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Project Javelin ’’Lily’’


Born Unknown Sex Female Height Small Build Slight
Nationality None
Description Javelin is a beautifully crafted marvel of cybernetic engineering, each piece of her sleek cybernetic frame decorated with subtle engravings that compliment her fine human features. She has dark hair and large silvery grey cybereyes that have seen too much in their very short life.

To avoid the ongoing pursuit of her makers she has recently commissioned a new body, every bit as fine as the first but now in advanced, skin toned, polymers and resins rather than her previous grey metal combat frame. Her new body isn’t as strong or tough as the previous one but her new synaptic booster has given her a different kind of edge.

SR5 2075-2079

Race C Attributes B Magic E Skills A Resources A


Body: 4 +11D
Agility: 1 (11 Arms, 9 Legs)
Reaction: 7
Strength: 1 (8 Arms, 10 Legs)
Willpower: 8
Logic: 3
Intuition: 5
Charisma: 3
Edge: 7
Magic/Resonance: 0
Essence: 0.1
Initiative: 12
Initiative D: 3D6

Physical Limit: 5 (10)
Mental Limit: 6
Social Limit: 5

Phys CM: 8
Stun CM: 11

Surprise: 12 Threshold 3, +3D if alerted
Composure: 11
Judge Intentions: 8
Memory: 11
Lift/Carry: 80kgs
Movement: 2

Positive Qualities / Racial Bonuses

Redliner 10
Cyber Singularity Seeker 12
Biocompatability Cyberware 5
Ambidextrous 4
Candle in the Darkness 5×2

Negative Qualities / Racial Penalties

Stolen Gear [Body] 15*
Distinctive Style [Body] 5
Insomnia 10
Uneducated 0 *
Code of Honour 0 *

  • Bought off 10pts of Stolen Gear
    • Self imposed, no karma


Diving 3 ( 7 )
Automatics [ARs] 3 ( 4 /6) +10D Arms
Blades [Swords] 6 ( 7 /9) +10D Arms
Escape Artist 2 ( 3 ) +9D Arms/Legs
Gymnastics 6 ( 7 ) +8D Legs
Heavy Weapons 2 ( 3 ) +10D Arms
Locksmith 4 ( 5 ) +10D Arms
Longarms 3 ( 4 ) +10D Arms
Palming 6 ( 7 ) +10D Arms
Pistols 6 ( 7 ) +10D Arms
Sneaking 6 ( 7 ) +8D Legs
Throwing Weapons 2 ( 3 ) +10D Arms
Unarmed Combat [Cyber Implants] 6 ( 7 /9) +10D Arms / +8D Legs, +1D Optimised
Pilot Ground Craft 3 ( 10 )
Running 4 ( 5 ) +9D Legs
Swimming 2 ( 3 ) +9D Legs
Con 1 ( 4 )
Etiquette 4 ( 7 )
Negotiation 1 ( 4 )
Performance 4 ( 7 )
Artisan 2 ( 7 )
Disguise 6 ( 11 )
Navigation 4 ( 9 )
Perception 5 ( 10 ) +3D Visual
Tracking 4 ( 9 )
Computer 1 ( 4 )
Cybertechnology [Repair] 2 ( 5 /7)
Survival 4 ( 12 )

Knowledge / Language Skills

English N ( N )
Small Unit Tactics 2 ( 5 )
Seattle Knowledge 3 ( 8 )
Cooking 1 ( 6 )
Transhumanisim 3 ( 8 )
Matrix Games 4 ( 9 )
Safe Houses 3 ( 8 )
Security Procedures 2 ( 7 )
Mechanicals 4 ( 9 )
London Below 3 ( 8 )
The Squeeze 2 ( 7 )
Teen Trid Dramas 5 ( 10 )

Cyber & Bioware

Greyware 4 obvious limbs & torso, Optimised Arms Str 6 (8), Agi 9 (11). Optimised Legs Str 8 (10), Agi 7 (9), Armour 2 to all limbs, and Armour 3 to torso (+11D) +4 (-2) Condition monitor
Greyware Wired Reflexes 2
Greyware Cybereyes 2 w. Flare Compensation, Lowlight, Thermographic, Vision Enhancement 3
Internal Air Tank 2, Biomonitor w. Autoinjector (5 refillable doses) w. Stim 6, Hardened Microtrónica Azteca 300 [DR3, 8(9) 4 3 1, P3] w. Altered Array, Armour, Encryption, Agent 6
L Arm Retractable Spur [A[Physical], R0, 11P, -2AP]
R Arm Shockhand [A[Physical], R0, 8S(e), -5AP]
Legs Hydraulic Jacks 6, Retractable Cyberskates, Retractable Spurs [A[Physical], R1, 13P, -2AP]

