TaT - Feral


José Lomaz “Feral”

Hispanic Human

DOB 2040 Sex Male Height Tall Build Athletic
Nationality None
Description Feral, at first glance, is an unassuming man of Hispanic descent. He is of slightly above average height with a whipcord build and is neither particularly handsome nor particularly ugly. He usually sports a roughly trimmed goatee and there is a certain rugged wildness about his general appearance. Closer inspection, particularly by more sensitive souls, reveals the predator behind the smile and a vague uneasy sense that one is being judged on how tasty you might be. When his magic kicks in it is easy enough to see why he got his handle as he has a particularly visible shamanic mask. Feral by name and pretty feral by nature.


Body: 3 ( 3 )
Agility: 6 ( 8 )
Reaction: 3 ( 5 )
Strength: 4 ( 4 )
Willpower: 3 ( 3 )
Logic: 2 ( 2 )
Intuition: 5 ( 5 )
Charisma: 3 ( 3 )
Edge: 3
Magic/Resonance: 7 ( 6 )
Essence: 6 ( 5 )
Initiative: 10 ( 10 )
Initiative D: 1D6 ( 3D6 )

Physical Limit: 7
Mental Limit: 4 +1 Perception
Social Limit: 5

Phys CM: 10
Stun CM: 10

Composure: 6
Judge Intentions: 8
Memory: 5
Lift/Carry: 40kgs
Movement: 16

Positive Qualities / Racial Bonuses

Adept Way [Beasts: Wolf] 20
Sharpshooter 4
Ambidextrous 4
Natural Athlete 7

Negative Qualities / Racial Penalties

Astral Beacon 10
The Akichita Code 15
Mild Addiction [Stillwater UV host] 4
Big Regret [Demise of Stillwater] 5

Skill Groups

Athletics 4
Firearms 1
Influence 3
Outdoors 3


Automatics 1 ( 9 )
Blades [Swords] 6 ( 14 /16) +4D Focus
Escape Artist 2 ( 10 ) +1D ware
Gymnastics 4 ( 14 ) +2D Athlete
Longarms 1 ( 9 )
Palming 1 ( 9 )
Pistols [SAs] 7 ( 15 /17) -2D Called shot
Sneaking 4 ( 12 )
Throwing Weapons 1 ( 9 )
Unarmed Combat 2 ( 10 )
Pilot Ground Craft 3 ( 8 )
Running 4 ( 10 ) +2D Athlete
Swimming 4 ( 8 )
Animal Handling 2 ( 5 )
Etiquette 3 ( 6 )
Instruction 2 ( 5 )
Intimidation 4 ( 7 )
Leadership 4 ( 7 )
Negotiation 3 ( 6 )
Assensing 2 ( 7 )
Navigation 3 ( 8 )
Perception 5 ( 10 )
Tracking 4 ( 9 ) +2D Totem
Arcana 3 ( 5 )
Computer 1 ( 3 )
Survival 3 ( 6 )

Knowledge / Language Skills

Language Skills
English N ( N )
Spanish 3 ( 8 )
Cityspeak 3 ( 8 )
Smuggling Routes 4 ( 9 )
Sprawl Life 2 ( 7 )
Stillwater Tribe 3 ( 8 )
Transhumanisim 2 ( 7 )

Martial Arts

Firefight [Clinch & Close Quarters Firearms]

Adept Powers

Agility Boost 2 Totem 0
Astral Perception * 0.5
Beserk * 0.5
Traceless Walk * 0.5
Improved Reflexes 2 2.5
Combat Sense 4 2
Enhanced Sense [Smell] 0.25
Motion Sense 0.5
Sustenance 0.25

  • Way Power

Group Initiation 1 w. Ordeal [Wolf Pack, Hermit] Totem Form
Group Initiation 2 w. Ordeal [Wolf Pack, Oath] Apex Predator
Group Initiation 3 w. Ordeal [Wolf Pack, Deed] Adept Centering
Group Initiation 4 w. Ordeal [Wolf Pack, Hermit] Power Point

Cyberware & Bioware
Attention Coprocessor
Lowlight Retinal Mod
Muscle Toner 2
Enhanced Articulation


“Claw” Sword [A7, R1, (STR+3)P, -2AP] w. Personalised Grip, Weapon Focus 4 Bound
“Sting” Cougar Short Fineblade [A8, R0, (STR+2)P, –1AP] w. Personalised Grip

“Bite” Ares Predator V [A5, 8P*, -5AP, SA, 15©] w. Smartgun System, Silencer, Concealable Quick Draw Holster, 2 Spare Clips, 45 APDS Rnds
“Howl” Savalette Guardian [A5, 9P*, –5AP, SA/BF, R1, 12 ©] w. Smartgun System, Concealable Quick Draw Holster, 2 Spare Clips, 50 Hand Loaded APDS Rnds
“Whimper” Ares Light Fire 70 [A7, 4Pe*, -5AP, SA, 16©] w. Special Silencer, Hidden Arm Slide, Spare Clip, 35 SnS Rnds
3 Thermal Smoke, 2 Flashbangs, 1 CS Gas Grenade

