SoP - Caroline Chapelle

Historian, Parazoologist, Mage


Caroline Chapelle


Age 24 Sex F Height 1.82m Lithe
Nationality French
Description Historian, parazoologist and Mage


Body 3 Agility 4 Essence 6 Magic 6
Reaction 4 Strength 2 Initiative 8+1d6 Matrix Init. 8+1d6
Willpower 5 Logic 6 (8) Astral Init 8+3d6 Composure 12
Intuition 4 Charisma 7 Judge Intent 11 Memory 16
Edge 1 Edge Points 1 Lift/Carry 5kg Movement 8/16
Phys. Limit 4 Mental Limit 12 Social Limit 9
Street Cred 0 Notoriety 0 Public Awareness 0


Positive Value Negative Value
Animal Empathy 3 AIPS -10
College Education 4 Astral Beacon 0
Focused concentration 1 4 Distinctive Style (eyes: one blue, one green) -5
Latent Dracomorphosis 5 Flashbacks (lightnings) -7
Linguist 4 Mood Hair -4
Mentor Spirit (Oracle) 6 SINner (France) -5
Prototype Transhuman 10


Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Animal Handling 5 14 +2 Animal Empathy
Con 1 8
Etiquette 1 8
Impersonation 1 8
Leadership 1 8
Negotiation 1 8
Performance 1 8
Artisan 2 6
Assenssing Aura Reading 2 6 (8)
Perception 1 5
Arcana 2 12 +2 Mentor
First Aid 1 9
Magic 6
Spellcasting Detection 6 12 (16) +2 Detection from Mentor
Summoning 6 12
Knowledge Skills
English 4 12
French - - Native
Spanish 4 12
Spanish: Aztlaner 4 12
Architecture 1 12
Art 4 15
Fashion 1 8
History 6 17
Literature 2 13
Magical Theory (Academic) 6 17
Magical Threats 3 14
Parazoology 5 16


Spell School Drain
Catalog Detection F-3
Detect Enemies, Extended, Limited Detection F-2
Detect Magic, Extended, Limited Detection F-2
Spatial Sense, Extended, Limited Detection F-2
Antidote Heal F-3
Cure Disease Heal F-4
Heal Heal F-4
Levitate Manipulation F-2
Makeover Manipulation F-3
Shapechange Manipulation F-3

Tradition: Tarot (Willpower + Logic)


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes


Ammo Type Amount DMG AP Blast


Armour Rating Description
Ares Victory: Globetrotter Jacket 12 Electrochromic, Auto-Injector, Holster, Chemical Protection (4), Fire resistance (4), Nonconductivity (4)
Total 12


  • Transys Avalon
  • Flashlight, Low-light
  • Micro-Transceiver
  • Earbuds
  • Medkit 3
  • Trauma Patch x1
  • Stim Patch 5 x4
  • Antidote Patch 6 x4
  • Respirator 6
  • Survival Kit
  • Reagents x42


Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sense Seat


Name C/L Occupation Note


Amount Notes New Total


Amount Notes New Total

On the surface, Caroline seems to be a young elf like there are many. She looks young, like pretty much every elf but when asked will answer she is only twenty-four, so in her case, appearance and reality match. At 1m81, she’s not particularly tall – for an elf anyway – and, like most elves, she doesn’t appear to know what “fat” means, weighing in at 57kg. She has some curves but not too much, and sports a 34C cup.

On two aspects though, she differs quite a bit from the usual elf. First, her eyes: her right one is blue while her left one is green. It gives her a striking look, both eyes being of vibrant colours, but it isn’t always easy to live with that particularity, many people being uncomfortable when they look at her. Second, her hair: at first glance, they appear perfectly normal: long, straight, brown. But…not always brown. For some reason, her hair changes colours depending on her mood: angry, scared, aroused… It can be damn inconvenient at times, notably when she would rather keep what she’s feeling to herself.

Caroline is often wearing stylish clothes, blouse and skirt, with boots and, depending on the season, a scarf. When she wears make-up, it’s only small touches on her lips, eyes and cheeks, but she doesn’t really need that. Outside, she often does her hair in a bun, but likes to leave them flowing freely on her shoulders.

Caroline is working as a PhD Student in the University of Aix-Marseilles in France, where she studies history and parazoology. At first, it was only parazoology, but… One thing at a time.

She was born September, 23rd, 2053 in Lyon, France. Her parents, Sylvie and Edouard were two elves who both went through UGE at the beginning of the century. Sylvie was a lawyer while Edouard was a banker. Was because they died a few years ago in a car accident when Caroline was 18 : like most car accidents it was stupid. There was a storm, her father lost control of the car when lightning hit nearby and they hit a big tree on the side of the road. She was in the car herself, but got lucky: she had to spend a week in the hospital, but when she was released, she didn’t even keep a scar to show for it. Since then however, she’s always hiding under her blankets whenever there are lightnings in the sky.

That very same year, she got into college, where she studied parazoology, with a dash of history and magical theory. Her interest didn’t wane, and a few years later, she got a grant to start a PhD in Parazoology. At the end of her first year, she was offered by an archaeology professor to come for a couple of months on a dig in Panama. He wasn’t working on parazoology himself – instead, trying to prove his theory (there had been Mayans tribe as far south as Panama, maybe even Columbia) – but there were plenty in the forests nearby, so she could use the existing expedition as a base for her own research. There, she was surprised to find hints (in the form of bones) that para-creatures had existed long before the 21st century. If that were the case, then there had been Magic in the past already, which meant that a lot of what was known of the old civilisations would have been to be reconsidered under a new light.

When she got back in France, she spent a lot of time reading on those civilisations, trying to find hints of what she suspected, while she tried to organise a new expedition, this time with the express purpose of verifying her own theory. Sadly, the situation in Central/South-America and the lack of funding made it impossible up to now.

But that… Is only on the surface, for Caroline is drake. She doesn’t know it, since she never changed, but it’s there. That means her parents…aren’t really her parents. And if that is true… Then what about her memories of her childhood? Are those fake too? But who would do that? Who would have the power to do it? And why?

SoP - Caroline Chapelle

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