FS: street name: Fubar; real name: Harvey Block


Standard Array: Metatype: D (4 pts.); Attributes: A (24 pts.); Skills: B (24 pts.); Magic: E (—); Resources: C (150,00 nuyen).
Name: Fubar(Harvey Block) Player: Silk
Age: 41 Sex: Male Height: 3 foot 11 inches Weight: 118 pounds
Hair: Blonde Eyes: Grey Skin: Rugged tan
Street Cred: 0 Notoriety: 0 Public Awareness: 0
Composure: 7 Judge Intentions: 8 Memory: 7 Surprise: 9
Lift/Carry: 10 Lift&Carry/Above Head Weight: 250kgs / ?kg Primary Arm: Right
Movement/Sprint: 10m/15m(1m/hit) Swim: 3m(1m/2 hits) Nuyen: 4,820¥
Unarmed Attack Rating(AR): 12 Defense Rating(DR): 11(Armored Jacket) 9(Suit or Armored clothing) & Hat
Physical Damage Track: 0/14 Overflow: 8 Stun Damage Track: 0/10
Body(7): 4
Agility(6): 5
Reaction(5): 4 (5)
Strength(5): 5
Willpower(7): 4
Logic(6): 3
Intuition(6): 4
Charisma(6): 3
Edge(6): 5 out of 5
Essence(6): 3.6
Initiative: 8 + 1d6 (Wired: 9 + 2d6)
Athletics(AGI/STR): 4 (9)
Close Combat(Unarmed Combat)(AGI): 4 (9)
Electronics(LOG/INT): 2 (5/6)
Engineering(LOG/INT): 2 (5/6)
Firearms(Rifle)(AGI): 6 (11)
Outdoors(Navigation)(INT): 2 (6)
Perception(Urban)(INT/LOG): 4 (8/7)
Stealth(Sneaking)(AGI): 4 (9)

  • Ares Macrotechnology
  • [Seattle] Streets
  • Weapon Manufacturers
  • English[Native]
    (P) Built Tough[R4 ] { +4 to Physical Condition Monitor.}
    (P) High Pain Tolerance {when wounded, reduce your wound penalty by 1, to a minimum of 0.}
    (P) Toughness {gain a bonus point of Edge when making Damage Resistance tests. If you do not use it on the test, it goes away.}
    (N) Bad Luck {Glitches occure more frequently. Count dice showing both 1 and 2 for determining a Glitch. this does not affect Critical Glitches, only regular Glitches.}
    (N) Impaired(strength)[R3] {for each Rank, the characters maximum for the chosen attribute decreases by 1, to a minimum of 2.}
    (N) Sinner {You pay taxes to the issuer of your SIN (Ares Macrotechnology) This cost comes as a 10% increase in the cost of lifestyle associated with this SIN.
    Due to data within the global SIN Registry, you are easier to track or identify, giving opponents a point of Edge every time they attempt to a Trace Icon action against you.}
    RESISTANCE’S: (?check book?)