Martial Arts

Ars Cybernetica w. Kick Attack & Finishing Move


Savalette Guardian [A5, 8P, –5AP, SA/BF, R1, 18 ©] w. Smartgun System, Extended Clip, Silencer, Concealable Quick Draw Holster, 2 Spare Clips, 45 APDS Rnds
Cavalier Deputy [A6, 7P, –1AP, SA, 7 (cy)] w. Smartgun System, Ammo Skip System, Concealable Quick Draw Holster, 3 Speed Loaders, 3x (DMSO/Blight Capsule Rnd, DMSO/Gamma-Scropolamine Capsule Rnd, Silver Rnd, Tracker Rnd, 3 SnS Rnds)
Ares Light Fire 70 [A7, 6P, -4AP, SA, 16©] w. Special Silencer, Hidden Arm Slide, Spare Clip, 35 APDS Rnds
Yamaha Raiden [A6, 11P, -6AP, BF/FA, R1, 60©] w. Electronic firing, Sound Suppressor, Smartgun System, 120 APDS Rnds
Colt Inception [A7, 10P, –1AP, SA/BF, R1, 35©] w. Bipod, Electronic Firing, Laser Sight, Melee Hardening, Extreme Environment Mod 1, Sound Suppressor, 10 clips APDS, 10 Clips SnS
Custom Ruger 100 [A7, 11P, -3AP, SA, R(1), 8(m)] w. Lowlight Imaging scope, rigid stock + shock pad, sound suppressor, 30 APDS rnds, 30 SnS rnds
Personalised Katana [A8, R1, 11P, -3AP]
3 Thermal Smoke, 2 Flashbangs, 1 CS Gas Grenade

Softweave Catsuit 9 w. Electrochromic Modification, Non-conductivity 6, Thermal Damping 6, Grey Mana Integration 3
Lined Coat 9 w. Electrochromic Modification, Chemical Protection 2, Concealed Holster
Racing Helmet 2 w. HUD, Flare Compensation, Laser Range Finder, Ultrasound Sensor 4, Atmosphere Sensor, Trodes

Micro Transceiver & Subvocal Mic, Respirator 4, Lowlight Flashlight, Metalink Disposable Commlink, w. Fake SIN 1 , Fake Licence 1, Local Area Mapsoft, AR Gloves, Bug Scanner 6, Tag Eraser, 10x Plastic Restraints, Medkit 3, 2x Stim Patch 4, Trauma Patch, 2x Tranq Patch 6
Transys Avalon [DR6] w. Hot SIM module, Trodes, Hardwired Program Carrier w. Virtual Machine, Wrapper & Smoke & Mirrors
Fake SIN 5, 3x Fake Licence 5 w. Driver, Weapon, Cybernetics
Contacts 3 w. Imagelink, Micro Camera, Smartlink, Ear Buds 3 w. Sound Link, Select Sound Filter 2
White Noise Generator 6, Area Jammer 4, Ultrasonic Noise Generator 4, FaceLess Camera Mask 6 w. Generic Face
Smart Wig w. Trode Net, Synthskin Face Mask x5, Theatrical Cosmetics Kit

2x Horizon Flying Eye [H4, Sp3P, Ac2, B1, A0, Pi3, Sn3, CM 7] w. Stinger Gun [A4, 6P, 0AP, SS, 1(b)] w. Single Looper Rnd 6, Autosofts 3 w. Targeting, Stealth
EVO Revolution Monowheel [H5/3, SP4, Ac3, B6, A9, Pi2, Sn2, St1]


Mechanicals Safehouse [Comforts & Necessities: 3 Security: 2 Neighborhood: 3 Entertainment: 0 Assets: Armory Options: Obscure/Difficult to Find, Safehouse]


Assumes German optional rule to generate limits from average of 4 cyber limbs
Panzer Kunst use Muay Thai rules


Silk [Changeling Infobroker, part time fixer] Connection: 5 Loyalty: 4

Prospero [Human FreΣdom Tribal Leader] Connection: 5 Loyalty: 3

Jazz [Human Technorigger] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 5

Pukka [Cockney Orc Crime Mall Dealer] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 3

