TC - Cynthia Rawson

Genius technomancer


Cynthia Rawson


Age 17 Sex F Height 1.76m Lithe
Nationality UCAS
Description A young Technomancer who may have found her calling.


Body 3 Agility 5 Essence 6 Resonance 7
Reaction 4 Strength 2 Initiative 10+1d6 Matrix Init. 10+1d6
Willpower 7 Logic 6 Astral Init N/A Composure 14
Intuition 6 Charisma 7 Judge Intent 13 Memory 15
Edge 3 Edge Points 3 Lift/Carry 30/20kg Movement 8/16
Phys. Limit 4 Mental Limit 9 Social Limit 9
Street Cred 65 Notoriety 0 Public Awareness 0
Karma 2 Nuyens 309’540


Positive Value Negative Value
Exceptional Attribute (Willpower) 14 In Debt 5
Focused concentration 2 8 Lack of focus 6
Speed reading 2 SINner (UCAS) 5
Trust Fund 5
Codeslinger (Hack on the Fly) 10
Photographic Memory 6
Biocompatibility (Bioware) 5
Ninja Vanish 5
Resonance Stream: Technoshaman 20


Skill Specialization Rank Pool Notes
Running 2 4
Automatics Assault Rifles 5 10 (12)
Gymnastics 1 6
Sneaking Urban 1 6 (8)
Con 2 9
Etiquette 3 10
Impersonation 2 9
Leadership 3 10
Negotiation 3 10
Performance 2 9
Artisan Cooking 4 10 (12)
Perception Visual 1 7 (9)
Computer Data Search 7 13 (15)
CyberCombat 5 11
Elec Warfare 5 11
First Aid 2 8
Hacking Devices, Hosts, Persona 7 13 (15) +2 Hack on the Fly
Software Resonance Veil 8 14 (16)
Compiling Crack Sprite 8 15 (17)
Registering Machine Sprite 6 13 (15)
Knowledge Skills
L: English N N
L: Creole 1 7
L: French 1 7
L: Japanese 2 8
L: Spanish 2 8
Area Knowledge: Seattle Seattle Matrix 4 10 (12)
Business 3 9
Data Havens N. America 4 10 (12)
Farming 2 8
Matrix games Mars: the Apocalypse 4 10 (12)
Music Classical 4 10 (12)
Small Units Tactics 4 10
Yakuza 2 8
Astronomy 4 10
Economics 2 8
Mathematics 1 7
Physics 1 7

Complex Forms

Form Target Duration Fade
Cleaner Persona P L-2
Diffusion of Firewall Device S L-2
Editor File P L-1
FAQ Device P L-3
Misread Marks Device P L-1
Puppeteer Device I L+1
Resonance Cache IC I L-2
Resonance Spike Device I L-3
Resonance Veil Device S L-3
Search History Device I L-2
Static Veil Persona S L-3
Stitches Sprite P L-3


  • Skinlink: can interface (direct connect) with any touched device
  • Overclock: gain +1d6 init in VR (for a total of 5d6)


Weapon Acc DV Reach AP Recoil Ammo Notes
FN HAR 6 (7) 10P - -2 5 (6) 35© Easy breakdown (unpowered), electronic firing, Shock Pad


Ammo Type Amount DMG AP Blast
Stick & Shock Assault Rifle 100 -2S -5 -


Armour Rating Description
Armor jacket 12 Electrochromic, Fire resistance (4), Insulation (4), Nonconductivity (4)
Total 12


Implant Grade Essence Effect
Clean Metabolism Delta 0.04 No oopsies and burps, permanent legs & armpits epilation
Nephritic Screen 4 Delta 0.08 Add +4d on drugs, diseases, toxins resistance and addiction tests, reduces drugs duration by 4 units
Platelet factories Delta 0.08 Take one less physical damage (minimum of 1)
Skin Pocket Delta 0.04 Right flank above the waist, contains datachips


  • Hermes Ikon
    • Trodes
  • Biomonitor
  • Contacts
    • Flare compensation
    • Low light
    • Thermographic Vision
  • Datachips x20
  • Stealth tags x20
  • Jammer, Directional 6
  • Sensor tags x5
    • Camera 1
  • Sensor tags x5
    • Omni-directional microphone 1
  • Sensor tags x5
    • Motion sensor 1
  • Camera
    • Flare compensation
    • Low light
    • Thermographic Vision
    • Vision Enhancement 3
  • Camera
    • Flare compensation
    • Low light
    • Thermographic Vision
    • Vision enhancement 1
    • Vision magnification
  • Psyche x10
  • Stim patchs 6 x10
  • Fake Sin 4: Florence Wells
    • Fake License 4: Automatic Weapons License
    • Fake License 4: Concealed Carry Permit
  • Respirator 6
  • Translation Programs
    • Japanese [good quality]