Armored Jacket: { +4 Defense Rating }

  • Electricity Resistance[R4] {The armor cancels the Zapped status a number of times equal to its rating. The insulation is worn away after that and the armor no longer has electricity resistance.}
  • Chemical Protection[R4] {Protects the wearer against Contact-vector Chemical attacks. The special coating neutralizes the Corrosive status for a number of attacks equal to its rating.}
    Helmet(Cowboy Hat) { +2 Defense Rating(stacks with armor) }
  • Electricity Resistance[R4] {See Armored Jacket!}
    Auctioneer Business Clothes { +2 Defense Rating }
  • Electricity Resistance[R3] {See Armored Jacket!}
  • Fire Resistance[R3] {The armor cancels the Burning status a number of times equal to its rating. The fire-retardant is worn away after that and the armor no longer has electricity resistance.}
    Armored Clothing(casual) { +2 Defense Rating }
  • Electricity Resistance[R4] {See Armored Jacket!}
    Remington Roomsweeper { DV: 5P, Modes: SA, AR: 9/8/4/—/—, Ammo: 8(m) }
    NO WIFI!
  • Laser Sight {+1 AR, turned on with a Minor Action, Wireless bonus: AR: add 2 & gain a Minor Action when activating or deactivating. NOT FIGURED IN! & OFF!}
    Yamaha Raiden(caseless) { DV: 4P, Modes: SA (+1 DV)/BF (-1 AR & +2 DV)/FA (- 6 AR), AR: 4/11/10(12)/7(9)/2(4), Ammo: 60(c ), WIRELESS IS OFF! }
  • w/Grenade Launcher { DV: (Stun)5S/4S/3S, Blast: 15m, Mode: SS, AR: 4/11/7(9)/1(3)/—, Ammo: 4(c ) }
  • Integral Silencer {Increases the threshold on Perception tests by 2 to notice the weapon’s use or locate the weapon’s firer. Can not be removed.}
  • Integral Smartgun System {The firearm side of the smartgun system. Keeps track of everything for your weapon and can even fire without pulling the trigger. The camera allows fire from cover and has no penalties while affected by the Cover Status. When active the weapons AR is increased by 2 across all available range categories. Not FIGURED IN! The small camera has a capacity of 1 for vision enhancements. Wireless bonus: Gain a +1 dice pool bonus. Gain a bonus Minor Action on a turn when you use the Reload Smartgun or Change Device Mode actions. ALWAYS OFF, USE WIRED CONNECTION!}
    (Smartgun Camera) Thermalgraphic Vision { Enables you to see heat patterns. It offers a bonus Edge if the opposition doesn’t have a vision enhancement to mitigate limited light or total darkness. }
  • Gas-vent System {removes the AR penalty for Semi-Automatic fire and reduces the AR penalty for Burst Fire to -2. (FIGURED IN!) }
  • Imaging Scope {Attachment or removal takes only a Minor Action. The Take Aim Minor Action must be used in order to gain the benefits of the imaging scope, though the dice pool bonus from that first action is not gained. When using an imaging scope, your target cannot gain Edge by having a higher DR. Wireless bonus: The scopes “line of sight” can be shared.}
    (scope) Smart Link {The vision side of the smartgun system.}
    (scope) Vision Magnification {AR’s for Medium, Far, and Extreme are increased by 2(must have a range # listed). (FIGURED IN!)}
    (scope) Low-Light Vision {As per the ability. Gives a bonus Edge if the opposition doesn’t have a vision enhancement to mitigate limited light.}
  • Shock Pads {Reduces the AR penalty for SA & BF modifiers by 1. (FIGURED IN!)}
  • 2 Spare Clips & 1 for Grenade Launcher { Wireless bonus: provides a current ammo count even without a smartgun system. OFF!}
    Streetline Special(caseless) { DV: 2P, Mode: SS, AR: 8/8/—/—/—, Ammo: 6(c ) }
    NO WIFI!
  • 2 Spare Clips { Wireless bonus: provides a current ammo count even without a smartgun system. OFF!}
    Unarmed { DV: 4P }
    8 Stun Grenades (for Grenade Launcher)
    20 caseless pistol Explosive Rounds {DV: +1 NOT FIGURED IN!}
    50 shotgun Flechette Rounds {AR: +1, DV: -1 NOT FIGURED IN!}
    120 caseless rifle Gel Rounds {DV: +0S NOT FIGURED IN!}
    120 caseless rifle APDS Rounds {AR: +2, DV: -1 NOT FIGURED IN!}
    200 caseless rifle Regular Rounds

Transys Avalon Commlink { Rating: 6, Attributes(D/F): 3(4)/1, Program Slots: 3 }
RUNNING SILENT!!! Wired Reflexes, Sunglasses, Earbuds, & MCT Hornet are linked to the commlink’s PAN!