Escher [Human ID Manufacturer/Forger] Connection: 4 Loyalty: 3

Sprogget [Orc Techno Machinist] Connection: 2 Loyalty: 4

Bit [Dwarf Mechanicals Tech] Connection: 2 Loyalty: 5

Feather [Troll Fixer] Connection: 6 Loyalty: 3

Dr Featherstone [Human Transhumanist Cybertech] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 3

Dominic Grace [Stillwater Medic] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 4

Cannon [Human Arms & Tech Dealer] Connection: 4 Loyalty: 3

Karma Spent

+ve Qualities 41
-ve Qualities -30
Buy off -ve 20
Racial 0
Attributes 0
Skills 152
Martial Arts 12
Resources 0
Contacts 0

Total Spent 195

SR6 2080 onwards

Race D Attributes B Magic E Skills C Resources A


Body 3 Willpower 3 Surprise 12
Agility 9 Logic 2 Composure 6
Reaction 8 Intuition 4 Judge Intentions 7
Strength 3 Charisma 3 Memory 5
Edge 5 Magic/Resonance 0 Lift/Carry 90kgs
Essence 0.06
Initiative 12+3D6 VR Initiative 5+2D6 Astral Initiative 0
Phys CM 15 Stun CM 10 Damage Overflow 6
DR 14+2 RACS AR unarmed 11 DV unarmed 3S


Quality Value Quality Value
Ambidextrous 4 Ars Cybernetica [Iron Limbs] 7
Ars Cybernetica [Kick Attack] 5 Bushido -10
Candle in the Darkness 5 High Pain Tolerance 7
Impaired: Strength -24 Stolen Gear 0


Skill Rank Pool Specialism Expertise
Athletics 5 14 0 0
Biotech 0 / 0 0
Close Combat 6 15 Unarmed 0
Con 0 2 0 0
Cracking 0 / 0 0
Electronics 0 1 0 0
Engineering 1 3 0 0
Exotic Weapons 0 / 0
Firearms 3 12 Heavy Pistols 0
Influence 0 2 0 0
Outdoors 0 3 0 0
Perception 3 7 0 0
Piloting 0 7 0 0
Stealth 3 12 Sneaking 0
Knowledge Skills
Seattle Shadows
London Below
Teen Trid Dramas
Green River Burning


Augmentation Rating Cost Notes
Cybereyes 4 0.28 β Image Link, Camera, Flare Compensation, Lowlight & Thermo Vision, Vision Enhancement, Vision Magnification, Smartlink
Cyberears 3 0.24 α Soundlink, Damper, Balance Augmenter
4x obvious limbs & torso 1 4.25 α (torso β) Limbs Str 3, Agi 9, Armour 1/2/3, +5 Condition monitor, +10DR
L Hand Shock Limb 1 0 α [4S(e), 8/—/—/—/—]
Legs Hardened 1 0 α [5P*, 9/—/—/—/—] * incl Kick Attack
Hydraulic Jacks 6 0 α Both legs +6D to jumping, hit adds 0.1m vertical, 0.2m horizontal
Internal Air Tank 1 0.18 β 1 hour air
Synaptic Booster 2 1 Initiative boost


Ares Light Fire 70 [2P, SA, 10/7/6/—/—, 16©] w. Laser Sight, Special Silencer, Concealable Holster, 2 Spare Clips, 50 Caseless Normal Rnds
Ares Predator VI [3P, SA/BF, 10/10/8/—/—, 15©] w. Integral Smartgun, Silencer, Concealable Holster, 2 Spare Clips, 30 Caseless Normal Rnds, 20 Caseless Explosive Rnds, 10 Caseless APDS Rnds, 10 Caseless SnS Rnds (Clip load 10 Normal, 2 Explosive, 2 APDS, 1 SnS)
3 Thermal Smoke, 2 Flashbangs, 1 CS Gas Grenade, 2 Glitter Grenades


Lined Coat 3 w. Electrochromic Modification, Chemical Protection 3
Securetech SkinShield 2 w. Concealed Holster, Ruthenium 2, Electrical Resistance 2
Racing Helmet [+1] w. HUD Image Link, Flare Compensation, Laser Range Finder, Trodes


