TC - Rusty

"Adept spell: shapechange" is his shtick


UNDER RENOVATION mis-understood a couple of rules, so character doesn’t work the way I thought. So back to the drawing board to revise the build, the backstory, or both


Human. Ethnicity could be mediteranean or a mix of some sort

Age ? (mid-late 20s?) Sex M Height 5’9" Build slight, like a distance runner
Nationality Sinless, lives in Seattle
Description Slight but athletic, dark hair with a bit of a wave to it, slightly tan/dusky skin, large-ish dark eyes and long nimble fingers may be his best features. Body language may be slightly ‘off’ at times, especially when stressed from being around too many people.

Race E Attributes A Magic B Skills B Resources E

Contact Summary

Name Description Location Connec. Loy. Notes
Bought Contacts
Drox Troll street medic Puyallup 3 4
Mustard Kid Street Kid Puyallup 1 4 Real name TBD
Free Contacts
Mr Mouse Snitch ? 3 3
Mr Alpha important human Tacoma 4 3 knows dog only, real name TBD
Honesty Mystic Tatooist 3 2
Mr. Jabowski Mafia/loan shark Auburn 4 1 only knows human

UNDER RENOVATIONS — what is shown below may change, I deleted all the parts that were almost certain to change.

For at least the last year has wandered the southern part of the Seattle sprawl as a stray dog (could have been longer, Rusty doesn’t know), functioning mentally as not much more than a moderately clever dog.

The dwarven snitch Mr. Mouse sometimes shared the last of his noodles with the stray, and nick-named him Rusty. When Mr. Mouse was in the wrong place at the wrong time and had his tibula shattered by a bullet, Rusty licked the wound and the bone knit itself back together – although Rusty was suddenly sporting a bloody hole on one rear leg. Mr. Mouse took them both to a low priced street medic.

The medic – a troll going by the handle Drox – bandaged the dog and fed it, but ended up having to let it out as it wouldn’t settle down in her clinic. But the next morning Drox found Rusty waiting at her door, fully healed up. She was intrigued enough to let it into the clinic. Rusty watched for a while, then went to nuzzle one battered patient. Most of the patient’s contusions faded, but Rusty limped away.

Having been brought up on 20th century fantasy novels, Drox was entirely willing to believe in magical dogs but wanted to know more. She observed Rusty for a couple of months before coaxing him to visit a woman she’d heard of, a mystic tattoo artist by the name of Honesty. It wasn’t long before Honesty had dispelled the sustained spell locking Rusty in dog form.

TC - Rusty

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