SW- Foxglove

Purple Nocturna Gillette with few words and a dry humor.


Deanna “Foxglove” Marlin


Age 41 Sex Female Height 180cm Build Athletic
Nationality Japanese
Description Foxglove tends to stand out. First of all, she’s tall, putting her head above a lot of the others in a crowd. Second, where most Nocturna’s skin/fur is either black or blue, hers is purple…very purple. And third and probably most eye-catching (particularly in the dark) is the glowing pink hair. She’s the kind of ‘Runner that kills things; none of this “sneaking around” drek. Which, admittedly, can be a bit of a problem at times, but a good hood, long coat, and decent makeup can hide it well enough for skulking about in the back alleys.
Fox’ also isn’t really much to mince words. In fact, she prefers action over talking, most of the time, so when she does speak it’s either out of necessity or because she’s feeling witty. Though, her idea of “wit” and “humor” is about as dry as bones left to the desert heat, and her equally-dry delivery and resting bitch face tend to have most people wondering whether or not she’s actually joking.
While her usual demeanor might put most people off, and her tendency not to speak about her jobs hasn’t gotten her much street cred, the one good thing that can be said about her is that she sticks to the job. Unless otherwise instructed or unless Mr. Johnson decides to hose the team, Foxglove will always carry out the job to the best of her ability. Being rather tight-lipped about it also has advantages for those with jobs of a sensitive nature that are best kept quiet.


Body 3 Agility 9 (13) Essence 0.04 Mag/Res 0
Reaction 5 (8) Strength 3 (7) Initiative 22+2d6 Matrix Init. 22+2d6
Willpower 4 Logic 3 Astral Init 0 Composure 8
Intuition 5 Charisma 4 Judge Intent 9 Memory 5
Edge 4 Edge Points 3 Lift/Carry 105/70kg Movement 26/52
Phys. Limit 9 Mental Limit 5 Social Limit 2 (5 – Ace of Coins)
Street Cred 0 Notoriety 3 Public Awareness 0


Positive Value Negative Value
Biocompatibility (Cyberware) Mild Allergy (Sunlight)
Changeling (Class 1 Surge) Wanted (Renraku)
Keen-Eared Critter Spook
Metagenetic Improvement (AGI) Impaired BOD
Natural Venom (Injected, Deadly) Impaired STR
Linguist Wanted (NeoNET)
Low-Light Vision In Debt 15
Ambidextrous Bioluminescence (Hair)
Agile Defender Consummate Professional
Prototype Transhuman Cyber-Snob
Solid Rep: Stays Bought Nocturnal
Speed Demon Striking Skin Pigmentation
Stunt Driver Superhuman Psychosis


Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Diving 0 2
Free-Fall 0 2
AGILITY 9 (13)
Archery 0 12
Automatics 6 19
Blades 0 13
Clubs 0 13
Escape Artist 1 14
Ex. Melee 0 /
Ex. Ranged 0 /
Gunnery 0 12
Gymnastics 4 17
Heavy Weapons 0 12
Locksmith 1 14
Longarms 6 19
Palming 1 14
Pistols 6 19
Sneaking 1 14
Throwing Weapons 1 14
Unarmed Combat 6 20 (22 – Cyber Implants)
Pilot: Aero 0 /
Pilot: Aircraft 0 /
Pilot: Exotic 0 /
Pilot: Ground 4 12
Pilot: Walker 0 /
Pilot: Watercraft 0 7
Running 4 11
Swimming 4 11
Animal Handling 0 3
Con 2 6 (8 – Fast Talk)
Etiquette 0 1
Impersonation 0 3
Instruction 0 3
Intimidation 4 8 (10 – Physical)
Leadership 0 1
Negotiation 0 3
Performance 0 3
Artisan 0 /
Assensing 0 0
Disguise 0 4
Navigation 1 6
Perception 3 8
Tracking 0 4
Aero Mechanic 0 /
Arcana 0 /
Armorer 2 5 (7 – Firearms)
Auto Mechanic 3 6 (8 – Wheeled)
Biotechnology 3 6
Chemistry 0 /
Computer 1 4
Cybertech 3 6
CyberCombat 0 2
Demolitions 0 2
Elec Warfare 0 /
First Aid 3 6
Forgery 0 2
Hacking 0 2
Hardware 0 /
Industrial Mechanic 0 /
Medicine 0 /
Nautical Mechanic 0 /
Software 0 /
Astral Combat 0 /
Survival 0 3
Knowledge Skills
L: Japanese N N
L: English 4 10
L: French 4 10
L: German 4 10
L: Russian 4 10
L: Hebrew 2 8
L: Mandarin 2 8
S: Black Markets 1 6
S: Magical Threats 1 6
I: TV Shows of the turn of the Century 1 6
I: Sports (Urban Brawl Teams) 1 6


Augmentation Rating Cost Description
Bone Lacing (Aluminum) Beta 0.54
Cyber Ears 2 Beta 0.16 Audio Enhancement 3, Damper, Increased Hearing Spectrum, Sound Link, Spatial Recognizer
Cyber Eyes Basic System 2 Beta 0.16 Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low-Light Vision, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision
Cyber Fangs, Retractable Beta 0.08 Injectable Digitalis Toxin (Concentrated)
Move-By-Wire System 3 Beta 2.70
Muscle Replacement 4 Beta 2.16
Nephritic Screen 3 Beta 0.00
Orthoskin 4 Beta 0.00
Spurs Beta 0.16 Retractable Blade Spurs on Elbows and Knees