  • Browse Program { When doing a Matrix Search, gain 1 Edge that is either spent immediately on that actin or disappears. }
  • Encryption Program { + 2 dice when doing an Encrypt File action. }
  • Toolbox Program { +1 to Data Processing. FIGURED IN! }
    Low Lifestyle( +10% cost) { Basement of an apartment complex. 2 months paid (2,200 nuyen/month) }
    Datajack {Gives you a direct neural interface. It comes with a retractable spool of micro-cable(1m.) that lets you directly interface with any electronic device via a universal access cable. It has storage capability.}
    Datalock[R6] {Datalocks are not wireless-enabled and they can only be accessed via a universal data connector. The bearer of the implant doesn’t have mental access to the data.}
    Wired Reflexes[R1] {Activating manually takes a Major Action, and activating wirelessly takes a Minor Action. When activated, each Rank gives him +1 Reaction(and increase to Initiative), 1 additional Initiative Die and 1 additional Minor Action.} (Linked to PAN!)
    Aluminum Bone Lacing {Body for resisting physical damage +2, Def +1, Unarmed DV 4P, Unarmed AR +2}
    Platelet Factories {Anytime when Harvey takes 2 or more Physical Damage, reduce the damage by 1.}
    Subvocal Microphone { It lets you communicate via subvocalized speech. Those attempting to overhear your conversation can neither gain nor spend Edge on their Perception test. }
    Bug Scanner { This device locates wireless devices within twenty meters. Us Electronics + Logic as an Opposed Matrix Perception test. Any net hits = you find the device. }
    Tag Eraser { Burns out RFID tags(security tags are hardened against this device) and other unshielded electronics. Must be within 5 millimeters to deliver 10 boxes of Matrix damage(resisted normally). Use 1/ten seconds if plugged in. Wireless bonus: The tag eraser recharges fully in an hour by induction. }
    Stealth Tags(10) { always runs silent and roll’s 10 dice in the opposed Matrix Perception test. They only transmit data as preset times in a quick burst. }
    Sensor Tags(10) { Used to record twenty-four hours of data from a single sensor up to rating 2. It can only retrieve the information within a meter of the tag unless its wireless functionality is enabled. Wireless bonus: You can monitor the data in real-time or transfer the recordings to another means of storage. }
  • Motions Sensor[R2](8) { Can be used to detect motion and drastic changes in the ambient temperature. The maximum range is twenty-five meters. Usually Wireless Enabled }
  • Sensor Array[R2](2) { Incorporates two Sensors: 1) Ultrasound[R2] SEE PAGE 277! In dim light or total darkness it offers a bonus Edge if opponents can’t see. Offers a bonus Edge against targets who are invisible. And provides the ability to navigate in complete darkness by expending an extra Minor Action for movement. 2) MAD sensor[R2]: Used to detect weapons and concentrations of metal. It has a maximum range of five meters. ONE IS ALWAYS ACTIVE AT HOME WITH THE WIFI SHUT OFF!}
    Fake SIN[R4] { Thorven Strongarm }
  • Fake Licence[R4](6) {for Remington Roomsweeper, Yamaha Raiden, Streetline Special, Implants, Concealed Carry & Explosives. }
    Sunglasses { Capacity 4 } (Linked to PAN!)
  • Flare Compensation(C1) { This modification offers a bonus Edge if the opposition doesn’t have a vision enhancement to mitigate glare and reduces penalty of flashing light like from a flash-pack. }
  • Image Link(C1) { Can display visual information in your field of vision including AR. Can use it to share tactical and situational info in real time. }