  • Called shot to vitals +2DV

Wolfshead Ballistic Mask 2 w. Respirator 6, Thermo, Image Link, Flare Compensation, Trodes, Camera 3 w. Vision Magnification, Directional Mic 3
Armour Jacket 12 w. Electrochromic Modification, Chemical Protection 2, Concealed Holster w. Leg Guards [+1]
Racing Helmet 2 w. HUD, Flare Compensation, Laser Range Finder, Ultrasound Sensor 4, Atmosphere Sensor, Trodes

Glasses 4 w. Image Link, Flare Compensation, Vision Magnification, Visual Enhancement 1
Micro Transceiver & Subvocal Mic, Respirator 4, Lowlight Flashlight, FTL Quark [DR4] Commlink, Metalink Disposable Commlink, w. Fake SIN 1 , Fake Licence 1, Local Area Mapsoft, AR Gloves, Bug Scanner 6, Tag Eraser, 10x Plastic Restraints, Medkit 3, 2x Stim Patch 4, Trauma Patch, 2x Tranq Patch 6
White Noise Generator 6, Area Jammer 4, Ultrasonic Noise Generator 4

Yamaha Growler [H4/5, Sp3/4, Ac1, B5, A5, Pi1, Sn1, St1]


Low lifestyle [Touristville]


Silk [Infobroker] Connection: 4 Loyalty: 5

Desire [Stillwater Witch] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 5

Prospero [Fre∑dom Hacker] Connection: 4 Loyalty: 1

Hopper [T-Bird Smuggler] Connection: 4 Loyalty: 1

Watcher [Urban Anthropologist] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 2

Feather [Troll Fixer] Connection: 4 Loyalty: 1

Toymaker [Techno Talismonger] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 1

Cannon [Arms Dealer] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 1

Grey Asp [Adept Healer] Connection: 2 Loyalty: 2

Requiem [Firewatch Trainer] Connection: 3 Loyalty: 1

Karma Spent

+ve Qualities 35
-ve Qualities -34
Racial 0
Attributes 475
Skills 371
Magic 20
Martial Arts 12
Foci Binding 12
Initiation 65
Resources 75
Contacts 4

Total Spent 1035


Told by Desire:

“Feral was born José Lomaz, to poor working class parents in Touristville, Redmond. He does not like to talk about his early childhood but I have gleaned this much. His parents hovered over the official poverty borderline figure for many years, his mother spent what she could on low-grade simsense whilst his father wasted slowly away.

José had an intense curiosity as a child and a desire to learn which has only paled slightly over the years. His need to know things set him apart from the other children in his neighbourhood who were more interested in dodging authority and the wild existence of the thrill gangs. He inevitably became involved in some of the scrapes that are part of growing up on the edge of the Barrens but on the whole he made only a few friends and his life must have been lonely.

Looking back there is probably earlier evidence of Wolf’s gift but José first manifested recognisable magic when he was fourteen. His parents jumped at the potentially profitable ability that their otherwise thankless son had and they immediately began to look for ways to capitalise on this unexpected fortune. The foreman at the factory they both worked in said that he would be able to put them in touch with someone who could help and then the management became interested.

Two months after the first signs, José was in effect sold to Central Industrial, a large subsidiary of what was then Fuchi Technologies, and placed on their fledgling magical studies program. Along with a number of others he began the indoctrination into the world of the corporate family. From the very start he detested the mindless obedience offered to the corp by the other children, to them the natural order of things. This warred with his desire to learn everything that he could and he hated the corps even more for creating this conflict. His curiosity won out for a little while at least, compared with the pitiful amount of time he had snatched on the educational net here was an almost limitless source of knowledge. It became clear to him as he spent more time absorbing corp propaganda that Wolf talked to him less and less and by the time he was sixteen the contact was almost completely severed.

His usefulness diminished in the eyes of the corp there were mutterings about putting him back where he belonged. There was some sort of incident of which I have never had a clear picture but José left Fuchi’s clutches in a hurry. I suspect Wolf broke through the conditioning and reclaimed José for his own.

In reaction against the reserved, structured life that he had been leading José almost completely abandoned his humanity over the next few years and allowed Wolf to rule him. He was found eventually by Gerado Moscoso, an old man living on the edge of the Barrens who took in waifs and strays. Although only a mundane, Gerado had great wisdom and he helped José to find a balance between accepting the gifts that Wolf offered without becoming consumed by Her.

It was at Gerado’s that I first met José and although I cannot say it was love or even liking at first sight I felt a bond with him. Like José, Gerado found me lost and stumbling in what was to me an alien world. I was very lucky to grow up in a safe corporate world with two loving parents and a stable existence. Both my parents were ecological engineers and when I first felt the touch of magic they embraced it as a thing of wonder and pride.
My parents evidently found out something that the corp wished to remain disassociated with and my father discovered that we were all to be disappeared. Rather than meekly accept whatever punishment the corp deemed appropriate he bundled us into the car and we fled. Events are hazy after that, I know we crashed and that I was trapped in the car. People came and when I woke up again my parents were gone.

