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Chinese ganger looking for payback


Lucius “Lucky” Chang; Lucky Cheung; 張光明

Chinese Human

Age 28 Sex Male Height 188cm Build Athletic, Strong
Nationality Chinese
Description Sam is a tall, well-built Chinese immigrant who lives in the Seattle International District and runs a surprisingly successful hole-in-the-wall restaurant: the Seven Blessings. At a glance, apart from his uncommonly tall build for his ethnicity, Sam seems fairly normal cook, with a calm, almost lazy demeanor and a slow and slightly sarcastic way of speaking. He tends to play up the fact that he is an immigrant in the way he talks, despite the fact that he actually speaks almost perfect English. His laid-back attitude and way of speaking however hide a burning anger and the reason he moved to Seattle a year ago: the murderer of his sister is a mid-level member of the Shotozumi-gumi. And one way or another, Sam intends to see him pay.

Race D Attributes A Magic E Skills B Resources C


Body 3 Agility 5 (7) Essence 1.15 Mag/Res
Reaction 4 (6) Strength 6 (8) Initiative 11+2d6 Matrix Init. 11+1d6
Willpower 3 Logic 3 Astral Init 10+2d6 Composure 6
Intuition 5 Charisma 3 Judge Intent 8 Memory 8
Edge 5 Edge Points 5 Lift/Carry 120kg Movement 14
Phys. Limit 8 Mental Limit 5 Social Limit 3
Street Cred 0 ( 2 ) Notoriety 0 Public Awareness 0


Positive Value Negative Value
Adrenaline Surge -12 Day Job 10
Revels in Murder -8 Vendetta 7
Inspired -4 Biased (Yaks) 3


Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Diving 0 2
Free-Fall 0 2
Archery 0 6
Automatics 1 8
Blades 0 6
Clubs 0 6
Escape Artist 0 6
Gunnery 0 6
Gymnastics 3 10
Heavy Weapons 0 6
Longarms 1 8
Palming (Legerdemain) 1 8 (10)
Pistols 1 8
Sneaking 4 11
Throwing Weapons (Edged) 4 11 (13)
Unarmed Combat (Wushu) 6 13 (15)
Pilot: Ground 1 7
Running 3 11
Swimming 3 11
Animal Handling 0 2
Con 0 2
Etiquette (Corporate) 3 6 (8)
Impersonation 0 2
Instruction 0 2
Intimidation (Physical) 2 5 (7)
Leadership 0 2
Negotiation 0 2
Performance # #
Artisan (Cooking) 3 10 (12)
Navigation 1 6
Perception 5 10
Tracking 1 6
Survival 1 4
Knowledge Skills
L: Mandarin N N
L: English 5 10
L: Cantonese 3 8
I: Fighting Styles (Traditional Martial Arts 1 6 (8)
I: Cooking 1 6
S: Syndicates 1 6
S: Street Gangs (Asian Style Gangs) 1 6 (8)
S: Area, Seattle 1 6
S: Area, Hong Kong 1 6


Augmentation Rating Cost Description
Reaction Enhancer 2 0.75 Used
Muscle Replacement 2 2
Boosted Reflexes 1
Bone Density 3 0.9
Bilateral Coordination 0.2


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
Kick 8 10P 1 0
Sweep 8 10S 0 0 -4 dice
Thrown Dagger 8 9P -1 * Prepare up to 7 per act.
Counterstrike 8 10P 0 0 Uses Reaction, Interrupt.


Armour Rating Description
Lined Coat 9 Changsam Styled
Ballistic Mask 3 Zhang Fei styled opera Mask
Armored Jacket 12
Total 12 OR 15


SIN R4 Lucas Cho
License R4-Vehicle License
Commlink – Hermes Ikon (DR5)
R3 Medkit
1 Month Commercial lifestyle
Chinese Opera, Zhang Fei Stylized Ballistic Mask
-Gas Mask
-Low Light
-Flare Compensation
Changshan style Lined Coat
Armor Jacket
-Nonconductivity 3
Throwing Knives 20x
Earbuds R2
-Audio Enhancement 2
Cooking Kit



Muscle Replacement R2
Reaction Enhancer R2 (used)
Bilateral Coordination Processor

Boosted Reflexes
Bone Density Augmentation R3

Yamaha Rapier (Suzuki Mirage) (5/3 6 3 5 6 1 2 1)
-Morphing License Plate
-Spoof Chip
-Antitheft R2
-Manual Control Override
-Gridlink Override

Remaining Resource: ¥100


Originally hailing from what was the Hebei area of China, Sam’s family relocated to the Free Enterprise Zone of Hong Kong when he was 13 in order to escape the political conflicts originating in and around the Beijing area. Already inducted into Martial Arts, Sam’s talents led him to be mixed up with a fairly tough crowd, and he grew to adulthood running with a street gang.