  • Capitol Hill (Medium)
    • Zen Den
    • Soy processing unit


Vehicle Handle Spd Accel Body Armor Pilot Sense Seat
Ford Americar (Sedan) 4/3 3 2 11 6 1 2 4


Name C/L Occupation Note
Dave Burnell 1/1 Bookie E-sports bookmaker mainly, owner of Cynthia’s debt
Xiaoyou Underhill 4/4 Bartender Owner of the Digital, a bar catering mainly to hackers: one needs to hack the Host (and not get caught) to get in. Organizes some game nights. Feels that Cynthia is too nice to hang with “that” crowd.
GM Contacts
Jane Frilleck 3/4 Blogger Jane mainly talks about Seattle sports (digital or not), but also about big events in the plex from time to time.
Paige Aslpin 3/3 Small time fixer Calls on Cynthia when she needs to dig some data on something or someone. Or to…massage…the matrix on occasions.
Neil Tiploft 4/2 Fence Specialised in paydata
Taylor Whowood 3/1 Armorer Sold Cynthia her rifle and armour. She’s still not sure what possessed her to buy this exactly…
Naias 5/2 AI Cynthia doesn’t know why, but this AI took interest in her. She often appears as a demon in the matrix, encouraging her to go places she shouldn’t be in.
Michelle Charles 1/3 Cop An old friend of Cynthia from school, now a trainee for KE
Emmett Harpeden 4/2 Fixer The guy to go to for concert tickets or other social events (but Cynthia doesn’t care about that last bit, only concerts of course)

At seventeen, Cynthia is pretty enough, although no one would ask her to model for anything even at 1m71. Despite the red hair, she doesn’t seem to have the fiery character often attached to people like her. In fact, she often seems somewhere else, her deep blue eyes wandering here and there, never stopping for long.
Some would say she has the attention span of a puppy. Some…might not be that wrong. When she really wants to, or really enjoys what she’s doing, she can stay focused for quite a bit, but that’s not for most of the time.
What really leads to her often making an abysmal first impression is not really this lack of focus though. It’s more of… Well, she’s not really asocial, per se. Or not completely at least. But since she’s by far more comfortable by herself, and seems to have a real gift to put her foor in her mouth… And let’s be honest here. This first impression is not often contraticted by further observations. Mainly because she doesn’t seem to care. If she notices at all that is.
The worst of it is probably that she doesn’t seem to mean ill to anyone. In fact, to the people that really know her, she’s nice if in an aloof sort of way.


Life was quite pleasant as a daughter of the Rawson family. The only and youngest daughter in a family of four. Never missing for anything. Well, unless of course if you wanted to have some kind of relation with the family that is. With parents always working and brothers years older than her, Cynthia never got this chance.

Maybe she never did try, maybe she never got the chance to. The why doesn’t matter that much anyway. She took refuge in her two passions: the multiple worlds of matrix games one side, and music on the other. Taking advantage of the lack of notice paid to her by her family, she escaped daily to her virtual worlds, for hours at a time.

In the beginning, she wanted to play music too. She had a dream to play an instrument, any kind, it didn’t matter. And join Deirdre’s group. But… Let’s just say that a disastrous lesson and a kid with a mean streak put an end to this fantasy. Since then, she is content to just listen to her favourite bands. Live, as often as possible of course.

But that was before the change, a few years ago. Maybe change is not the appropriate word, but it seems kind of fiting, and since she doesn’t know a better alternative anyway… Her mother blamed the time she spent on the matrix. Her father…Well, who knows? It didn’t really matter anyway. What mattered was that she was what is called a Technomancer in most of the world. Or, in the Rawson family, an Embarassment. Capital E.

Eager to put this embarassment under the rug, her family moved her. No way was she gonna be allowed to live in the Rawson residence. God no! Her parents rented a nice enough appartment, even going as far as procuring a fake SIN of a Lauren Baynton, a few years older than her to try and keep the embarassment from reaching them.

All in all though, Cyntia didn’t really cared. She couldn’t have less relations with her family even if she tried anyway, so she might as well be by herself. The main issue though became to know what she would do with herself. Oh sure, the first few years, she didn’t really mind, occupied as she was by learning the ropes, as it where. But after a while, once reasonnably proficient, the question became more pressing.

She tried many things, from visiting shooting ranges – going as far as buying her own assault rifle – to becoming a diligent follower of sports bet – and earning for her troubles a nice debt – but all this just passes a bit of time. As far as ambitions go, they are pretty low. Sometimes, she contemplates applying to some corp or other but given what she’s heard about corps and people like her she never went ahead.

What she did do though are some…not exactly illegal works. Well, ok, it might have been with a very narrow and myopic view of things… Still, she did some kinds of small works and while she’s not quite sure she really want to go that way, they have the advantage of procuring a bit of sensations she so thoroughly lacks outside of her games.

TC - Cynthia Rawson

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