Gerado took me into his home and I lived with him for close to three years before he died. José went his own way long before that and I did not expect to meet again. To me he seemed destined to self-destruct very soon and with the typical haughtiness of a corporate teenager I dismissed him. In truth he frightened me, but I was not ready to admit that to myself when I needed to cling on to all that remained of my childhood.

Both José and I found our own ways into the shadows though for different reasons. For José it was a matter of course; Wolf complemented the predator in José that he had learnt almost from birth. For myself it was a way to survive, I had lost everything that I knew and I would not have returned to that life even if I could. Gerado helped me at first, putting me in contact with a group that needed magical talent. I ran with them for a short time before being approached by an Eco-group that specialised in targeting the corporates abusing the land but I was never truly suited to the violent struggles of the true shadows.

The community at Stillwater presented me with an opportunity to work on the edges of the shadows with other magic users, working to protect a shrinking piece of liveable land. It seemed very idealistic to me at first, foolishly so, but I needed that escape for a little while. With Gerado dead I had nobody to look to and the people of Stillwater offered a home and security in exchange for my magic. Our community leaders had connections with the Salish meant that we could work free of interference from them most of the time and they organised the two local gangs into a reasonably effective police presence. In fact the fragile, polluted ground held no interest for the Salish and the only ones living there were trapped in the Barrens as surely as a Wage Slave is bound to a corp.

We established borders and marked them to avoid the encroachment of other gangs from the Barrens. With the help of my compatriots I started to build the flows that would purify the land and water of some of the more virulent toxins. We attracted a couple of doctors who could provide technical cures when we could steal the necessary chemicals and bio-agents. Six months later we were harvesting our first crop but it seems the poor in the Barrens are drawn to unguarded prosperity like a mosquito to blood. We had to fend of increasingly violent raids and we shrank back over the 203 and up into the foothills. Away from the nightmare forms of broken buildings we were able to hold our own, if barely. The gutter scum were reluctant to leave their natural habitat but it meant that we lost homes and most of the cultivated patches.

I have never found out what brought José to Stillwater and it touches in some way on Wolf otherwise I am sure he would tell me. For some shamans their totem acts as a spirit guide but for José she is a living force that guides his actions even in the mundane world.

With the spirit world thrown into turmoil by The Dragon’s death and the shadows erupting after the release of his will José walked out of the Barrens. Although we were not at the point of despair the appearance of another warrior was more than welcome. José never really approached us but hovered on the old borders of Stillwater. He struck silently at the gangs of squatters that had forced us from our homes and his apparently random acts of violence began to unsettle them. Soon the youngest of the militia started to emulate him, riding out in organised rampages, striking and fading away, the Wolf Pack was born.

Eventually Feral led the Pack out of the hills and we routed out the last pockets of the invaders. It was not all blood and killing, we invited some of them to join us and those that were prepared to accept our authority were welcomed. We started a council and I am sure that they offered José a place but he had already left with as giving as little explanation as for his arrival. His apparent abandonment infuriated me and if I had stopped to analyse why then I might have spared us both some discomfort. I can honestly say looking back that his emotions were as confused as my own but we were not prepared to face them.

That time seems so silly now and even José has the grace to look sheepish when we are reminded of it. It was one of my friends who made us both see sense in his roundabout way and neither has regretted the embarrassment he caused us. Our lives have steadily improved as Stillwater grew and only the Spiders choose not to respect our boundaries on a regular basis.

After some time getting used to our growing community José asked me to help him construct his lodge in the mountains, an act of intimacy that shocked me deeply then and we have shared much of our lives since then. José has also shown us all an element of gentleness that does not at first seem to be in his nature. We were all surprised when he asked to teach at our burgeoning school but it is obvious to us now that it as much a part of him as the predator. From the children of Stillwater and beyond he selected four to which he devoted a large proportion of his time. I have sometimes felt jealousy over this but I understand his need to pass on his knowledge. The Wolf Pack became an initiatory group, although I’m not sure he sees it in a formalised way like that, and protected us well until the events of 2070, hard to believe so much time has passed already since then.

The story is told better elsewhere, but in a nutshell, mercenary forces raided our community and those in the UK and Chicago. We suffered considerable losses which are still painful to remember. Some of the group split off into other communities and the rest of us managed to limp on for a little longer before our patron decided to help us move away from the memories. He provided the details to the Wolf Pack so that they could liberate a commercial submarine capable, with some extensive refitting, of housing the remaining members of our community. Needless to say the thought of Feral cooped up in a sub, no matter how large, was slightly terrifying, and we were all glad when he elected to remain behind to help stragglers find us and help us to secure resources when we can’t make them ourselves.”

TaT - Feral

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