Though not formally part of the Triads, the local toughs were a recruiting ground for the Triad societies and “Lucky” and his friends spent a lot of time as deniable assets for the syndicates in their turf wars and conflicts. During this time was when Sam also discovered his other marketable talent: cooking. After a number of quite successful years of involvement in the Hong Kong shadows, Sam unfortunately ended up on the raw end of a war between the Triads and the Yakuza, a blunder which ended with both his mother and his younger sister becoming casualties of a Yak retaliation strike.

A year of working to make the Yaks pay in Hong Kong quenched most of the flames of rage that grew from that experience and he had almost stepped out of the shadows to pursue a more legitimate career path when he learned the ultimate perpetrator for the atrocity had escaped justice and relocated to the city of Seattle. Burning a number of favors, Sam followed his quarry to the Emerald city and spent he last year or so biding his time waiting for the moment to bury the hatchet.

Personal Contacts

Janice Li (Connection 1, Loyalty 6) Female, Human, Student
Janice is a UW School of Business graduate student, with an undergraduate degree in computer engineering, as well as a part-time wait staff at Sam’s restaurant. Janice actually knows Sam by his given name and tends to refer to him as “Luke” both in public and private. While she is distinctly NOT part of the shadows, she is quite close to Sam and has a fair amount of academic knowledge and is quite up to date with current events. They met shortly after Sam moved to Seattle, when her choice of weekend entertainment unfortunately ran her afoul of a group of Yak youngbloods near the International District. Sam happened across the scene while she was being accosted and as he was never one to pass up a chance to beat some Yakuza senseless, she managed to avoid becoming a crime statistic for KE to keep track of.
A brief, but intense, period of infatuation on Janice’s part followed, but she actually managed to break through the taciturn cook’s defenses. While not currently actively involved with each other, the two are more than just friends. Janice knows that Sam is more than he appears, and is involved in some pretty gray areas, but their friendship, her sense of obligation, and the excitement of riding on the edge of the otherwise normal world she lives in means she’s willing to lend Sam a hand when he needs it.

Kenneth Leung (Connection 4, Loyalty 2) Male Elven Information Broker. Awakened
On the surface, Ken is the owner of a traditional Chinese medicine shop. In reality, he’s a good information broker with connections ranging to the Yakuza who control the international district, to the Seoulpa Rings, the Triads and even into Knight Errant. A minorly talented Alchemist, Ken has managed to ride the very fine line of neutrality between all of his contacts thus far, and was an important part in getting Sam situated where he is now. He’s the contact that Sam has known the longest in the Seattle Shadows and is usually the primary sounding board for Sam’s other dealings.

Free Contacts

$ indicates that the contacts knows that Sam is a ’runner.

Auntie Ao Loyalty 3 $
Sam knows Auntie as she’s been one of his primary Triad (88s) contacts. Introduced to each other by Ken, Sam has both made use of Auntie’s unique services and also helped safeguard her charges. His restaurant has even been used as a temporary stop for Auntie’s network more than once.

Ricky Watanabe Loyalty 1
Ricky is the local Yakuza enforcer who is in charge of collecting protection money on the street where Seven Blessings is located. Despite his distaste of the Yaks, Sam has kept decent relations with this particular enforcer because until he knows the exact information on his sister’s killer he needs to play it safe.

“Sole” Markham Loyalty 1
Sole and Sam struck up a friendship based on similar enthusiastic approaches to good food. They met at the The Big Rhino, an Ork cuisine restaurant (and an entrance to the Ork Underground) and Sole is also a fairly regular visitor to the Seven Blessings. They mostly talk about food when they meet up but they also use each other as sounding boards on each others’ knowledge specialties.

Officer Cole Loyalty 2
Cole is one of the primary beat officers for the Seven Blessings, and is about as crooked as they come. Whenever he visits the restaurant he gets an expensive meal at a highly discounted price and in return, Cole provides those little kickbacks that only a crooked cop could possibly provide

Nikolay Petrov Loyalty 2 $
Another connection that Ken helped Sam get, Kolya has hired Sam on a number of occasions as extra muscle for smuggling jobs and a couple rounds of bodyguard duty.

Comb Loyalty 3 $
Comb and Sam have done a couple runs together, mostly with Kolya footing the bill, but a couple more of a more freelance nature. With complementary skills of Muscle and Cleanup, they’ve developed a good working relationship and both have come to tidy up the others’ mess more than once.

Over-the-Counter Loyalty 3 $
Counter and Sam’s relationship is primarily that of business, as a highly cybered individual like Sam can always use a highly professional street doc to keep tabs on him. That said, even a highly professional street doc can appreciate fine cuisine, and that may or may not add a little extra encouragement for said street doc to look after said patient.

Julia O’Neill Loyalty 2 $
Sam and Jules ran into each other during a botched smuggling operation which ended in a big CF involving the Vory, the Mafia, a KE patrol and the Cutters. In the process though, the two ended up briefly teaming up and managed to do each other a favor while getting out of the situation in one piece. They exchanged contact information then and have since maintained a wary business relationship.

TC - Sam Chat

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