybe because the old man couldn’t understand his son’s connection with Magic, Deckard knew his dad loved him. And he always had this reminder next to him: Deckard drew the heavy pistol from the concealed holster in his coat. A Ruper Super Warhawk revolver. Well, an extensively modified version, for sure. His dad had gifted him this weapon when the young magician had turned 21. The speech that came along had been lost. It had to do with not being here often enough, wanting to protect his beloved son, and being proud of the man Deckard had become. What stayed in the magician’s mind however was how his dad had no regret being a Shadowrunner. He had fully embraced the profession as a way of life, and would accept for his son to decide to follow this path. Poor man died two years later. But for Deckard, his father would always be with him, in the form of the heavy weapon he carries; weapon that saved his life in more than one occasion.

In a way the revolver was his most prized possession, even before his several foci that were of formidable use for him. He wished he had something similar that would have helped him identify and connect with Cora. All he had of her were fond, loving memories, and hard ones too.

His almost three years of marriage had been so great and from the moment he fell in love with her to the proposal to the wedding had been pure bliss. Sure, they had risked their lives together, and worried about each others when doing separate runs. Such was the life of dating a Shadowrunner. He had met her here in London when a job took him and his team from Seattle to England. She was a Decker in the team they were supposed to assist. Her aura was so pure. He learned shortly after that she was a Technomancer. He was this almost self-taught but talented Chaos Mage, harnessing the elements and she was this beautiful tech girl, talking to machines like they were people. Complete opposites but the spark was there; a story that could have been turned into a trid!
Their love for each other had been so strong, and talks of leaving behind the profession and try to live a ‘normal life’ were just that. She however only managed to convince him to stay and run in London.

She fell very sick. A mysterious virus crippled her and he could see her strength leaving her days after days.
Her local street doc was powerless. She soon had to be placed under intensive care. Being SINless brought a lot of hardship as hospital costs kept on rising. Their fake SIN would not pass the scrutiny of governmental institution. It was impossible to get a loan or financial aids. Runs in this new city were sparse and, desperate to get money to pay the bills, he turned to the only thing he knew: the Underworld. In spite of being a hot commodity for his magical talent, he found himself begging for money he could use to pay a corporate ran hospital. Clouded by his fear of losing his wife he didn’t think it through when the Russian mob offered to loan him some money.

Paying the bills didn’t cure his beloved Cora, however. It came to an end when an team of doctors and suits from EVO decided to ‘sponsor’ the patient. They isolated her and god knows what they tried on her. She was pronounced dead a few days later.

Deckard spun the revolver and holstered it back inside his coat. These last two months had been hard. He was trying to embrace life like Cora had asked him; be the charming and light hearted man she loved.
He heard a commotion on the roof. Two big guys were trying to make it through the small window that gave access to the isolated roof. They were cursing at each other in Russian, unable to decide who was to go first or push the other. They were here to ‘remind’ him the Vory liked their loan interests to be paid on time.

Deckard smiled. Maybe he got that from his runner parents, or maybe from his foray into the Magic arts: he loved the thrill of danger. He pushed himself off the ledge into a certain death as the Vory henchmen looked with terror. The fall would have killed anyone. But not a master of telekinesis. He landed in a crouch with one hand on the pavement as he magically softened his fall at the last moment. He looked up with the smile still on his face and determination in his eyes.

He was heart-broken but he would do what he knew best: embrace the Chaos and run the Shadows.

All - Rick Deckard

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