SoP - Ryoko

Cybered-up Decker with a wee obsession with Anime.


Ryoko was born and raised, if you can call it that, in The Rotten Apple. With her parents high-end corporate, the girl spent a lot of time at home alone. Her schooling was made up of tutors and matrix classrooms, keeping her indoors to keep her out of trouble and away from the perils of the outside world.

What her parents didn’t realize, however, was that those strong restrictions would lead Ryoko to find her entertainment elsewhere, and her choices in classes took her more and more toward the technology side of things. Eventually, she wound up taking a Decking job of dubious nature, simply to see if she could do it. Do it she did, getting her into the radar of those in the Shadows looking for someone skilled.

On one of the rare nights that her parents were actually home for dinner, at the age of 14, an attack was carried out on her home that killed both her parents and nearly killed her. Thankfully, because of her parents’ paranoia and the massive amounts of money they left to her, Ryoko was able to be saved by high-end cyberware.

In an effort to find her parents’ killers, the girl doubled her decking efforts and easily took to the Shadows.

SoP - Ryoko

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