Micro Transceiver & Subvocal Mic, Metalink Disposable Commlink [R1, D/F 1/0, P0], Fake SIN 1 , Fake Licence 1, Trodes, AR Gloves, Local Area Mapsoft
Respirator 6, Lowlight Flashlight, Bug Scanner, Tag Eraser, 10x Plastic Restraints, Medkit, 2x Stim Patch 4, Trauma Patch, 2x Tranq Patch 6, Survival Kit, Weapon Cleaning Kit
Shiawase Kanmushi [H2/3, A4, I5, Sp15, B0, A0, P3, S2] w. Gecko tips, Lowlight Camera, Audio Enhancement, 1x Sikorsky-Bell Microskimmer XXS [H2, A6, I10, Sp35, B0, A0, P2, S1], 10x MCT Gnat [H3, A4, I10, Sp30, B0, A0, P2, S1] w. 10 Sensor Tags w. Lowlight Micro Cameras


1mnth Low Lifestyle, Mechanicals’ Compound, Orting


Jazz [Human Technorigger] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 4
Dr Featherstone [Human Transhumanist Cybertech] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 3
Pukka [Cockney Orc Crime Mall Dealer] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 3
Escher [Human ID Manufacturer/Forger] Connection: 4 Loyalty: 3

Karma Expenditure

Racial Costs 0
Qualities 16
Negative Qualities -34
Attributes 35
Skills 29
Resources 0
Stolen Gear 20
Martial Arts 12
Buy off negative Quality 20


>Here’s the file on Lily, careful how you use the information, I think I quite like her despite her quirks and the fact that she may have been created to specifically oppose our goals


>Birth Name: ‘Project Javelin’
>DOB: Unknown
>Birth Place: London Below, House Senjak Labs
>SIN: None

I believe that Lily, as she calls herself, was created by the arcano techs of House Senjak, the Iron Company, in London Below. Not for their own use but for an outside buyer. Unfortunately my efforts to get more information about who or why have been stymied at every turn, even for the close mouthed House this was a secret that was kept deep. I have people working on that angle but Below is not really covered by my network of whisperers so it will take time. She somehow escaped the clutches of her creators, or was let go, and subsequently found her way to the Mechanica in the Squeeze and then shortly after that made the trip here to their New World brethren in Orting. Although I say ‘let go’ the efforts that I have seen to track her down and reacquire her suggest that the Iron Company badly want their investment returned to them. There is a not inconsiderable bounty for her return floating around the various bounty hunter hosts.

Unsurprisingly she was created as a weapon system, one specifically designed to elude magical detection. If you have seen her in action you will know that she is an impressive fighting force with instinctive martial skills that were probably implanted as part of her conditioning. Her will is exceptionally strong however and I believe this is why she has been able to break through the imposed mental blocks and find her way to freedom.

Underneath the combat frame cyborg Lily is a naive little girl, one who hasn’t had the luxury of growing up to teach her how to behave. Don’t let that fool you though, she has a sharp mind and it is both a blessing and a curse that she has the matrix to teach her, some of her viewing choices leave a little bit to be desired, but she is avidly consuming the intel and managing to forge her own emerging personality from that.

Given that her status as a hunted fugitive doesn’t leave many job opportunities open to her, and her form isn’t exactly inconspicuous even in this transhuman era, limited her options for employment. That same form is also expensive to maintain and although by necessity she doesn’t eat much cybernetic repairs are costly. When she appeared in Seattle at the Mechanical’s doorstep she was urged to seek out a local fixer called Feather who duly took her under his wing. He took over her shadow education whilst the Mechanicals, Jazz in particular, helped her to adjust to normal life.

Sometime in 2078 she began to do serious shadow work in and around Seattle and made a quiet name for herself as someone who got things done, albeit there are several fixer’s warnings about her heightened sense of right and wrong and the potential to conflict with job deliverables.

An interesting aside, apparently when she was undergoing a routine cybernetic upgrade the tech, Dr Featherstone, found a previously undetected tactical computer implanted inside her torso complete with its own semi-autonomous knowbot clearly designed to protect Lily from unwanted matrix intrusion. Now that it has been activated Lily is operating with a voice in her head monitoring matrix traffic and offering general advice. How that relationship develops and changes Lily will be interesting to see…

2080 update


Lily has managed to squirrel away sufficient funds to commission a replacement body, one slightly less hot. Although she could have chosen for an entirely synthetic replica she chose, for her own reasons, not to try to hide her nature, preferring a toned down version of the combat frame she’d had. She’s no longer the beautiful metal monster but is no less distinctive. The almost translucent poly resins are skin tone but retain the decorated craftsmanship of her original form. I am told she has dispensed with some of the more aggressive features of her original combat frame but that should not be construed as weakness, merely that she is more discerning about where and when she wishes to use the violence that is a part of her make up.

It remains to be seen whether House Senjak and their hired operatives chose to let her be or still try to reclaim their project!

All - Lily

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