  • Ultrasound Link(C1) { SEE PAGE 277! In dim light or total darkness it offers a bonus Edge if opponents can’t see. Offers a bonus Edge against targets who are invisible. And provides the ability to navigate in complete darkness by expending an extra Minor Action for movement. }
  • Vision Enhancement(C1) { This sharpens the character’s vision at all ranges and gives a +1 dice pool bonus to all visual Perception tests. }
    Earbuds { Capacity 3 } (Linked to PAN!)
  • Audio enhancement(C1) { Can hear a broader spectrum of frequencies giving a +1 dice pool bonus to all aural Perception tests. }
  • Spatial Recognizer(C2) { This hearing accessory pinpoints the source of a sound. You get a bonus Edge on your Perception tests to find the source of a specific sound, but will lose the point of Edge if you do not use it immediately. }
    Plasteel Restraints(10) { (Structure 12) They are flash-fused and remain in place until the subject is cut free. }
    Climbing Gear { A backpack with 100 meters of rope(400-kilo test), and ascent/descent harness, gloves, carabiners, crampons, pitons, and so forth needed for assisted climbing. }
    Rappelling Gloves { Gain a bonus Edge on all tests to hold your give on a line/rope. Required to use microwire or stealth rope without gruesomely slicing your hands apart as you slide down it. ALWAYS WORN! }
    Credsticks(1 Silver/2 Standard) {5,000 nuyen/20,000 nuyen max.}
    Medkit[R6] { It counts as a Kit for Biotech tests. SEE PAGE 119! for rules on using a medkit. Wireless bonus: The medkit provides a +1 dice pool modifier to healing tests.
    Medkit Supplies(3) { Replace supplies in Medkit after each use. The Medkit can hold up to 5 spares. Located in medkit. }
    Stim Patch[R6](3) { Removes Stun Damage = to its rating and cancels out the Dazed Status Effect. The effect lasts for rating x 10 minutes. After that time elapses, the patient takes rating +1in unresisted Stun Damage. While a stimulant patch is in effect, the character is unable to rest. }
    Tranq Patch[R6](2) { This patch inflicts Stun Damage equal to its rating, resisted only with Body. }
    Trama Patch(2) { When applied, the patient heals 1d6 + 1 Overflow Damage immediately. The patches are always wireless and connect to the Matrix the moment they are applied. }
    Clothes { Several sets that are cheap but tough. }
    Maglock[R6] { Biometric data(hand) & a sequence of numbers required. Used to secure Harvey’s home. }
    MCT Hornet { Handle: 3, Accel: 20, Speed Interval: 15, Top Speed: 35, Body: 1, Armor: 0, Pilot: 2, Sensor: 2.} (Linked to PAN!)
  • Injector: 1 dose of Narcoject { Vector: Injection, Speed: Immediate, Duration: (6 – Body) hours; minimum 1 hour, Power: 7, Effect: Stun Damage, Note: a common tranquilizer with no side effects. }
  • Stealth Autosoft[R6] { This acts as a specific type(Sneaking) of drone’s Stealth skill. Attribute: Pilot }
  • Clearsight Autosoft[R6] { This acts as the drone’s Perception skill. Attribute: Sensor }
  • Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit { Handle: 3/5, Accel: 20, Speed Interval: 15, Top Speed: 160, Body: 8, Armor: 4, Pilot: 2, Sensor: 1, Seat: 3. }
    (Connection 6/ Loyalty 3) Troll(Male) Fixer
    Melvin Zorgo
    (Connection 4/ Loyalty 2) Dwarven(Male) Arms Dealer
    (Connection 3/ Loyalty 2) ???(Female) Hacker
    Aisha Chaka al-Baz
    (Connection 2/ Loyalty 3) Orc(Female) Trauma Surgeon & Implant Maintenance
    Metatype(4 pts): +4 Edge
    Attributes(24 pts): +3 Body, +3 Agility, +3 Reaction, +5 Strength, +3 Willpower, +2 Logic, +3 Intuition, +2 Charisma.

