SoP - Haydee

Blood spirit bound to a mortal body. She's taken to being human quite well.


Haydee is a tiny slip of a thing, barely standing at 5’1" and slender. Her dark-red hair hangs in ringlet curls, framing a round, pale face and large blue eyes, giving her the appearance of someone no older than 16. Few, except perhaps those that have the skill to notice, would be able to tell that she is thousands of years old.

She has been with Ilario Dionisio for a good portion of his time in the real, having been called and placed into a body by him during their time in the kaers, initially as a way of passing the time. She had been in an elf, then, and she was more than happy to follow him out into the world once the kaers opened again.

Haydee’s body was killed not long after, however, and she awaited the day the master she had grown so fond of would be able to call her, again. It wasn’t until after Ilario had done some time and then escaped from a particularly harsh French prison that he was able to find a suitable slave girl and begin the ritual again. She has been in that tiny human ever since, and learned as much as she could during the time of low magic about being human and fencing.

It wasn’t until the 6th world rolled around that she was able to return to her full power, combining her usual magics from being a spirit with everything she had learned being human, and adopting her master’s tendency to carry a rapier wherever she goes, if she can. She also very much likes the newer fashion options, though typically prefers the “gothic lolita” look that came around during the 1990’s and early 2000’s.

While she and Ilario occasionally have their tiffs and sometimes go their separate ways, her loyalty to her master is never in question and she will always come when he calls. She will defend him to her last breath, if she must, and only his orders will stand her down.

SoP - Haydee

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