NPC: Scott Winters

Knight Errant senior commander, Connection 8


Scott Winters is a corrupt senior police commander. He is 45 years old human which moved to Seattle from Denver about 15 years ago. Since then he was working his way up the police ladder. Secretly he is associated with the Finnigans and much of his career is based on shutting down their opposition.

Connection to Becky:
Becky met Scott a few times in charity events and exchanged some pleasantries. Becky is actually a friend of Scott’s wife Emily which always buys the most fashionable clothes. Emily and Becky share similar background as both were the trophy wives of powerful men.
Becky has never actually dealt with Scott but still she believe that if she ever needs a favor Scott will work with her. First, because she is a friend of his wife, second because she knows things about him which nobody should and third because her lover is the one that is responsible for Scott’s career.

NPC: Scott Winters

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