Qualities(Karma): Bad Luck( +10), Impared(Strength)[R3]( +24), Sinner( +8), Built Tough[R4]( -12), High Pain Tolerance( -7), Toughness( -12) = 11 Left Over Karma.

Skills(24 pts): +3 Athletics, +3 Close Combat, +2 Electronics, +3 Engineering, +4 Firearms, +2 Outdoors, +4 Perception & [Urban specialization], +2 Stealth.
Left Over Karma(11): +2 Athletics, +2 Close Combat, +1 Electronics, +2 Firearms, +1 Perception, +2 Stealth & [Sneaking specialization].

Contacts(18 pts): +2 into Feather’s Loyalty, +6 Melvin Zorgo, +5 Jackdaw, & +5 Aisha Chaka al-Baz.

Karma Customization(50 Karma): Agility increased from 4 to 5(25 Karma), 20,000¥(10 Karma), Unarmed Combat specialization for the Close Combat skill(5 Karma), Rifles specialization for the Firearms skill(5 Karma), & Navigation specialization for the Outdoors skill(5 Karma).

170,000¥ Starting nuyen
165,600¥ 2 months of Low Lifestyle{+10% from Sinner negative quality}. <4,400¥>
157575¥ Weapons & Accessories{ Remington Roomsweeper <450¥>, Yamaha Raiden <7,365¥>, & Streetline Special <210¥> } <8,025¥>
153,745¥ Ammunition <3,830>
144,845¥ Armor & Accessories { Armored Jacket <3,000¥>, Helmet(Cowboy Hat) <1,200¥>, Actioneer Business Clothes <3,000¥>, Armored Clothing <1,500¥>, & Clothes <200¥> } <8,900¥>
136,665¥ Transys Avalon Commlink & Programs(3) <8,180¥>
129,765¥ Stealth & Sensor Tags <6,900¥>
129,065¥ Bug Scanner, Tag Eraser, & Subvocal Microphone <700¥>
115,065¥ Fake Sin[R4] & 5 Fake Licence’s <14,000¥>
113,590¥ Sunglasses & Accessories <1,475¥>
111,940¥ Earbuds & Accessories <1,650¥>
110,860¥ 3 Credstics, 10 Plasteel Restraints, Climbing Gear, Reppelling Gloves, & Respirator[R6] <1,080¥>
109,060¥ Medkit[R6] & 3 Medkit Supplies <1,800¥>
107,490¥ 3 Stim, 2 Tranq, & 2 Trama Patches <1,570¥>
25,490¥ Cybernetics & Bioware { Datajack <1,000¥>, Datalock <6,000¥>, Wired Reflexes[R1] <40,000¥>, Aluminum bone Lacing <18,000¥>, & Platelet Factories <17,000¥> } <82,000¥>
23,220¥ MCT Hornet Microdrone & Accessories <2,270¥>
12,220¥ Chrysler-Nissan Jackrabbit <11,000¥>
6,320¥ Confused Autosoft’s with Programs: 6,000¥ – 120¥(what I listed above for them) = <5,880¥>
5,520¥ Forgot to get a Fake Licence for Explosives(stun grenades) <800¥>
4,920¥ Maglock[R6] <600¥>

  • Name: Harvey Block(SIN) {[R4] Fake SIN: Thorven Strongarm}
  • Street Name: Fubar
  • Metatype: Dwarf
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 41
  • Archetype: Trying for a tankish Street Samurai with a touch of Covert-Ops Specialist that is not MIN/MAXED.
  • Priority: STANDARD ARRAY: Metatype: D; Attributes: A; Skills: B; Magic: E; Resources: C.
    Harvey Block looks like your standard Dwarf that is trying to hard to look dwarven and hence blends right into the background. With a five-year-old beard growing on his face, Harvey fits the bill of what everyone thinks of dwarves. He always hated being overlooked, but now that he’s running the shadows of Seattle, he has aped to conformity. If it gets him shot at less, he can take being overlooked. His standard outerwear is an armored jacket; though in his line of work, he has found it doesn’t work everywhere, so he also has an armored suit and a handy Streetline Special to go with it. He even has some casual clothes that are armored, too, though he has never needed to wear them yet. Besides the rough armored jacket, Harvey has a cowboy hat made of the same armored stuff as his suit. Sure, it doesn’t protect his entire head, but it’ll get you into places that a wearing a riot helmet won’t. Not to mention it covers the bald spot on the top of his head nicely. While he keeps his hair cut short, Harvey’s beard is another matter. Other than trimming the edges, no clippers have touched it in five years. Under his jacket, Harvey always has his Remington Roomsweeper and occasionally has his Yamaha Raiden hanging there as well. If anyone were to see him without his black wraparound sunglasses, they would see grey eyes as cloudy as his personality when on a run. Harvey carries no other weapons and tends to use his hands if the threat is not dire enough. People who know what to look for can tell that those hands have some sort of bone lace underneath and would hurt if Harvey ever hit them.
    ‘As soon as I entered the hidden Ares encampment, something seemed off…I should have known.’ The sound of metal hitting flesh sounded again, and again, and again. The pain was intense, and only the stinking Elf’s words stopped the beating._ “Come now sir Dwarf. All I need is the access code to what you are carrying in your frontal lobe, and we’ll be on our way. No need to die for Ares Macrotechnology.” ‘Spitting blood into the Elf’s face wasn’t smart, but it got the message across.‘_ With a sigh, the Elf stood up and wiped his face clean before being distracted as another one of the tall pointy-eared Elves in black camo that ran into the tent. As much as Harvey wanted to goad the Elves into something rash, he could not help but feel relieved they didn’t go back to beating him. Harvey ached like nothing he had felt before._ ‘Even that time when the go-gangers found me as a young kid and played bash the dwarf didn’t hurt this much.‘_ But the reprieve was short-lived, and his heart rate spiked as the Elf walked back to him. _"I’m afraid time is short, so we now have to do this the hard way."_ With a nod to someone behind him, Harvey felt bare wires placed on each side of his neck…and then the sound of a generator starting up and he screamed, loud and long.