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
> Ares Predator V 5 (8) 8P - -1 7 22© Concealed Quick-Draw Holster; Extended Clip; Gas-Vent 3 System; Personalized Grip; Smartgun System, Internal
Winchester Model 201 8 (7) 10P - -1 4 2(b) Sawed Off/Shortbarrel and Stock Removal; Vintage
Retractable Cyberfangs 7 9P 0 - - - Poisoned w/Concentrated Digitalis
Knife 5 8P 0 -1
Knife (Survival) 5 8P 0 -1
Spurs 9 12P - -2 Retractable blades on elbows and knees.
Unarmed 9 9P - -
Flechette Grenade 8 18P(f) - +5
HE Grenade 8 16P - -2


Armour Rating Description
Armour Clothing 6
Ace of Coins 7 YNT Softwave, Pule Weave 2, Shock Weave, Chem. Prot. 2, Nonconductive 6

– 220 APDS (Heavy Pistol)
– 10 Flare Rounds (Shotgun)
– 10 Flechette Rounds (Shotgun)
– 220 Hollow Points (Heavy Pistol)
– 66 Silver (Heavy Pistol)
– Hermes Ikon
Contacts – Rating 5 – Commlink Functionality with Camera, Micro, Chip Player, Credstick Reader, Earbuds, GPS Guidance System, Micro Trid-Projector, Music Player, RFID Tag Scanner, Shock- and Water-Resistant Case, Touchscreen Display
Fake SIN – Rating 4 – Deanna Marlin
– 4x HE
– 4x Flechette
Mapsoft (Tel Aviv)
Medkit R2
– Stim Patch R6 x2
– Tranq Patch R6 x2
– Trauma Patch x2
Respirator R4
Stealth Tags x10
Security Tags x10
Tag Eraser
Certified Credstick (Gold)
Flashlight (Low-Light)
Micro Transceiver
Restraint (Metal)
Standard Rope (100m)
Survival Kit
-Lightweight Thermal Blanket
-Several Days’ Worth of Ration Bars
-Water Purification Unit
Tool Kit (Automotive Mechanic)


Level Location C/A/S Months Paid SIN Attached Notes
Low “Middle East Nowhere” – Tel Aviv 3/1/3 1 Deanna Marlin Rough Neighborhood; Extra Secure; Cramped Garage (Car (Body 5 or More)); Dangerous Area; Grid Subscription


Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sense Seat =. Notes
GMC Phoenix (“The Impala”) 4/2 7 3 10 8 2 3 4 Anti-Theft System Rating 3; Armor (Concealed) Rating 2; Chameleon Coating; Electromagnetic Shielding; GridLink Override; Morphing License Plate; Passenger Protection System Rating 3; Personal Armor Rating 10; Run-Flat Tires Rating 4; Smuggling Compartment; Smuggling Compartment Shielding; Speed Enhancement Rating 1; Spoof Chips; Vehicle Tag Eraser

Basic Backstory: Foxglove

Early Years:
Takeda, Yuri was born in 2035, a Nocturna born to a perfectly Human family and one of the first Nocturna to arise in Japan. Because of this, both family and physicians believed her afflicted and so took steps to “cure” her. In doing so, the professionals managed to get rid of the usual fur that comes with the Nocturna genes, but soon realized that (because they couldn’t get rid of the black skin or elven features) she was actually a newly discovered genetic divergence from the Elf Metahumans.
Because of the intense prejudice against Metahumans during that time, Yuri was shuffled off to a foster family on a separate island. Growing up, her tutors were horribly abusive, and life on the rest of the island wasn’t much better. However, Yuri had always had something of a stubborn streak, and so determined to get as much out of her schooling as she could in hopes of some day getting off of that horrid rock.

Teen Years:
Her wishes were granted at the age of 14 when a AAA corporation took notice of her determination and unusually high agility. Cross Applied Technologies got into contact with Yuri and gave her a way out of the slums. It didn’t take much thinking for the elf to take them up on it.
The corp put her through high school and college, and her single-minded drive to improve herself to the highest extent got her into CAT Co.’s Seraphim, her cyber enhancements, and martial training.

Yuri rose quickly in the ranks of the Seraphim, taking her job seriously and reveling in it. All was going well until CAT Co. got dissolved, and the elf’s stubbornness and loyalty to the people that saved her from “equal-but-separate” hell kept her from following some of the other Seraphs and wageslaves to the new company that cannibalized CAT Co. The corp didn’t take kindly to this, and set to hunting down anyone that rejected their “invitation.”
So Yuri spent a while on the run, avoiding the corporation that was after her and others like her. It was around this time that Hallie’s Comet passed a second time, and her mutations got even more strange. Her black skin turned purple and her hair foxglove pink, as well as other oddities. The latter of which she didn’t discover until she was in bed with a lover, and found that her new fangs injected digitalis toxins straight into the blood stream.

From Corp Goon to Shadowrunner:
Yuri was on the run again, and by this time what little resources she’d had stowed away were drying up. Not to mention there was no network of people to call upon for help. And so, like anyone with marketable skills looking for a job in the seedier parts of the alley, the elf fell into running the shadows. She became known as Foxglove, named so for her coloration and poisonous bite, and took up her new role as a Street Gillette with the same determination as she had when she was still with the Seraphim.

Foxglove’s Contacts

“Fishmonger’s Union”
Group Contact: Fishmongers
Information, smuggling, transport.

Fixer (New York)
Jobs, Information, Networking.

Bar Tender (Seattle)
Information, Networking.

Durin Kreuz
Cyberdoc (Germany)
Repairs, Upgrades, Netowrking.

“Chicken Farmer” (Vory Contact)
Information, Dirty Work, Legwork, Favors, Networking.

Traveling Acrobat (Assassin and Shadowrunner)
Legwork, Dirty Work, Jobs, Information.

Roin Davis
Mechanic (Detroit)
Car Parts and Services, Repairs, etc.

SW- Foxglove

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