With a roar, Harvey surged and broke out of the bindings punching that smug Elf right in the…<thwam> The pain of slamming his fist into a concrete wall brought him the rest of the way out of his nightmare. Breathing heavily with sweat pouring down his skin, Harvey winced as he once again relived that night twenty-two years ago. The hotel handyman that had a room right next to his pounded on the wall and told him to ‘Shut the hell up!’ Glaring at the wall, Harvey muttered to himself, “Yeah, yeah.” Feeling blood trickle down his fingers, Harvey turned up the light’s, and the reds and oranges of his thermographic sight shifted to the yellow of normal vision.

Walking into the bathroom, Harvey turned on the shower as hot as it would go, and then after letting it get nice and hot, he stepped into the steaming water. “At least the bonus to living in the basement of a hotel is your closer to the boiler system.” The pain of the excessively hot water distracted him nicely from the echoes of his nightmare. Each time they occur, it brought home a simple fact. “Eventually, everyone breaks.” After that incident, Harvey Block’s career was over. Oh, the Ares corporation wanted him to work for them, but not the kind of work that got his dad killed before Harvey’s sixth birthday. Not the work that he wanted to do, to follow in his father’s footsteps. He was a now disgrace, but a disgrace that was still useful, if only barely. His recovery from an hour at that Elf’s tender mercy took over a year for him to heal completely, and he never got back the stamina he had. Oh, he was still a tough son of a bitch, but something was missing. The torture that he went through had left lasting damage that no amount of physical therapy could ever overcome, but it could be worked around. Bare-knuckle boxing on the weekends, extra training and a few upgrades compensated nicely. But no amount of tech or training could stop the whispers of ‘Traitor’ ‘Incompetent’ or ‘Moron!’ Nore could it overcome the simple fact that bad luck dogged his every step from then on. A security guard doing a sweep a minute early, dud rounds in his gun, a flat tire making everyone late to the meet. After a while, Harvey Block was stuck to a desk full time, and his crappy luck still followed him into the office. Shaking his head Harvey wondered, “Why the hell did I stick around for so long?” But deep down, he knew why. No matter how resentful or biter he got, Harvey Block was loyal to Ares Macrotechnology. Even today, he was still loyal to a degree. If on a run against Ares, he would go out of his way to see that the people he ran into were unharmed.

Noticing the cut on his knuckle had stopped bleeding Harvey deciding he had pruned enough and turned off the shower. Looking into the fogged mirror and taking in his short-cropped blonde hair with the bald spot on top of his head and thick beard still dripping water with old scars crisscrossing his rugged face, Harvey couldn’t help but think about how he had finally got the boot from the comfy confines of his corporate life. No significant mess up, no shooting the wrong person, though it had been nearly a decade since Harvey even pointed his gun at anyone he still carried a gun under his suit. No, it was an Elven accountant showing that in the past eight years, Harvey Block had cost the company 7% more than he was estimated to be worth. For the past three years since getting the boot, Harvey has felt resentment in him grow that he forcefully kept in check. It wasn’t the companies fault he became less efficient due to his bad luck, and he has been working as a runner in the shadows of Seattle to make ends meet ever since. With only mild annoyance at the unhappy memory, Harvey Block muttered, “Fragging Elves” and walked back out into his living/bedroom. Spotting the spiraling crack where he punched the concrete wall more times than he could count and the sharp sliver of rock that shifted and cut his hand, Harvey sighed. “It looks like I have to pick up a piece of metal and some sealant today.” Shrugging his broad shoulders, Harvey went into the tiny kitchen and treated himself to a soy by-product and a couple of real eggs. They were GMOed to death and back, but they still managed to taste like the real deal.

After that hearty breakfast, Harvey pulled on his armor and gear and double-checked that all the wireless connections were turned off. The last item was a black wrap-around sunglasses. After he plugged in the cable from the glasses to his datajack, Harvey looked at the time. “Five pm. Rise and shine.” Before even unlocking his door, Harvey activated a wireless connection to his RFID sensor array tag that he had placed on his door the night before and looked at the data from the Ultrasound and MAD sensors placed in the tiny device. “I’ll be happier when they manage to put a camera into these things with the same twenty-four hour life span.” Satisfied that nothing was waiting for him, Harvey attached the twin brother to the one outside on the inside of the door and activated it before telling the other to go to sleep. As he locked his door, Harvey secretly picked up the one on the outer door and reminded himself to charge it later.

  • Feather
    (Connection 6/ Loyalty 3) Troll(Male) Fixer {FREE! 2 points put into Loyalty}
    History: Harvey encountered Feather two years ago when he used the last of his nuyen to try and climb into the bottom of a bottle to drown his sorrows. Considering Harvey is a dwarf, it was taking quite a few bottles. He ended up telling Feather his life story as drunks tend to do, and in the morning, Harvey got a call from Feather asking if his hangover would interfere with a job. Surprisingly, Feather and him have gone drinking several time’s in the past two years. While Harvey doesn’t think they are Friend friends, he admits they are probably Work friends…of a sort
  • Melvin Zorgo
    (Connection 4/ Loyalty 2) Dwarven(Male) Arms Dealer
    History: When he had asked Feather if he knew any weapon dealers that had a good Ares connection, he was sent to Melvin Zorgo. Even though they are both Dwarves, their relationship is purely a buyer/seller one. Though Melvin gets a good laugh at Harvey, who likes Ares merchandise but is caring a Yamaha Raiden. For some reason, Melvin doesn’t believe Harvey when he says he would rather carry gun that was legal to own than the Ares Desert Strike that would get him thrown into jail for just possessing it. Even if it was the better weapon.
  • Jackdaw
    (Connection 3/ Loyalty 2) Pixie(Female) Hacker
    History: When Harvey was permanently assigned to a desk back in ‘69, he discovered he didn’t have what it took to be a desk jockey. And while he eventually got the hang of his new job, Harvey felt at times that he needed to research the people he found himself working with, and he didn’t trust his rudimentary computer skills to do so undetected. He eventually found a hacker called Jackdaw on the matrix that he felt comfortable with. And while he has never seen her face(he would be shocked and surprised to find out she was a Paraplegic fairy), Harvey has become one of her regulars. He rarely asks her to hack AA corporations and mainly uses her to check out people he is working with/for.
  • Aisha Chaka al-Baz
    (Connection 2/ Loyalty 3) Orc(Female) Trauma Surgeon & Implant Maintenance
    History: Harvey met Aisha when he stumbled into her clinic after a botched run. Luckily, the bad guys(the opposition is always bad) wanted to capture rather than kill and must have got quite the deal on stick-n-shock rounds. By the time they put the last one out of action, his current crew had declared the run blown and split. Harvey was barely on his feet, and after walking for who knows how long, Harvey saw a sign for Alamut Medical Implant Service LLC, and made his way into the building only to fall on his face. Apparently, he had been walking longer than he thought, and the stim patches were done doing their job. Waking up to a cute Orc woman with smooth dark olive skin telling him that no one will tell anyone he was at the clinic and that there will be no data trail of his visit endeared him towards the woman. He, of course, paid for his treatment. Electrical burns compounded by stim use was no laughing matter. Only the fact that he was a tough SOB was why he managed to make it in the first place. Aisha and her clinic is his go-to place for all his medical treatment and cybernetic Maintenance. Aisha suspects, and Harvey would never embarrass the woman by acting on the crush he has for her.


  • 2039: Born in Detroit, Michigan shortly after The Night of Rage.*
  • 2055: At age 16, Harvey has mixed feelings about the Chicago Containment Zone incident.*
  • 2058: During a little known Ares Macrotechnology incursion into Africa, Harvey Block was captured by a Tir Tairngire strike team and tortured for the access code to the information sealed in his datalock implant.
  • 2060: Harvey recovers mostly from his injuries and is put on limited duty for an extended time.
  • 2061: Halley’s Comet causes the SURGE. Harvey is put back on active duty but as security personnel only. After pushing, he is informed that he will never run with Spec-ops again.
  • 2062: Ares lands a probe on the second pass of Halley’s Comet, and Harvey is proud of his companies success.
  • 2064: Matrix Crash 2.0 happens. Harvey is just glad he had a rough night shift and slept through it all. He loses a good friend to the crash.
  • 2069: Thanks to his ongoing bad luck for Harvey’s 30th birthday, he is permanently assigned to a desk job. The final decline in his career at Ares Macrotechnology starts.
  • 2077: Harvey is laid off from Ares Macrotechnology due to costing the corporation 7% more than his employment was worth thanks to equipment failures and a loss in work efficiency.
  • 2078: Gets plastered(due to his natural toxin resistance, this took a while) and befriends a Troll who went by the name Feather. Thinking the Troll was having a laugh, Harvey said his name was Fubar. After all, his life was fragged up beyond all recognition anyway, so it fits. Harvey’s life in the shadows begins in earnest.
  • 2079: Explosions destroy several floors of the Ares Macrotechnology HQ building in downtown Detroit. Harvey is struck harder than he thought he would be when he hears the news and of Arthur Vogel’s death. Harvey starts to pay close attention to any whispers in the shadows about the incident.
  • 2080: Harvey Block steps out of his basement apartment to a new day.


  • Even though Harvey is a shadowrunner and, therefore, a criminal, he does not like to think of himself as one and tries not to consort with the criminal element more than he is comfortable with. Illegal suppliers, facilitators, and corrupt officials he has no problem with. He is uncomfortable when he has to deal with drug dealers, gang members, assassins, and there like.
  • While Harvey carries regular rounds in his rifle and has a clip of APDS round in a clip at his side, he also has a clip of gel rounds too. And while he could put gel rounds in his Remington Roomsweeper, he has come to accept that if he’s pulling that monster out, he’s going to need the flechette rounds.
  • Harvey lives in the basement of a hotel(yet to be decided. Will take DM input) where the manager made a few rooms liveable and rented them out to people who had the cash to want secure lodgings. And the low roofs didn’t bother him at all
  • Except for the last two years of his time working for Ares Macrotechnology Harvey was clean-shaven and wore a suit when he had too. Now that he is free of that life, Harvey has decided not to shave ever again. And even though he is balding on top, his beard grows just fine.
  • Harvey’s mother, Anita Block hasn’t spoken to her son since he became an embarrassment to Ares Macrotechnology in 2058.
  • Harvey likes old school Football and Urban Brawl. He always roots for the underdog unless the Seattle Screamers are playing which he is partial too.
    Due to his short time in spec-ops, his training included wifi avoidance and he has taken that philosophy to heart.
  • His apartment is in Northern Tacoma

FS: street name: Fubar; real name: Harvey Block

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